Goal zero yeti 400 review – Why is it one of the best?

The power station can come in handy for a variety of applications. It is necessary for use even during survival situations. When buying a power station, you are less likely to use it regularly. However, you need one on which you can rely. That is why; the choice should be made carefully.


Are you wondering which one should you select? How should you choose?

Today, I will help you find answers to these questions. I will review one of the most reliable power stations which you can go with. I’m speaking about the goal zero yeti 400. My goal zero yeti 400 review will help you understand why it is such a good option.

Goal zero yeti 400 review

When you’re looking to buy a power station, it is always important to look at the peak power on offer. The one which I’m speaking about now has a power rating of 400 wh. It is battery powered, which means that you will not have to deal with any fuel. Moreover, it is a sine wave inverter which ensures that the noise is on the lower side and you can power the sensitive gadgets as well. Apart from these, there are quite a few features which make it the right choice.

Features of Goal zero yeti 400

1. Consists of a lead-acid battery
2. Can charge seven devices simultaneously
3. Suitable for power-sensitive gadgets
4. Chargeable in multiple ways
5. Comes with an LCD
6. Portable
7. Large operating temperature range
8. No noise operation
9. Excellent powering capacity
10. Multiple output ports


• Consists of a lead-acid battery:

The power source inside the goal zero yeti 400 portable power station is the lead-acid battery. It has a power rating of 396 wh. The advantage of the lead-acid battery is that the maintenance is on the lower side. That is why, when using this Power Station, you can use it consistently without any breakdown. It is a reliable power station which you can consider buying.

• Can charge seven devices simultaneously:

The primary advantage of this goal zero yeti 400 lithium power station is that it can charge seven devices at once. Due to this very reason, you will not have to wait for a long time to charge devices like cameras, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Moreover, you can use it as a backup power source for smaller appliances and lights as well. When you take all of these into account, it is easy to understand why it is suitable for a variety of applications.

Once you get this power source, you will not have to worry about charging any devices ever again.

• Suitable for power-sensitive gadgets:

It is a pure sine wave inverter. The advantage of being a pure sine wave inverter is dual-pronged. The 1st advantage is that since it is battery operated, it won’t disturb you even when running it consistently. The 2nd advantage is that it can power sensitive gadgets as well. It is a pure sine wave inverter which means that it will not damage your devices when you’re charging it with the help of this Power Station.

• Chargeable in multiple ways:

Wondering how you can charge this Power Station?

There are numerous ways to do so. You can charge it using a solar panel. It means that if you want to use renewable sources of power that is a definite possibility.

On the other hand, you can charge it through the AC wall outlet as well. It comes along with the adapter. You can charge it through 12V DC connection as well. The advantage of these multiple charging methods is that you can use it indoors as well as outdoors as per your requirement.

• Comes with an LCD:


One of the highlights of this Power Station is that it comes with the LCD. With the LCD, you can check the status of the battery.

When it is on charging, you can look at the charging power, and also it displays the output power as well. That is why; a single glance at the LCD will ensure that you know the exact status of the power generator. Due to this very reason, it is easy to understand when you need to plug it in and how long can it last.

• Portable:

When you’re planning on buying a power station, it is advisable to choose the portable option. The reason why you should choose the portable option is that it can come in handy for not just outdoor trips and for adventure excursions but also in emergency and survival situations. If you notice this Power Station carefully, you will realize that it consists of a pop-up handle. The advantage of the pop-up handle is that you can move the generator around. Besides, the size is pretty compact, which means that if you want to store it in your car that is certainly a possibility. As a result, you can take it around with you wherever you go.

• Large operating temperature range:

This inverter generator is only good enough if you can operate it consistently. The one which I am highlighting now has an operating temperature range of 32°F to 104°F. Due to this very reason, you can be sure that it can operate in almost any weather as well. When opting for a generator for survival applications, such an extensive operating temperature range is pretty vital. That is why this is an advantage.

• No noise operation:

It operates on battery. There is no fuel involved, and there is no combustion process involved. Due to this very reason, it has a completely silent operation. It means that when using it on your camping trip or for any outdoor excursion, it will not disturb you at all.

• Excellent powering capacity:

The powering capacity of this Power Station is unique. If you’re charging a lamp with it, it can easily offer you 100 charges. Similarly, if you’re charging a digital camera, it can provide you with 20+ charges. Similarly, it can charge a laptop up to 3 times. If you’re using it for charging your smartphone, it can offer you 30+ charges. As you can see, the powering capacity of this inverter generator is pretty high.

• Multiple output ports:

The power station offers 2.1 A USB ports. It also provides 12V ports and 2 AC ports on offer. Thus powering various devices through this power station is easy.

When looking for a reliable option which can charge your gadgets multiple times and which you can use as an emergency source of power as well, this is the power station which you should consider. I will now highlight some of the pros and cons to help you understand why it is such a good option.

Pros & Cons of Goal zero yeti 400 review



  • Excellent powering capacity
  • Suitable for use during emergencies
  • Highly portable
  • Works on lead-acid batteries
  • Chargeable in multiple ways
  • Consists of an LCD
  • Offers numerous output ports


  • Packaging requires improvement



The goal zero yeti 400 lithium portable power station is an option which is not only reliable but can help you charge multiple gadgets at once. It is one of the reasons why this Power Station has become so popular. It can charge most gadgets multiple times in a single run, you can be sure that it is not only sturdy but also will not give you a chance to complain. That is why; it is such an excellent option to consider.

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