How to clean mountain bike?

You need to clean your mountain bike from time to time. Without doing so, it will become difficult for you to use it for years together.

A mountain bike is very expensive. If you do not take care of it, the damage will be on the higher side. Once it is damaged beyond a point, the only option which you have is to replace it. The problem is replacing it will cost you a lot.
However, once you know how to clean the mountain bike, it will become easier for you to increase its lifespan.

Today, I will share with you a step-by-step guide to clean your mountain bike.

How to clean mountain bike?

To clean a mountain bike, you need to first wash the bike with soap, scrap the wheels, rinse the bike, let the bike dry and after that use the bike.

Once you follow these steps, it will be easier for you to clean the mountain bike. I will go into the details of all these steps below. Once you through the steps in the tips below, cleaning your mountain bike will become easy.

1. Wash the bike with a hose:

The 1st thing which you need to do is to wash the bike with a hose. You need to ensure that you are not using the high-pressure hose.

For the same, you will need soap, water, a sponge, as well as brushes.

While using the hose, you have to ensure that the nozzle you are using does not result in high-pressure water.

Also, while washing it with the hose, you will not have to remove the wheels.

2. Scrub the wheels:
After washing the mountain bike with the hose, now is the time to scrap the wheels.

For scrubbing the wheels, you have to use a big sponge. You have to use a flexible sponge that can reach every part of the wheel.

After that, you have to use a soft bristle brush to scrape the dirt and contaminants, which are not easily removed.

For the chain and disc rotors, you have to use a separate brush.

For the disc rotors, you have to use rubbing alcohol along with the sponge.

With the help of rubbing alcohol, it will become easier for you to eliminate the dirt and contaminants.

3. Rinse the bike:
Once you clean the wheels and the chain after that, you have to rinse your mountain bike once again.

Once again, for rinsing the bike, you do not need to use a high-pressure hose.

The water should not go into the bearings. If the water goes into the bearings, the bike will not perform properly. So, it is important to avoid the water going into the bearings.

4. Let the bike dry:
After that, you have to let the bike dry.

If you let it dry naturally, it can take a day or so.

When you want to clean it fast, you can use a blower, compressor, or towel.

In case you are using the blower, you need to use it in milder settings. Only then can you dry the bike without any adverse effects.

In case you’re using the towel, it is essential to just dab the bike. You should not rub it vigorously.

After the drying of the bike, it is important to accomplish one more step.

5. Do not forget the lube:

After that, you have to apply lubricants to the chain. Without completing this step, the amount of effort which you will have to put into getting a mountain bike up and running will be on the higher side.

You need to, however, keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply excessive lube either. If you apply excessive lube, it can deteriorate the performance of the bike as well.

The best way is to wipe off the extra lubricant so that your bike performs properly.

Once you complete this step, the cleaning process is complete.

I will share a few additional tips with you, which can help you clean the mountain bike.

Tips to follow:

Once you follow these extra tips, it will become easier for you to clean the mountain bike efficiently.

1. Go through the bike manual:
The very 1st thing which you need to do is to go through the bike manual. The bike manual will let you know which materials can you use for cleaning.

Not only that, it will let you know the exact procedure to follow as well.

It will also let you know the materials of the bike, frame as well as hardware. Consequently, it will be easier for you to clean your mountain bike.

2. Wash after covering a trail:
One question you need to find the answer to is, when should you wash your mountain bike?

Washing it too frequently is not needed. If you’re not using it, you can wash the mountain bike once every couple of months.

However, once you cover a trail or journey, it is a good idea to wash your mountain bike.

When you do so, it will become easier for you to remove the dirt and contaminants. It means that the frame will not rust and suffer from any other damage.

When you are washing the bike after every trail, you can certainly increase its lifespan. It means that you will not have to worry about replacing the bike anytime soon.

3. Dust off the residue:
Many times, it might so happen that you do not have the time to wash the mountain bike after every trail.

The question is, what should you do in that case?

The easiest way out is to rub off the residue from the bike. You can use a microfiber towel or cloth to remove the residue and the contaminants.

Once you remove the residue and contaminants, the damage to the bike will be limited. You need not have to worry about the bike suffering from oxidation and other such issues.

With the help of these three simple tips, looking after your mountain bike is certainly easy.

Once you go through the guide above, it will become easier to clean your mountain bike.

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