Full face bicycle helmet – Top 7 best full face bike helmet reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Do you prefer a bike helmet that provides maximum protection?

If yes, you need to think about buying a full face bicycle helmet. The level of protection which that offers is excellent. Moreover, it is suitable for any type of bike as well. The excellent protection which such a helmet provides is made it quite popular as well. When you search for full face bike helmets, you will realize that there are numerous options available. The options are many that it can be confusing to choose one.

If you do not wish to spend hours or perhaps days comparing the different full face bicycle helmets, my list of best full face bike helmets below can help you out. I have spent hours comparing the different bicycle helmets. Only after careful consideration, I have compiled this list of top 7 options. All these full face bike helmets are unisex in design. That is why, once you choose from the list below, you can eliminate hours of research and directly go with the full face bicycle helmets. I will also share a buying guide with you that will make it easy to choose between these seven options.

1. 1Storm Dual Sport Bike Glossy Helmet


The helmet, which is on top of my list, is available in various sizes and color options. Today, I will focus on the large size.

The lightweight, aerodynamic design means that it is easy to wear throughout the night. Moreover, the thermoplastic alloy means that the durability is excellent. The thermoplastic alloy shell can handle wear and tear.

It is not only comfortable on interiors but heavily cushioned. The cushioned interiors ensure that you can wear this full face bicycle helmet for quite some time. Moreover, the cushioning inside is removable and washable. Owing to this very reason, maintaining the bike helmets full face is not going to be a problem.

When you look at the aesthetics, you will realize that it is UV protected as well.

The DOT certified design means that it is safe to use. So, it is suitable for various sports and not just biking.

With eight different ventilation points, you can be extremely comfortable when wearing this full face bicycle.

The quick-release buckle means that wearing it and removing it is going to be easier than ever.

The excellent aesthetics and the various color options, along with these features, make it a good choice.


  • Thermoplastic alloy construction
  • DOT certified design
  • Eight ventilation points on offer
  • Lightweight design
  • Available in different size options
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Cushioned interiors
  • Easy to maintain
  • UV resistant shell
  • Highly versatile


  • Packaging needs improvement

2. AHR H-VEN20 DOT Outdoor Adult Bike Helmet


The helmet which I am highlighting now is DOT approved. So, it is incredibly safe to use.

With a proper ventilation system, you can remain comfortable while wearing this full face bike helmet. The airflow is excellent.

Are you wondering about the construction quality?

It consists of a lightweight ABS shell. The ABS shell means that wear and tear is not going to be an issue. The lightweight design means that you can wear it throughout the day without any fatigue.

When you look at the liner, it consists of a comfortable and breathable liner. The breathable liner further facilitates comfort.

It is suitable for not just normal bikes but ATVs, motocross, and so on.

Wondering about the size option?

It can fit head circumference of 24 inches to 24.4 inches.

The passion gray color makes it aesthetically pleasing. So, it certainly stands out from other full face bicycle helmets.

It weighs just 3.68 lbs, which makes it extremely comfortable. Thus, when you look at the combined features, it is easy to understand why it is such a perfect choice.


  • DOT certified design
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Heavy-duty ABS construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with breathable liner
  • Highly versatile
  • Compatible head circumference from 24 inches to 24.4 inches


  • Packaging needs improvement



The advantage of this full face bicycle helmet is that it is available in 6 size options. It also comes in numerous color options.

The DOT approved design means that it is safe to use. Today, I will shed some light on the exercise. It is suitable for head circumference from 53 cm to 54 cm.

The 3 level top ventilation system means that airflow is not going to be a problem. The five-position ventilation channel allows you to control the airflow according to your requirement.

Do you prefer a comfortable bike helmet full face?

If yes, this one comes with a heavily cushioned interior. The cushioning is removable and washable.

The aerodynamic design makes it perfect for long bike rides as well.

The thermoplastic alloy shell means that durability is excellent. Along with it, the ultra-lightweight design ensures that there is no fatigue.

With an exhaust spoiler, you can be sure that it can keep your head cool throughout the bike ride.

The heavy-duty construction is one of the prime reasons why it is on the list.


  • DOT approved design
  • Available in various size and color options
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Cushioned interiors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Cushioning can be thicker.

4. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Bike Helmet


With four different size options, you have plenty of choices when going with this full face bicycle helmet. Also, the unisex design means that it is suitable for almost anyone.

The DOT approved design is highly comfortable, durable, and extremely safe to use.

The ventilation panels ensure that you need not worry about airflow. You can wear the helmet in any weather and throughout the year.

The trendsetting design means that it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

When you look at its shape, it consists of a 3-D molded shield?

The 3D molded shield makes it one of the perfect full face bicycle helmets. Also, it can provide an excellent field of view due to the 3D design.

The removable breath guard reduces fogging as well. So, you can wear it in the winter and monsoon season as well.

The inserted chain guard provides excellent comfort and safety. The quick-release strap means that wearing and removing it is easy.

Wondering about hygiene?

It consists of a washable and removable microfiber liner. Moreover, it can absorb sweat, which keeps you completely dry.

With ample features available, you cannot go wrong with this one.


  • DOT approved design
  • Four different size options
  • Unisex design
  • Excellent ventilation
  • 3-D molded shield
  • Breath guard and the chain guard on offer
  • Easy to maintain
  • Microfiber inner on offer


  • Does not have tinted visor

5. Bike Full Face Helmet DOT Approved


The USP of this full face bike helmet is that it is available in 2 different color options. Also, there are five size options available.

