How many miles should i bike a day?

Once you get a bike, the most obvious question which you will have is how many miles should I bike a day?

If you start to it too much, you will get pretty tired. If you start it too less, you might not build your stamina to ride more.

I will today answer this question in great detail. Along with that, I will also help you understand on what parameters should the daily mile target of your biking depend.

How many miles should I bike a day?

You can start with biking 5 miles a day. This is keeping in mind that you do not go to the gym or undertake any other physical activity. If you think that 5 miles is less, you have to start with that and then slowly increase the distance. Doing so will ensure that you are able to build up stamina as well.

You should increase the distance and smaller steps.

For example, if you bike 5 miles per day for the 1st week, you should increase it to 6 miles per day from the 2nd week. In the next week, you can go to 7 or 8 miles per day.

Increasing gradually ensures that you give your body more time to get accustomed to it.

It is up to you to decide whether you need an upper threshold or whether you want to go on increasing the distance.

Nevertheless, you should buy 5 miles per day if that is the only physical activity which you undertake.

There are a few things on which this distance range will depend. I will highlight these parameters below as well.

Things on which miles covered by your bike depends:

Depending on these parameters, it will become really easy for you to decide how much you should bike per day.

1. Goal:

The most important thing which you need to look at is the goal which you are trying to achieve. If you’re taking a biking as a recreational activity, you can certainly stick to 5 miles per day. In that case, you will not have to increase it as well.

On the other hand, if you want to build your stamina, you have to follow the method which I have listed above. With the help of that method, you have to progressively increase the distance which you are covering on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if you want to cover a particular trail or want to take part in a competition, you have to keep on increasing your distance on a daily basis. Not only that, you have to look at the date of the competition or the time period in which you want to cover the trail. The steps which you should take to increase the distance should be according to the deadline which you have.

As you can see, it is important to look at the goal which you are trying to achieve and thereafter determine the distance which you should bike on a daily basis.

2. Physical ability:

A lot also depends on your physical ability. If you are currently obese or overweight, you will not be able to bike 10 miles per day right from the start.

Similarly, a 25-year-old can ride more as compared to a 75-year-old.

As you can see, a lot also depends on your physical ability.

3. Experience:

Of course, the more you bike, the better it is for you. Keeping this in mind, your experience also matters a lot.

If you already have been biking for years together, you can take the distance up to 40 miles to 50 miles per day after a mere 2 weeks.

Your experience will also determine how much distance you can cover.

4. Terrain:

The terrain in which you are riding on will also determine the distance. If you’re riding on flat terrain, you can easily start with 7 miles per day as well.

Hilly or inclement terrain means that you will have to reduce the distance which you cover on a daily basis.

That is why it is important to look at the terrain on which you are riding.

5. Bike type:

It is important to look at the type of bike as well. If it is an ordinary bike, it will be lightweight. Something like a mountain bike is more heavy. In that case, you cannot cover a larger distance right from the start.

Depending on all of these factors, you can determine how many miles you can bike in a day. Generally speaking, 5 miles per day is a good number to begin with.

Want to increase the distance which you cover on a daily basis?

If so, I will provide you with a few tips for the same.

How to cover more miles on your bike daily?

There are essentially 2 tips which you can follow. Once you follow these tips, it will become easier for you to cover more distance on your bike.

1. Attain the right body position:

You have to maintain a straight as well as steady position while biking. When you do so, the strain on your body will be less. That is why; you will be able to bike more.

With the proper posture, you will not expand your energy at a faster pace. That is why covering more distance on a daily basis will be possible.

Many people like to start biking abruptly. They attain a high speed right at the start. The problem is that you will not be able to maintain the same pace throughout your right. You will slow down and exhaust your energy. That is why; it will become really difficult for you to complete your ride.

A much better approach is to start at a slower speed. When you start at a slower speed, you will be able to maintain it throughout the ride. That is why; you will be able to cover the entire distance without getting exhausted.

When you base your journey appropriately, you can increase the distance on a regular basis.

With the help of these 2 tips, it will become very easy for you to bike for a greater distance and increase your stamina consistently.

So, initially you should bike 5 miles per day. However, with the help of my guide above, you can certainly increase this distance.

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