How to fix a hoverboard wheel?

Hoverboards have quite a few moving parts. That is why they suffer from wear and tear.

One of the most common sources of problems are the hoverboard wheels. If you face such a situation, you can fix it yourself in most cases.

Today, I will answer the question, how to fix a hoverboard wheel?

I will tackle various scenarios so that it becomes easier for you to fix the hoverboard wheel.

How to fix a hoverboard wheel?

The problems with the hoverboard wheel can be plenty. You have to look at the type of problem and accordingly choose the solution. I will highlight the different issues below so that it becomes easier for you to fix the wheel.

1. Wheel locked:

The wheels of the hoverboard getting locked is one of the most common problems which you will face. Fortunately, the solution is simple, as well.

Most hoverboards have this as a safety feature. Once you get off the hoverboard, you can lock the wheels in place.

However, many times on the single press of a button, the wheels do not get unlocked.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Press the unlock button more than one time. When you do so, it will become very easy for you to unlock the hoverboard wheels.

2. Noisy wheel:

Another wheel problem which you might face is that they might make noise. Even on smooth terrain, wheels might make noise.

Another problem with noise is that it can be irritating. It can attract unwarranted attention, as well. When you want to move around without disturbing others, noisy wheels can undoubtedly ruin your plan.

Frequently, a noisy Wheel occurs when you have been using the hoverboard for quite some period. I will highlight the solution below.

You have to try and tighten the screws and the nuts frequently. Only when they are loose you will hear the click sound repeatedly.

Also, you have to try and lubricate the bearings around the wheels as well. Once you do so, you can eliminate the problem of noisy wheels easily.

3. Grinding wheel:

The problem which I am highlighting now needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If your hoverboard wheel is grinding, it is crucial to tackle the issue as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the wear and tear of the wheel will increase exponentially.

Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is only to replace the wheel.

To avoid these problems, buy a reliable hoverboard.

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4. Wheel turning problem:

Are you finding it difficult to turn your hoverboard?

If so, it might be because of a wheel problem.

If the wheel has suffered a major impact or an accident, it might not turn properly. Improper turning can lead to various problems. It can also render the hoverboard useless.

If that is the cause, you have no other option but to replace the wheel.

You might have to replace the bearing as well.

However, if no such thing has happened, it might be due to a sensor problem as well. Recalibrating the sensors will solve the problem. Recalibration makes it easy to use the hoverboard.

If you do not know how to do so, you can quickly contact the hoverboard servicing center. The service center can fix the problem in a day.

5. One wheel not turning:

Many times, the problem can occur with only one of the wheels of the hoverboard. In that case, the hoverboard will be flickering the red light as well. Flickering red lights indicates a problem.

The issue can be a bad motor or gyroscope. You have to refer to the manual to understand what the red flashing lights indicate.

You have to think about recalibrating the hoverboard. However, recalibration can work as a temporary solution.

In the longer term, you have to fix the motor or the gyroscope.

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6. Cracked wheel:

If you often use the hoverboard on uneven terrain, cracks might develop in the hoverboard wheels as well. In that case, the ride quality will be impacted.

You can feel that the hoverboard is not moving smoothly. Moreover, you might not be able to control the hoverboard with the same efficiency. The traction which you get on any surface will reduce.

You might think, how can you fix this problem?

The answer is by replacing the wheels. For cracked wheels, there is no temporary solution. You have no other choice but to replace the hoverboard wheels.

The instruction manual will easily let you know how you can replace these wheels. You have to make sure that you are replacing the wheels of the same size. Once you stick to this principle, replacing the wheels of the hoverboard becomes easy.

Final thoughts:

As you can see, the problems which can occur with hoverboard wheels are plenty. Instead of ignoring these problems, you have to tackle these problems head-on. Only once you do so you can use the hoverboard day in and day out.

With my guide above, it is easier than ever to fix every hoverboard wheel -related problem. Only when the wheels of your hoverboard are in perfect condition you can move around. Otherwise, the range, as well as the speed of your hoverboard, will decrease. The motor efficiency will decrease as well. In a nutshell, sooner than later, you will not be able to use your hoverboard if you do not fix the wheel problems. Keeping this in mind, you have to use my guide above and fix them as soon as possible.

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