The ABS shell construction means that durability is not a problem. The aerodynamic design is another reason to go with this full face bike helmet.

When you look at the interiors, it consists of multi-density EPS material.

Do you prefer helmets with easy to use visors?

If yes, this bike helmet comes with a dual visor. There is an inner retractable smoked visor. On the outer side, there is a completely clear shield. The dual visor design increases the protection further.

The quick-release mechanism means that it is easy to wear and remove.

With the help of removable inner lining pads, maintaining it is going to be easy. The lining pads provide proper cushioning as well.

The adjustable ventilation system allows you to customize the airflow according to your requirement.

Safety is not going to be an issue with DOT approved design. More importantly, it is suitable for both men and women.

The UV resistant construction means that the full face bicycle helmet can be used throughout the day. The scratch-resistant design is another reason to go for it.

The large field of view ensures that the visibility is excellent. Thus, when looking for highly durable and versatile bike full-face helmets, this one perfectly fits your requirements.


  • Available in 2 color options
  • Five different size options available
  • ABS shell aerodynamic construction
  • The comfortable liner on offer
  • Dual visor mechanism
  • Adjustable ventilation mechanism
  • UV resistant
  • Large field of view


  • Not suitable for users with glasses

6. Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet


The helmet that I am describing now is available in different size and color options. Consequently, finding the right color and size is going to be easy.

With the help of ABS shell construction, durability is excellent. The adjustable visor provides you with full face coverage, which you are looking for.

It is suitable for dirtbike, BMX bike and many other type of bikes. Excellent comfort is another reason to go for it.

The helmet also consists of various ventilation points. So, it is easy to wear the helmet for longer hours.

The aesthetically pleasing design is another reason to go for it. With these features, it becomes easy to know why this full face bicycle helmet is such a perfect choice.


  • Available in 4 different color and size options
  • ABS shell construction
  • Ventilation points on offer
  • Highly versatile
  • Comes with adjustable visor
  • Extremely comfortable


  • The design of cheek pads can be better.

7. Fox Head Rampage Adult Full Face Bike Helmet


Are you looking for a full face by cycle helmet which provides excellent ventilation?

If yes, it cannot get any better than this. With the 11 well-placed air vents, you can be sure that the airflow on offer is excellent.

The soft cheek pads ensure that it is highly comfortable. Also, with the help of inner lining, it is comfortable.

The double D-ring strap means that securing it is going to be easier than ever.

The fiberglass shell makes it highly durable. At the same time, it makes the helmet lightweight as well.

The large eye-opening slot ensures that wearing goggles is actually quite easy. You need not worry about dirt and debris due to the same.

The sleek style is another reason to go for it. It is suitable for riding any bike.

With four different size options available, it is easy to pick the right size option.

Lightweight design and the heavy-duty Fiberglas shell gives you no reason to complain.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lightweight design
  • double D-ring the strap on offer
  • 11 ventilation vents on offer
  • Softer cheek pads
  • Available in 4 options


  • Finishing can be better.

When searching for the best full face bicycle helmets, these are the seven options to look at. I have gone into the features as well as the reliability of these helmets to compile this list. If you’re not able to choose between these seven options, you can refer to the buying guide below.

Full face bicycle helmet buying guide

The buying guide will assist you to know the factors to consider while comparing such full face bike helmets.

Things to consider before buying full face bicycle helmet:

The parameters which you should consider

• Construction quality:

You have to 1st find out the material of the helmet. It can consist of Fiberglas, plastic, ABS, and so on. You have to ensure that the full face bicycle helmet which provides highly durable. In that case, it can provide adequate protection.

• Aesthetics:

You also have to ensure that the full face bicycle helmet you are buying is available in different size and color options. In that case, you can choose the perfect full face bicycle helmet.

• Ventilation:

Another factor that you need to consider is the ventilation on offer. The more the number of ventilation slots in the helmet, the better it is. The higher the airflow, the more comfortable the helmet will be for you. You cannot ignore the ventilation factor while making the buying decision.

• Weight:

Additionally, you should choose a afull face bicycle helmet, which is lightweight and design. Only then you cwear it throughout the day. If it is bulky, it will result in fatigue.

When you compare the different full face bike helmets, you need to compare them on these 4 parameters. Doing so will help you choose the best one from my list of top 7 options above. I will now answer some FAQs to provide with even further information.


Are full face bike helmets safer?

Yes, full face bike helmets are safer than the normal ones. They are the most secure helmets available. They can provide you with excellent protection while riding a bike.

Which helmet is better open face or full face?

A full face by cycle helmet is a better option because of the security which it provides. They are lightweight full face by cycle helmets available, which ensures that wearing one is comfortable.

Should I wear a full face helmet?

A full face helmet protects in case of not just accidents but also elements of weather. That is why; you should wear a full face helmet.

Can you wear glasses with a full face helmet?

Yes, there are quite a few full face helmets that allow you to wear glasses. Once you do so, you will have an additional layer of protection.

When looking for complete protection while riding a bike, you should choose between these full face bicycle helmets. I spent hours compiling this list of top 7 full face bike helmets. Once you choose from this list, you can opt for a reliable option that can provide excellent protection. It is time to ride your bike in a completely secure fashion by choosing from my list of full face bicycle helmets above.

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