How to fix cigarette burns in car seat?

Cigarette burns in your car seat can make it look bad. Many car owners think that cigarette burns cannot be removed from your car seat. However, this is not true.

There are a few ways to fix cigarette burns in the car seat.

Whether you’re buying an old car that consists of such burns or whether you have inflicted them in your car, I will highlight 2 different methods to fix them below.

Once you go through the 2 methods, it will become easier for you to fix the issue.

How to fix cigarette burns in car seat?
I will highlight 2 methods below. The first one will help you fix cigarette burns in a leather car seat, and the second one will help you fix cigarette brands in the vinyl car seat.

Depending on the car seat which you have, you can choose the method accordingly.

Method 1: Fix cigarette burns in a leather car seat:
I will highlight the step-by-step method to do so for a leather car seat below.

1. In case the burn hasn’t penetrated the leather in-depth, you can partially cut the leather around the inflicted upon. You have to do so for only for half the leather depth. The tool which you can use to cut the leather is a scalpel. In case the hole in the leather seat isn’t up to full depth, you can directly move to step 6th one after this one.
2. In case the burn has gone through the leather seat cover, you have to cut it to complete depth. After cutting the burn to complete depth, it will result in a hole in the leather seat cover.
3. Once you have made a hole, now is the time to fix it. For fixing, you will need a canvas cloth. You have to put it behind the leather and such that it covers the entire hole from within. Tweezers is the tool you should use for the same. While doing so, you have to ensure that it overlaps the leather cover by at least 0.5 inches. Only then can you keep it in place.
4. The next step which you have to undertake is to fix the canvas cloth in place. For the same, you have to apply glue to the scalpel. After that, you have to apply the glue to the underside of the leather car seat cover on the area which overlaps the canvas cloth.
5. Once you have applied the glue, you have to stick the canvas cloth underneath it. You have to let it dry for 20 minutes. Only when it is completely dry, the canvas cloth will remain in place.
6. Once it dries down for 20 minutes, you have to use a filer to press the canvas cloth onto the leather car seat gently. You have to do so multiple times. That way, it will not come out.
7. After that, you have to use a leather touchup kit. It will allow you to color the canvas cloth to a color similar to the leather. In that case, it will not stick out like a sore thumb.

With this method’s help, it will become easier for you to fix the cigarette burn on leather car seats.

Do you have vinyl car seats?

If so, the method which I will highlight below will help you out.
Method 2: Fix cigarette burns in vinyl car seats:
In case your vinyl car seat cover has suffered from cigarette burns, you can follow the method below.

1. You have to remove the area around the cigarette burn. You have to make a hole in the vinyl seat. You can use a scalpel to do so.
2. While cutting a burn from the vinyl car seat, you have to ensure that you create a uniform one from all sides. Only then will you not have to worry about the aesthetics of the vinyl car seat.
3. After that, you can use a canvas cloth to cover the hole. You have to cut it in the proper dimension and place it underneath the vinyl car seat cover.
4. While making such a patch, you have to ensure that there is overlap between the canvas cloth and the vinyl car seat.
5. after that, you have to use the vinyl repair kit. It will provide you with the glue or thread and needle to keep the cloth in place. If you’re buying a completely new vinyl repair kit, it can consist of a vinyl patch. In that case, you need not use canvas cloth.
6. Once you have fixed the canvas cloth or the patch in place, you can use sandpaper to smoothen the area. The sandpaper will serve a dual purpose. It will reduce the unevenness and ensure that the canvas cloth or patch remains in place.
7. The best way to clean the area after that is to use rubbing alcohol. However, you should use it in a limited quantity. With the help of rubbing alcohol, you can remove the stains of repairing or any other debris present.
8. The advantage of the vinyl seat cover is that once the patch is in place and you have cleaned the area, you can iron it as well. You have to, however, ensure that you’re ironing it on the low heat setting. After ironing, it will become easier for you to keep the patch or canvas cloth in place.

With the help of these 8 simple steps, it will undoubtedly become easy for you to fix cigarette burns in a car seat.

So, all is not lost if your car seat is inflicted with cigarette burns. With the above 2 methods’ help, you can fix the cigarette burns in any car seat. No need to change the entire car seat cover. All you need to do is to follow my methods above to fix the problem.

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