How much is it to lease a Porsche?

Are you looking to get behind the wheels of a Porsche?

If yes, you have the option to buy a Porsche, or you have the option to lease a Porsche.

Many people think that leasing is a better option. In that case, you can easily change the model after 3 years.

However, before you opt for leasing a Porsche, you need to find out about its cost.

I will today answer the question, how much is it to lease a Porsche?

Once you find the answer to this question, it will become easier for you to decide whether you should lease one or not.

How much is it to lease a Porsche?

The cost of leasing a Porsche will be dependent on the model which you opt for.

• For leasing a 2021 Cayenne Coupe, you will have to shell out $ 1207/month.
• For leasing 2021 Porsche Taycan 4S, you will have to shell out $ 2086/month.

These are just a few examples of how much it will cost you to lease a Porsche.

Besides the monthly payment, you will have to put to $1000 down as well.

As long as you can do that, you can lease out a Porsche.

You need to, however, keep in mind that additional fees and taxes are extra. That is why; you have to find out about the final pricing from a Porsche dealership. Only then will you be able to get the exact quotation for leasing a Porsche.

Can you negotiate while leasing a Porsche?

Yes, you can negotiate a bit while leasing a Porsche. However, to negotiate, you will need to follow a few steps. I will highlight two steps below.

1. Take quotation from various dealerships:

The very 1st thing which you need to do is to take a quotation from various dealerships. Only when you take the quotation from multiple dealerships will it become easier to compare them.

Once you compare the quotation, you will find out which dealership provides you with the best deal. That is why to make sure that you’re taking quotations from various dealerships.

2. Find out about finance deals:

You have to take the quotation from the dealerships and find out about the finance deals, if any as well.

Most dealerships have deals with specific finance companies. That is why you have to enquire from them regarding the finance deals available as well.

Finance deals are not available throughout the year. However, you have to enquire from the dealership if currently, there is a finance deal available.

With the help of a finance deal, you can bring the cost down.

3. Get a price breakdown of the deal:

Rather than just getting a quotation with the final price, you have to get a breakdown of the deal. Once you get a breakdown of the deal, you can negotiate on specific points with the dealership.

That is why you have to get a detailed breakdown of the deal from the dealership.

With the help of these steps, it will become easier for you to negotiate with the dealership. Either you can negotiate with the dealership of your choice, or you can simply go with the dealership offering you the best deal.

I will now help you understand whether leasing a Porsche is currently right for you or not.

When should you lease a Porsche?

There are a few specific conditions under which leasing a Porsche makes perfect sense. I will highlight those below.

1. Low monthly payments:

When you’re looking for low monthly payments, leasing a Porsche makes perfect sense. The reason for the same is because when you’re leasing a Porsche, you are just paying for the use rather than the cost of the entire Porsche. That is why; the monthly payments are certainly on the lower side. Simultaneously, you can enjoy driving around the more up-to-date model by leasing a Porsche.

2. Drive less than 20,000 miles per year:

It makes perfect sense to lease a Porsche if you drive less than 20,000 miles per year. Above that, owning makes perfect sense.

3.Want to go with a newer model:

Do you want to go with a newer model?

If so, instead of buying the Porsche, it is a much better idea to lease one.

Since the cost of leasing one is on the lower side, it makes perfect sense to go with leasing when opting for a new model.

Under these conditions, it makes perfect sense to lease a Porsche.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before leasing a Porsche. I will cover those below.

What should you know before leasing a Porsche?

There are a few things to keep in mind before making your decision on leasing a Porsche.

1. No equity:

The very 1st thing you need to keep in mind is that you will have no equity in the car. Usually, when you pay off the loan, you take ownership of the car.

However, when leasing a Porsche, you will have no equity. You are just paying to use the car.

2. More expensive if you rent for longer-term:

If you plan on using the Porsche for more than 3 years, leasing the car can be more expensive in the longer run. In that case, buying a Porsche even after taking an automobile loan is a much better option.

3. Be wary of penalties:

In case you go above a certain number of miles, there can be penalties. If you meet an accident as well, there can be penalties or extra charges.

You have to go through the leasing agreement pretty carefully. Only when you do so can you understand how much extra you might have to pay.

4. Proper maintenance is required:

The company and the dealership expect that you keep the car in a certain condition. Only when you can return it in moderate condition will you not face any penalty or any extra charges.

You have to be aware of the sport conditions before leasing a Porsche.

I will now go into the pros and cons of leasing a Porsche.

Pros and Cons of Leasing a Porsche:


• Easy to change the model every three years
• Low monthly payments
• Affordable in the shorter term
• Wide variety of models available
• Low deposit


• Expensive in the longer-term


So, if you’re looking to lease a Porsche, my guide above can come to your rescue. It will help you understand when leasing makes sense.

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