How to build a horse barn on a budget?

The general perception is that horse barns are pretty expensive. However, if you want to construct a horse barn on a budget, you can certainly do so.

You have to go out of the way to save money.

For the same, you have to follow a few extra tips.

Once you go through this article, it will become easier for you to build a horse barn.

How to build a horse barn on a budget?
The tips you should follow include:
• Opting for a modular barn.
• Opting for a one-story barn.
• Limiting the area.
• Opting for the row-style barn.
• Getting supplies in wholesale.
• Getting quotations from multiple providers.

Once you follow all these tips, it will become easier for you to build a horse barn on a budget.

1. Go with a modular barn:
When you want to build a horse barn, you essentially have 2 options. You can go with the traditional horse barn, or you can go with the modular horse barn. The traditional one needs construction on site. The construction process of a modular horse barn is entirely different. It is only assembled on site. The rest of the manufacturing of the building process takes place at a different location.

The good news is that modular barns are also more durable as compared to traditional ones. Moreover, since the building takes place on the scale, the horse barn’s cost is on the lower side.

It means that going with a modular horse barn is the best way forward when you want to save money.

2. Go with a one-story barn:
When you’re building a horse barn, you can go with the one-story horse barn, two-story horse barn, or even a bigger barn.

However, as you add floors to the horse barn, the cost of the horse barn increases. That is because the material, as well as the labor required, is higher.

When you want to build a horse one on a budget, it is good to opt for a single-story one. It is not only easier to build, but it is also very affordable.

3. Limit the area:
The general perception among homeowners is that they should build a larger barn. They might construct over a larger area or add extra stalls to the barn.

The problem with the same is that if you build extra stalls, the barn’s cost will increase significantly.

To avoid this problem, it is a good idea to build a horse barn with limited stalls. In that case, the material and the labor cost will reduce.

The overall area of the horse barn should be as less as possible.

It is one of the most basic tips which you can follow to build a horse barn on a budget.

4. Opt for row shed:
A barn can be of many different styles as well. Some styles are more expensive as compared to others.

The most affordable style to build a horse barn is the row style. It will ensure that you can source the materials easily. Not only that, when you opt for a single-story barn design that has row style, it becomes easy for you to build it on a budget.

Not only that, the building process in itself is pretty simple. Due to the same, the labor cost decreases significantly.

Thus, when you opt for row style horse barn, you can certainly save a lot of money.

5. Get wholesale supplies:
You will require a lot of materials to build a horse barn. The problem is that if you can get them from the local store, you might end up paying significantly higher.

A much better alternative is to purchase the supplies in wholesale. You can also speak with the architect to know about the wholesale suppliers in the area. Not only that, you can ask the architect if they will put in a word for you with the local supplier. Since they might have dealt with the local suppliers frequently, you can get a discount when they put in a word.

When you either go with the wholesale supplier or with your architect’s trusted supplier, it will undoubtedly become easier for you to save money.

Even if you save 10% on the overall cost of the supplies, it will become easier for you to save hundreds of dollars without compromising the horse barn’s quality.

It is another way in which you can build a horse barn on a budget.

6. Get quotations from multiple suppliers:
The general tendency among homeowners is that they go with the 1st horse barn material supplier they find. The problem in doing so is that you can get an expensive deal. If you buy the materials at an expensive cost, it will become difficult for you to build a horse barn on a budget.

The best way is to take a quotation from at least 3 to 4 vendors. Once you do so, it will become easier to know about the cost of the materials.

However, you need to make sure that all the quotations are for the same quality of the materials. Otherwise, it can become difficult for you to compare.

One problem you might face is that it will become challenging to find 3 to 4 suppliers if you live in the countryside. In that case, you can easily take quotations online.

The aim should be to contact suppliers which are a 30-minute drive away or less. In that case, you can save money while buying the materials, and the transportation cost will not be huge.

This simple tip alone can easily help you save 5% to 7% on the horse barn’s material cost.

Thus, when you want to build a horse barn on a budget, these are the few tips that you should follow. Instead of following this single tip, it is a good idea to follow all of them. That will undoubtedly help you build a barn on a budget.

Apart from the materials, you might need other accessories for your barn as well. You might need a solar barn light, remote control outdoor floodlights, and so on. My post here and here will help you choose both these accessories.

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