How to change battery in key fob?

Is your car key fob not performing properly?

If so, you might need to think about changing the battery. Fortunately, changing the battery of the car key fob is a simple procedure. You can do so in 5 simple steps. I will highlight these 5 steps below.

How to change the battery in the key fob?

I will highlight the five steps below. Once you go through these 5 steps, it is easy to find the answer to how to change the battery in a key fob.

Step 1: Locate the top-notch:

The most crucial step is to locate the notch at the top. There will be small gap at the top. However, if that is not available, you have to look at the connection point between the upper and the lower half of the key fob. Once you do so, it will become easier for you to open it.

Step 2: Open it using a screwdriver:

Once you have located this notch, it is essential to open it properly. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the fob.

The correct way to open it is by using a screwdriver. You will not find a screw to unscrew. You have to put it in between the gap and push it in one direction to separate the two halves. Only once you do so you can access the interiors of the key fob.

Step 3: Check the battery type:

The battery which every key fob uses is not the same. There are variations like Cr2025, cr2032. Therefore, you have to look at the specifications of the battery.

The coin-shaped battery has the specifications printed on top. Once you take a look at it, you will notice the type of battery you need to replace it with.

If the battery does not mention the name for some reason, you can refer to the instruction manual of the fob as well. It will help you understand the battery which is in use in the key fob.

Step 4: Replace the battery:

Once you get a battery with the same specification, you have to remove the old battery. The best way is to just flip it up with your finger. Once you do so, the slot will be empty.

After that, you have to just slide in the new battery. Once you do so, you can close the key fob.

However, you have to notice the polarity mentioned on the battery slot. Either that or you have to check the polarity of the battery which you are removing as well.

While sliding in the battery, it is important to get the polarity correct. Only then, the key fob will operate properly.

Step 5: Close the fob:

Once you slide in the new battery, you have to close the key fob.

The best way is to just press the two pieces together after aligning them with each other. You won’t need a screwdriver or any other tool for the same.

Once they click shut, you can start using the key fob quite easily.

As you can see, replacing the battery in the key fob is not a difficult task. Using these five simple steps, it becomes easier for you to replace the battery of the key fob.

Few tips to follow while changing the battery of the key fob:

You need to follow a few tips to change the battery of the key fob efficiently.

1. Check the owner’s manual:

Key fobs are evolving at a fast pace. These days, they are quite multipurpose in design.

To make sure that you are following the right procedure, it is a good idea to glance at the instruction manual before executing the five steps above. It will help you understand if you should take any additional precautions or not.

2. Getting the battery specifications right:

If you follow the instruction manual, you will know the battery type in advance. It will ensure that you won’t have to wait after opening the key fob to order the battery. You can order the battery in advance and replace it right away.

3. Do not forget to test:

Once you change the battery in the key fob, it is essential to test it as well.

You have to test it from the maximum possible distance range.

If the key fob works at a maximum distance of 50 feet, you have to test it from 50 feet. Only when it is working from the maximum range you can use the key fob reliably.

4. Make sure the fob is sealed shut:

When pressing the two halves of the key fob, there will be a click sound. In most cases, when you hear the click sound, you can be sure that the key fob has been sealed shut.

However, there is an additional way to verify the same. You have to observe the edges of the upper half and the lower half of the key fob. There should be no gap between them. If there is no gap between them, you can be sure that they have been sealed shut.

If the key fob hasn’t been sealed shut, there is always a risk that water or any other element of weather might impact the circuit inside. So, you will have to replace the key fob. That can prove to be costly. Due to the same, you have to verify that the key fob has been sealed shut, and only after that you can start using it.

5. Store the key fob appropriately:

Just because you have replaced the battery, does not mean that you can now handle the key fob in the way which you like.

It is always a good idea to store it appropriately. You can use a magnetic key holder for car. To buy such a compact magnetic key holder, go through my post Magnetic key holder for car –3 best magnetic key holder for under car reviews.

These boxes are waterproof and weatherproof. Due to the same, you can undoubtedly increase the life span of the key fob using such boxes.

Once you follow these 4 tips, you can be sure that it will become easier for you to replace the battery of the key fob.

Now that you are aware of the 5 simple steps you can undertake to change the key fob’s battery, you can do so yourself easily. It is time to enjoy your car rides without having to worry about the key fob.

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