How to clean a cd player that skips?

One of the common problems a cd player suffers from is that they start skipping tracks or parts of the audio. In that case, most people think that buying a new one is the only solution. However, that is not true.

The best thing you can do is clean it and fix the problems you detect along the way.

The question is, how to do so?

I will share with you a step-by-step procedure to help you clean a cd player that skips. Along with that, I will also highlight how to fix the hardware problems.

How to clean a cd player that skips?
To clean a cd player that skips, first you have to disassemble it, and after that, you have to start by cleaning the lens, then detect the hardware problems, and fix them.

I will highlight all the steps below. Once you go through the guide below, it will become easy for you to fix the problem.

How to prep the cd player for cleaning?
The prep work for cleaning a cd player that skips is pretty easy. Firstly, you have to remove the batteries or disconnect it from the power source. Secondly, you have to wait for at least 30 minutes before beginning the cleaning process.

Only once you do so will it become easier for you to prep the cd player for cleaning.

Now I will highlight simple steps which you need to follow to clean the cd player that skips.

1. Cleaning lens:
Start by cleaning the lens of the cd player. The lens cleaning solution is what you have to use.

You have to remove the cover of the cd player. After that, you have to locate the lens.

You have to apply the cleaning solution on a cotton swab and apply it to the lens.

You have to move the cotton swab in small circles over the lens until it is entirely clear.

Only when the lens is dry can you assemble it back.

If for some reason, you’re not able to remove the cover of the cd player, you have to use a lens cleaner cd.

The lens cleaner cd consists of a rubbing brush assembly. You can apply the lens cleaning solution to that assembly.

After that, you have to insert the CD and play it like a normal one. The duration for which you need to play it is mentioned in the lens cd cleaning kit manual.

Thus, you can choose from these 2 methods to clean the lens of the cd player.

In most cases, when the cd player is skipping tracks, this is the problem.

However, the cause can be a hardware problem also. The procedure to fix the hardware problem is entirely different.

2. Detecting hardware problems:
The hardware problems in the cd player are generally related to 2 parts of the cd player.

The first one is the head and the second one is the potentiometer.

To access the same, you might have to open the bottom cover or the top cover. The CD player’s manual will let you know which part of the cd player you should remove the screws from.

Once you have opened the cd player, it is easy to understand what the problem is precisely.

I will let you know below how to fix each of those cd player parts.

3. Fixing Misaligned CD head:
When the cd player skips the track or the audio right at the start, it indicates that the cd player head might be misaligned. In that case, the head is misaligned.

The head of the cd player is a small square piece. It has a plastic disc. The disc is at the end of the head on the side near the cd.

To realign the reading head, you have to use a flat head screwdriver. While fixing the reading head, you can keep the cd player plugged in. However, you have first to hit the play button and after that stop it.

After that, you have to align it properly and play it again. Once it stops skipping the tracks, you can reassemble it and start using it again.

The procedure to troubleshoot alignment problems can also be found in the manual.

Below I will go into the details of fixing misaligned potentiometer.

4. Fixing Misaligned Potentiometer:
A potentiometer is located above the laser. Once you open the upper or the lower slot of the cd player, it is easy to identify.

It is a small square piece. You can adjust it using a flat head screwdriver. Before you make any adjustments, it is a good idea to mark the potentiometer’s existing position. Only once you do so will you know whether it is adjusted or not.

Every time you adjusted slightly, you have to play the cd player again to find out whether the cd is now running fine or not.

However, make sure that you’re not adjusting it more than 30° in a single attempt. You have to do so repeatedly to fix the problem. It might take some time, but it is the easiest way to fix the potentiometer.

With these 4 simple steps, it is easy for you to fix the cd player. The procedure takes care of not only lens issues but also hardware issues.

Using this method, not only can you fix the lens but also the hardware problems. In that case, you will not have to worry about hiring a professional to fix it.

With the help of this guide, if you’re not able to clean up fix the cd player, then there is no other alternative but to go for a new one. That is because hiring a professional might turn out to be more expensive than buying a new one.

In case you’re looking to buy a new one, you can read my post here and here to know more about the best options you have. These are all portable options which ensure that it becomes easy for you to buy the best cd players.

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