How much is an old barn worth?

Many times, right at that moment, a barn might seem like a good idea. However, later on, it might not fit into your property.

In that case, you might think about dismantling it and selling it off.

The question is, how much money can you get then?

Today, I will answer the question how much is an old barn worth?

I will go into the details like the materials, area, and various other aspects of the barn.

Once you go through this article, it will become easier for you to understand how much you can get by selling an old barn.

How much is an old barn worth?
Generally speaking, an old barn that is smaller than 30′ x 30′ can be sold for $ 8000.

This is assuming that the condition of the barn is up to the mark. Not only that, you have to understand that the cost of dismantling it and moving it around is deducted from it.

In case you have a huge barn, it can fetch up to $ 35,000. However, a lot depends on the age of the barn and the materials which are used.

The cost of an old barn depends on many factors. I will highlight these factors below to provide you with a clear view.

• Condition:
First, of course, is the condition of the barn. The state of the barn will determine how much you can sell it for.

If the barn materials’ condition is not up to the mark, nobody can buy and erect it once again at a new location.

In that case, only salvagers will buy it. They will pay you a significantly lower rate as they will sell the wood and other materials in scrap. They will not be using it for the frame of the barn.

Only when the barn materials can be reused can you get a reasonable value from it.

• Materials:
Of course, it is essential to look at the materials used in the barn as well. That will determine the value which you get.

At the core of the barn is the wood which is used in the barn frame.

The wood variants like oak will undoubtedly get you a higher value. However, if you use modern lumber, the value is on the lower side.

If wood is rotten, the cost reduces significantly.

If you have used any other fancy wood, the cost of the barn material increases significantly.

If the wood is exposed to humidity and moisture repeatedly, it will be weak. In that case, once again, the cost of wood reduces.

As you can see, the material of the barn determines the worth of the barn.

• Location:
The barn is not something that you can easily dismantle and move around. Most likely, you will have to hire a professional for the same.

The problem with hiring a professional is that the cost of a professional can be huge. They can charge on a per-hour basis. In that case, it can become challenging for you to get a reasonable price for your barn.

In addition to dismantling, you have to look at the transportation cost. It can easily take a truck to transport the barn materials.

The logistics cost gets deducted from the value of the barn. In most cases, the seller has to pay for the transportation as well as the dismantling cost.

Thus, the greater the distance between the pickup point and the destination, the lower the barn’s worth.

If you need to dismantle and sell your barn at all, it is a better idea to find a buyer nearby. When you find a buyer nearby, the transportation and the logistic cost reduces.

In that case, it will become effortless for you to sell the barn.

• Area:
A lot depends on the area over which the barn is spread. If the barn measures less than 30′ x 30′ and is in reasonable condition, gaining anywhere from $ 8000-$ 12,000 is certainly possible.

On the other hand, if the barn area is around 100′ x 100′, you can easily get around $ 25,000.

All this is assuming that the material of the barn is in good condition. Only, in that case, will it become easier for you to sell your barn.

• The number of buyers available:
This factor might not be related to the barn directly.

However, it will undoubtedly determine the market forces and the value of your barn.

Usually, when a person decides to construct a barn, he/she does not look for used materials. That is because used materials have a limited lifespan.

Most people who want to erect a barn on their property always look out for newer materials.

It means that the number of buyers which you will get is likely on the lower side. When that is the case, you will not be able to negotiate much with the buyers.

Essentially, you have to agree with the price which the buyers are offering.

It means that even if your barn is worth at least $ 10,000 and the seller is offering you $ 7000, you will have to agree to it in most cases.

In case you do not agree to it, you will have no other buyer to deal with.

It means that you cannot extract proper value from your barn.

This factor might seem a bit vague to many, but it is one of the most prominent factors which decides the value of an old barn.

When you consider these few factors, it becomes effortless for you to sell your barn.

Thus, the value of an old barn can vary from $ 8000 to $ 35,000. A lot depends on the factors which I have highlighted above. Once you go through the article above, you will easily sell your barn and find out how much it is worth.

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