How to find a hidden gfci outlet?

A gfci outlet can undoubtedly make your home safer. When many times, the electrician you hire to set up your home’s wiring might follow the NEC code. In that case, the electrician might install a gfci outlet at various places.

Most homeowners do not know the exact location of the gfci outlets. That is why, when tripping happens, they cannot reset the gfci outlet easily.

The question is how to find a hidden gfci outlet?

Only when you can find such a gfci outlet can you reset it easily.

I will share a step-by-step procedure that you can follow to look at these hidden gfci outlets.

How to find a hidden gfci outlet?

I will share with you the step-by-step procedure which you can follow to find a hidden gfci outlet.

Step 1:

You have to look at the plugs in the garage, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and outdoor outlets. You have to put the outlet testers into it. If the gfci outlet is proper, you will see a green light. It will ensure that the outlet is working perfectly.

Step 2:

In case any of the outlets do not result in a green light, you need to make a list of the same. After that, you have to search for the breaker box in their vicinity. Once you find the breaker box, you can read the label on such a box. It will help you understand whether the breaker box houses the gfci circuitry or not.

Step 3:

Once you look at the breaker box, you have to turn off the breaker inside. After that, once again, you have to plug the tester into the gfci outlets. The outlet whose breaker you have turned off will not illuminate the light in the tester. Consequently, it will become easier for you to match the breakers with the gfci outlet. You have to repeat this procedure for every breaker and gfci outlet.

Step 4:

Once you look at the breaker of the gfci outlet, which is not displaying the correct green light while following step 1. Once you locate that, you can reset that gfci outlet. In most cases, this will help you find the hidden gfci outlet and resetting it.

Step 5:

After resetting the respective breaker, you do not assume that the outlet will be reset and will function properly. You have to use the tester to test the outlet once again. It should not display green light in the tester.

With the help of these five simple steps, it is easy to look at the gfci outlet and its breakers.

You might often not be able to look at the breaker box or even the outlet which is it is tripping.

In that case, you will have to opt for old school search and locate mechanism. I will share with you a few tips that will help you look at the breaker box and the gfci outlet.

An alternate method to locate a hidden gfci outlet:

The tips which I will highlight below will easily help you locate the hidden gfci outlet. Not only that, it will help you locate the breaker box as well.

1. Search outdoors:

Whenever you have a power outlet outdoors, it is mandatory to use a gfci outlet. That is why, when searching for a gfci outlet, it is a good idea to start outdoors. You have to monitor the exterior of your home.

You have to also monitor areas like the garage, men’s cave, and patio.

Once you do so, locating the outlets is easy.

Many times, we do not spend such a lot of time in the exterior of our homes. That is why by default, we do not know the location of those outlets.

Once you inspect manually, it is easier for you to look at such an outlet.

2. Search in the kitchen and basement:

By law, it is necessary to have gfci outlets in the kitchen as well as the basement. In the kitchen, there are water outlets. In the vicinity of water outlets, it is necessary to have a gfci outlet. That is why; you have to inspect the kitchen to locate them.

You have to look at the outlets near or underneath the sink as well. You have to look at the cabinets also. Many times, there might be a power outlet inside the cabinet.

In the basement, you have to search every nook and cranny. Most of our basements will house the heat. In the vicinity of the heater, once again, you have to use a gfci outlet.

Manually searching both these places will help you locate the gfci outlets.

3. Check the bathrooms:

Similar to the kitchen, it is mandatory to have gfci outlets in the bathrooms as well. That is because there are plenty of water sources in the bathroom as well.

You have to inspect underneath the washbasin, in the cabinet, and on every other wall of the bathroom.

Additionally, you have to monitor for any outlets besides the mirror as well.

Once you do so, it becomes easier for you to find the hidden gfci outlet.

4. Follow the wiring:

In case even the about tips do not help you find the gfci outlet, it might be time to follow the wiring. When you follow the wiring, it will become easier for you to locate most of the outlets.

In most cases, these four tips will certainly help you find the hidden gfci outlet.

Still can’t find it?

In that case, I will share with you a piece of advice below.

Should you get professional help?

The last resort, of course, is to hire an electrician. The electrician will be able to locate the hidden gfci outlet easily. In most cases, the electrician will not have to dismantle the tiles or the drywall, or anything else to look at it.

While this might be a bit expensive, it will certainly help you look at all the gfci outlets.

The next time around, you’re looking to install lights outdoor; instead of installing a gfci outlet separately, you can go with outdoor light fixtures with gfci outlets. My post here highlights the best ones.

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