How to close the gap on barn doors?

Despite your best efforts and construction, there might be some gap left in the barn doors. The problem is that it can affect the insulation of the barn. Not only that, it can lead to sound from outside going into the barn as well.

The gap can cause a lot of problems. In a nutshell, you cannot ignore this. It is time to understand how to close the gap on barn doors.

Today, I will highlight the same.

How to close the gap on barn doors?
You can use weather strips, door sweeps, change the door, replace the hardware, or use soundproofing foam to close the gap in the barn doors.

I will go into the details of all these methods below. I will share with you a few other ways.

1. Use weatherstrips:
When you want to close the gap on the barn doors, attaching the weatherstrips is the best option for you. The weatherstrip can certainly keep insects, cold air, dust, as well as light away.

Not only that, it is easy to modify the weatherstrips according to the gap in the door. When you do so, the installation becomes easy for you.

It is one of the most effective ways to close the gap on barn doors.

2. Incorporate a door sweep:
Another alternative which you have to close the gap on barn doors is to install the door sweep. The door sweep will eliminate the space between any surface and the edge of the barn doors. Not only that, you will not have to worry about the weatherstrips moving with the door. You can install them in a stationary fashion and along with the frame of the door.

It means that you will not have to worry about wear and tear or to replace the door sweeps again and again.

3. Replace the door with a bigger sized door:
If there is a gap in the barn door, chances are you might have designed them wrong, or more the frame might need a bigger door.

In case you want to solve the problem once and for all, it is a good idea to go with a bigger sized door. It will ensure that you can get a custom-sized door that does not have any gaps. Consequently, you will not have to go for any other makeshift solution.

4. Replace the hardware:
Many times, the loosening or the wear and tear of the hardware makes the entire door lose. In that case, the gap increases between the surface and the door.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on replacing the door with a bigger one, it is a good idea to replace the hardware. It will also ensure that it does not produce any sound or rattling noise.

Thus, if you want an easier solution than replacing the door with the bigger one, you have to replace the hardware.

5. Use soundproofing foam:
One of the best ways to close the gap on the barn doors is to use soundproofing foam. The advantage of this foam is that you can cut it to a custom size. That is why closing any gap is easy.

Not only that, it can insulate the barn against the weather, sound, air, and so on. It means that when you’re using soundproofing foam, you can close any gap.

Not only that, it is pretty affordable. That is why, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, you can go with this one.

6. Close the gap using shower door seal:
There is another solution that is similar to weatherstrips. The one which we are speaking about now has a shower door seal. Usually, it is used in the bathroom to ensure that water does not come out. However, you can use the same seal for barn doors as well.

The advantage of the shower door seal is that it can provide weather insulation and sound insulation. That is why it is a multipurpose solution that can serve you well.

7. Install Wooden strips:
If you do not mind outsourcing and need a more solid solution, you can hire a carpenter to install the wooden strips. The advantage of going with wooden strips is that the level of protection which they can provide is excellent. Not only that, wooden strips can last for years together.

8. Install soundproof curtains:
Soundproof curtains are a makeshift solution. However, they can serve you well.

They not only insulate the barn from the weather but also sound.

Moreover, as they are thick, you can be sure that maintaining the temperature inside is easy. Not only that, they can last for years together.

9. Use Acoustic Pads:
Acoustic pads are also a good solution when you want to close the gap on the barn doors. Moreover, these pads come in all sizes, or you can cut them into the right size. They can provide acoustic insulation as well as weather insulation.

10. Install a draft stopper:
The outdoor draft stopper is specifically made for insulating any door from the weather outside. It can block the air.

You need to understand that you can easily get the draft stopper in the size which you want. That is why getting the right measurements is not going to be a problem.

Not only can it close the gap, but it will also make the barn door slightly tighter. You have to keep this in mind and after that go ahead with this solution.

11. Install L-shaped side rims:
L-shaped rims can cover larger gaps as well. They can cover any open end. As long as the gap is at the corner, you can certainly go with this solution.

You have to order them with the right dimensions. Only then will they be of any use.

You can use these rims in conjunction with the foam strip as well.

Thus, closing the gap on the barn doors is undoubtedly easy. I have highlighted above 11 different ways in which you can do so. The next time you want to close the gap on the barn doors, choose between these solutions.

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