Gregory Baltoro 75 review – Is it good for multi-day trips?

Are you planning a multi-day trip? Are you looking for a backpack for the same?

Your search ends here. I will today review a backpack which I use on my tips. It is the Gregory Baltoro 75. The size of this backpack is such that it can hold a significant amount of gear. That is what makes it perfect for multi-day trips. Apart from that as well, there are quite a few features of this backpack which I like. I will today share with you all of these features and my experience in my

Gregory Baltoro 75 review

The feature which you will notice about this backpack is its height. It is bigger than your average bag. That also means the amount of space available inside this backpack will be more. I will now highlight some of the features of this backpack to articulate how it is better than others.

Features of Gregory Baltoro 75

1. Includes harness and waistbelt
2. Sturdy fabric
3. Consists of an internal aluminum frame
4. Separate compartment for a sleeping bag
5. Large capacity
6. Breathable back panel
7. Dual-layer bottom
8. Customizable suspension system
9. Incorporates a daypack
10. Includes a rain cover
11. Hydration sleeve on offer
12. External pockets


• Includes harness and waist belt:

One of the main features of this backpack is that it comes with the harness and also waistbelt. The advantage of this harness system is that the load gets distributed. Due to this very reason, even though it is a large backpack, you will not feel any extra pressure while carrying this backpack. It is one of the reasons why it is so comfortable in spite of its big size.

• Sturdy fabric:

When you look at the material of the backpack, you will realize that it consists of 210D double Diamond ripstop fabric. The feature of the ripstop fabric is that it is not easy to tear. It can handle wear and tear. It also consists of the 420D flat weave fabric as well. The combination of these fabrics makes it highly durable. It also means that not only the backpack will retain the aesthetics, but also it will not show signs of wear and tear.

• Consists of an internal aluminum frame:

Any backpack that consists of an internal frame is easy to carry. You will not have to worry about the form factor of this backpack distorting. Due to this very reason, when you go with this backpack, you will realize that it consists of an aluminum frame. It ensures that you can carry the bag with ease. The aluminum material means that it does not add any weight to the bag. Additionally, even if we are filling it halfway, it can retain the form factor, and therefore you can carry it with ease.

• Separate compartment for sleeping bag:

You will, of course, use this backpack for a multi-day trip. That is why; it is evident that you can carry the sleeping bag with you as well. However, where should you put it?

With this backpack, you will not have to deal with this question. It consists of a separate compartment for the sleeping bag. You will not have to occupy the space of the main compartment to store the sleeping bag. At the bottom, you will find a separate compartment so that you can access the sleeping bag with ease and also put it back when not in use.

• Large capacity:

As I mentioned above, the capacity of the backpack is on the higher side. If you want to know about the capacity in liters, it is 75 L. It means that you can stuff a lot of your gear into the backpack. It can support a multi-day trip with ease.

• Breathable back panel:

What about the back panel?
The back panel consists of 3-D foam design. The advantage of the form design is that it conforms to your body. It means that over a while, it will adjust according to your body shape. However, you need not worry about it sticking to your body. It has a breathable panel which means that you can carry it around with ease. There will be no excessive sweating on your back when using this backpack for long hours.

• Dual-layer bottom:

When you’re using a backpack frequently, there is a lot of pressure on the bottom of the bag. If it cannot withstand this pressure, it will suffer from wear and tear. It can tear off as well. It is one of the main reasons why you have to always look at the quality of the bottom before making your buying decision.

The Gregory Baltoro 75 comes with a dual-layer bottom. The dual-layer bottom provides it with high strength. That is why; it can offer you a capacity of 75 L and carry the corresponding weight of that gear as well.

• Customizable suspension system:

You can adjust the height with the hip belt according to your requirement. It means that the entire suspension system of the backpack is adjustable as per your carrying style and physique. It is one of the very few bags to provide such customization options. When you adjust it according to your body size, the weight distribution is even. Irrespective of the amount of gear which you are carrying, you can move around the backpack with ease.

• Incorporates a daypack:

Are you just going on a shorter trip?

If yes, then also this backpack is a good option for you. You might ask how so?

It comes with a daypack. When not in use, you can put the daypack into the bag, and it will work as a hydration sleeve. When you want to go for a day trip, you can remove it and use it as a daypack. This feature makes this backpack one of the most versatile options.

• Includes a rain cover:

The backpack is designed in such a way that you can use it in any weather. That is why; it consists of a rain cover as well. As a result, the gear which you are carrying inside will remain completely safe. When heading out there in the wilderness, you might not come across pleasant weather. Sometimes, you can encounter inclement weather as well. In that case, the rain cover can undoubtedly help you.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

As we stated above, when the daypack is not in use, you can fit it into the backpack. In that position, it will work as a hydration sleeve. You can easily put a hydration pouch and carry the water stock of the entire day.

• External pockets:

Do you often like to store things in the exterior pockets? Want to access such things quickly?

If yes, this backpack will not disappoint you. It consists of 9 exterior pockets.

Yes, you read it right. There are nine exterior pockets which mean that you can easily store your possessions on the outer side and access them with ease.

What more you need from a backpack?

The features mentioned above make it one of the best backpacks on offer. I will now summarize the pros and cons to help you understand more about this backpack.

Pros & Cons of Gregory Baltoro 75


  • Large capacity
  • Customizable suspension system
  • Sturdy construction
  • Includes an aluminum frame
  • Separate compartment for a sleeping bag
  • Comes with a daypack/hydration panel
  • Dual-layer bottom
  • Breathable architecture
  • Plenty of external pockets


  • Strap quality requires improvement



The Gregory Baltoro 75 is a backpack which is perfect for your next multi-day trip. You can carry so much gear that even after putting in all your possessions, there will be space left. Also, the unique features of this backpack mean that it is very comfortable to use. There is no reason why you shouldn’t go for this backpack. Buy Gregory Baltoro 75 Today!

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