How to fix a broken car key?

Whenever the car keys suffer from a problem, it can be challenging for you to fix it. You need to opt for a solution that is specific to the situation.

The question is, how to find such a solution?

Today, I will share the answer to the question, how to fix a broken car key?

I will provide you with the solutions for multiple problems. Once you go through the answers, it will become easier for you to fix the broken car key. There is no need to panic. You have to follow the solutions below.

How to fix a broken car key?
Fixing a broken car key can require replacing the battery, replacing the case, or getting a new blade.

I will highlight 3 different problems which the car key can encounter and when it makes sense to go with the solutions.

Without any delay, I will highlight the problems and their respective solutions to fix the car key.

Problem 1: Buttons not working:
The most common problem which your car key can suffer from is the button is not working. Pressing the buttons won’t open the car doors in that case. In some cases, the car key buttons might work, and in some other cases, they will not work.

If this is the problem, it indicates that the battery might be weak or the battery might be dead.

The question is, how to fix the broken car key in that case?

I will highlight the solution below.

Fix: Change battery:
The problem, in that case, is the battery. Over a while, the battery can easily die down. The solution is simple you have to replace the battery.

Want to know how to change the battery in key fob?

Read my post here to find out the exact procedure.

Once you replace the battery in the car key, the buttons and the car key will start working once again.

Problem 2: Torn out buttons:
Another problem which the car key can suffer from are the damaged rubber buttons. The question is, how to diagnose this problem?

The rubber buttons might develop cracks, or the buttons might come out altogether. Also, the rubber buttons might have suffered from extensive wear and tear as well. This can only happen when you have been using the car key fob for 5 to 7 years or more.

Once again, in this case, the solution is pretty simple.
Fix: Replace the case:
Rather than replacing the buttons, it is a good idea to replace the car key’s entire case. When you replace the whole case of the car key, you will get a weatherproof car key. You can, of course, keep the blade the same.

There are many tutorials online which can let you know how to replace the case and keep the blade the same.

It will not take you less than 30 minutes to replace it.

Problem 3: Key blade broken:
In many cases, the car key might get broken in a real sense. It means that the blade might get broken. In some cases, the blade might develop cracks as well.

The question is, how to fix the car key in that case?

Fortunately, there is a solution for the same.

Fix: Replace the blade:
In case you want to get a new blade crafted, you need to contact the car dealership or the car manufacturer. When you do so, they will issue you a new car key. It might take a couple of days to do so.

When you contact the car dealership or the car manufacturer, they will charge you a hefty amount. However, they will provide you with an easy solution for the same.

There is another solution as well. You need to contact a locksmith. The locksmith can create a proper blade for you. If you want to replace the case, you can do so with the help of a locksmith. However, if you need the blade, the locksmith can provide you with that as well.

Thus, when the blade breaks down, these are the two solutions that you can go with.

Depending on which one is the most convenient for you, you can go ahead and opt for that solution.

Now that you are aware of how to fix your car key, it is essential to understand how to avoid such a situation in the future.

How to ensure your car key doesn’t breakdown?
I will share a handful of tips that will help you protect your car key in the future. These include:

1. Avoid exposing it to weather elements:
Avoid exposing it to rainy weather, excessive moisture, or heat. When you protect it from the weather elements, it will become easier for you to enhance its lifespan. In that case, it will not break down easily.

2. Prevent it from falling:
Rather than handling it roughly, it is a good idea to prevent it from falling. When you handle it carefully, you will not have to worry about the case cracking or the blade.

Keep it in your pocket or ignition slot. If you avoid keeping it anywhere, it will become easier for you to prevent it from falling. To protect it, you can also use a magnetic key holder case. Please read my post here to buy the best magnetic key holder for car.

3. Proactively replace it:
If the car key is in use for 5 to 7 years, it is a much better idea to replace it proactively rather than waiting for it to break down. In that case, your car key will not break down, and you will not be stuck in a single place because of a broken car key. Sure enough, this might cost you a bit extra, but it can certainly help you avoid many problems.

Thus, these are the few tips that will allow you to prevent the breaking of the car key. You will always have a reliable car key which you can use day in and day out.

So, if you’re experiencing a broken car key, the solution will change depending on the key’s exact condition and the problem. There are essentially 3 scenarios in which the car key can break down. My guide above certainly highlights all those. Along with that, I have highlighted all the solutions as well.

Once you follow the guide above, it will become easier for you to fix the broken car key.

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