How much does it cost to build a barn?

A barn can be an excellent addition to your home. It can add value to your property. You can use a barn in more ways than one.

Before you decide how you want to use the barn, it is time to find out the cost of building a barn. Only when making one is in your budget, you should go ahead with it.

Most homeowners are plagued by the question, how much does it cost to build a barn?

I will today answer this question for you. The post below will highlight the cost of constructing one.

I will not only highlight the average cost but also on what factors it can vary.

How much will a barn cost?

A barn can cost anywhere from $ 5000 up to $ 350,000. The average is around $ 70,000.

You might think, why such a vast range?

The reason for the same is that there are quite a few factors on which the cost of building a barn depends.

I will go into the details of these factors below and how they vary the cost of building a barn.

Factors on which the cost of building a barn depends:

The factors which determine the cost of building a barn include:

1. Type:

The type of the barn also determines the cost of building a barn.

I will share with you some examples so that you can gain an idea regarding the cost of building a barn.

If you go with a prefab barn, it can cost $ 5 per square foot to build a barn. Similarly, a pole barn can set you back by $ 8 per square foot. A shedrow can set you back by $ 10 per square foot. If you want to go with the most sturdy option, the post-and-beam barn will set you back by $ 65 per square foot.

As you can see, depending on the type, the cost of building a barn can vary greatly.

2. Application-based:

The application for which you want to use the barn will change the size of the barn and the fixtures inside. That is why it will change the cost of building the barn as well.

Hay barn can cost you around $ 5 per square foot. The horse barn will cost you about $ 10 per barn. On the other hand, a hog barn will cost you around the same as a horse barn.

If you’re building a corn barn, it will set you back by $ 25 per square foot. The barn gym will cost you $ 50 per square foot. If you’re building one cattle, it can cost as high as $ 500 for each cattle.

As you can see, depending on the application, the cost of the barn will change as well.

3. Construction material:

Construction material is another parameter to consider.

Ideally, there are three different construction material options that you have. The first one is metal, the 2nd one is wood, and the 3rd one is timber.

The cost will change depending on the construction material which you choose.

A metal barn will cost you $ 8 per square foot. The wood barn will cost you $ 25 per square foot. The timber barn will cost you $ 70 per square foot.

Thus, if you want to keep the costs down, it is good to go with a metal barn. It is the cheapest option which you have.

4. Barn style:

The style of the barn will change the size of the barn. Accordingly, the cost of the barn will adjust as well.

When you’re going for a gable barn, at a minimum, it will cost you $ 10 per square foot. The iron horse barn will also cost you the same. The Homestead barn will cost you $ 30 per square foot at the minimum. The gambrel, bank barn, and monitor barn will cost you the same.

The round barn is the most expensive one. That is because the area under such a barn is also on the higher side.

If you’re building a round barn, it will cost you upwards of $ 125 per square foot.

Consequently, you have to decide the barn style, and while doing so, you have to also look at your budget. Once you choose the style according to your budget, it will become easy to build a barn within your budget.

5. Accessories in use:

The cost of accessories while building a barn can be significant as well.

If you’re creating a stable, you will need dividers and a way to maintain the temperature as well. In that case, the door needs to be sturdy as well.

While a few accessories depend on the application but there are a few other necessary accessories that you will always need.

For example, when building a barn, you will need solar barn light and remote control outdoor flood lights. These can cost you a lot depending on the number of lights which you need. To choose among the best, you can read my post here and here to buy the best solar barn light and remote control outdoor floodlights.

The cost can vary depending on the accessories you choose and install. If you want to install any other accessories, the barn’s price will increase further.

These are the essential factors that determine the cost of the barn. As you can see, there are affordable barn construction options available as well. You have to plan the barn construction according to your budget, and after that, build one. That will ensure that you can save money while building a barn.

Now that you are aware of the cost, it is time to look at the FAQs related to the barn to gain more information about the same.


Can I get a loan to build a barn?

Some states do provide you with grants as well as loans to build a barn. The availability of the grant or loan depends on your address. If you need a grant or a loan to build a barn, you have a greater chance if you live in the countryside rather than in an urban area.

How much time does it take to build a barn?
You can build a barn in 7 to 14 weeks. A lot depends on the size and the type of barn which you are building.

So, if you’re contemplating building a barn, my guide above will certainly give you an idea regarding the cost. Not only that, the guide above answers all your questions related to building a barn. Now is the time to add it to your property to use the area in a better way and increase your property value.

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