How to clean a car cd player?

Most of us use the car CD player regularly. It is our only source of entertainment when we are traveling.

Have you ever thought about how to prolong the life of the car CD player?

Cleaning a car CD player from time to time can help you do so. If you do not do so, soon enough, it will develop problems.

Also, once it develops problems, it will not seamlessly play your CDs. There might be lagging, or the CD might get stuck altogether.

To avoid all this, it is a good idea to clean a car CD player from time to time.

The question is, how to clean a car CD player?

I will share a method below to help you out. With the help of this method, cleaning the car CD player in an instant is undoubtedly possible. It will prolong the life of the car CD player.

How to clean a car cd player?
You can clean the car CD player using a 4 step procedure, which I will highlight below.

Method clean a car cd player:

1. Empty the car CD player:
Firstly, you have to check and ensure that there is no CD in the car CD player. If there is, you have to remove that CD before moving onto the next step.

2. Removing the dust:
After that, when the car CD player tray is open or the slot is open, you have to remove the dust.

You might think, how to do so?

The handheld air bulb is the best option for you to do so. You can buy such a handheld air bulb online easily. If you buy the entire car CD player cleaning kit, the bulb will come along with that.

3. Cleaning the lens:
After that, you have to focus on cleaning the lens. For the same, you have to first and foremost remove the lens cover. After that, you have to use a soft cleaner. It needs to be lint-free as well.

You have to apply a little bit of alcohol onto the lens and clean it.

Before you put back the cover, it is necessary to let the lens dry. Only when it is completely dry you can go ahead and put back the cover.

4. Using the cleaner disc:
To make sure that the lens is functioning fine, you have to use the lens cleaner disk. You can buy it online easily. If you have purchased a kit for car CD player cleaning, the lens cleaning disc will accompany it.

You have to place it in the CD player like a normal disc. After that, you have to click the play button. Once you do so, it will do its job.

After the discus stops spinning, you can easily extract it.

That’s it!

Cleaning the car CD player does not require a lot of effort.

Once you procure these few resources, cleaning it becomes easy.

There are, however, a few preparations which you need to keep in mind. I will highlight these below.

Preparations to make before you clean the car CD player:

The preparations which you need to make include:

1. Buying the right handheld air bulb:
If you search for handheld air bulbs, there are quite a few options available. Many of them are have for heavy-duty applications. Instead of buying such air bulbs, it is a good idea to purchase one suitable only for cleaning the CD player. In that case, the pressure to blow the air into the CD player will not damage the CD player.

2. Using the right cleaning cloth:
The cleaning cloth which you use will directly come in contact with the lens. If the cloth is not entirely smooth, it will scratch the lens rather than repair it.

You have to first ensure that it is a microfibre cloth. Only a microfibre or a soft cloth will not cause any scratches on the lens.

Not only that, you have to make sure that it is lint-free as well. When you opt for a lint-free cloth, it will become easier for you to avoid any leftover threads in the CD player.

In case a few threads or particles are leftover on the lens of the CD player, it will not function properly.

These threats might end up damaging the CD player more. In that case, rather than cleaning the CD player, you might end up damaging it.

After that, you might have to get it repaired through a professional or replace it altogether. Both of these are expensive and cumbersome.

To avoid this problem, it is a much better idea to use a lint-free and completely soft cloth.

3. Let the lens cleaner CD run:
Most lens cleaner CDs have a track in them of a specific duration. While you might not be able to listen to the music or any audio while playing the CD, the track is designed so that the CD gets enough time to clean the lens.

You should not interrupt the CD before the end of this duration. Only once you do so, it will have a good shot at cleaning the CD player lens. Otherwise, the effect which you will get from the cleaning will be diminished.

Generally speaking, the duration will not be more than 20 minutes. Due to the same, you have to undertake car CD player cleaning only if you have got 20 minutes to 30 minutes. If you’re in a hurry, it does not make sense to initiate the car CD player’s cleaning.

Once you make these few preparations, you can quickly initiate the procedure to clean the car CD player.

So, cleaning the car CD player need not be that difficult. With the help of my simple 4 step procedure, you can do so in an instant. Cleaning the car CD player from time to time will undoubtedly prolong its lifestyle. Not only that, it will enhance the performance of the CD player as well.

Even after that, if you want to buy a new CD player, I have covered some of the best ones in my posts like post 1 and post 2. Once you go through them, you will undoubtedly find car CD players with suit your needs.

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