How to insulate an existing pole barn?

When you’re building a new barn, you can choose the design such that you get proper insulation inside the pole barn. However, what should you do if you have an existing pole barn?

I will today share with you ways in which you can insulate an existing pole barn. Once youread about the methods, which I will highlight below,you can insulate an existing pole barn.

How to insulate an existing pole barn?

To insulate an existing pole barn, use a foam spray, or use door sweepers, or go with foam strips, or use hay.

It is not necessary to use all 4 methods. Even if you choose one, you can nisulate an existing pole barn.

Only when you’re not able to get proper insulation from one method can you decide to use another one in conjunction. I will also highlight how you can choose between these four methods below. Once you go through this guide, choosing an insulation method will be easy.

1. Foam spray:

The number 1 solution on my list is to use a foam spray. You can use the foam spray on the exterior of your pole barn as well as in the interiors.

On the exterior side, it will provide an additional layer. With the help of this additional later, you can keep the outside weather at bay.

When you’re using it on the inner side, you can easily fill up the cracks, crevices, and gaps in the frame. When that happens, the air will not come inside. You can keep the cold air at bay.

The application process of foam spray is equally easy.

That is why it is the number 1 option on my list.

2. Door sweeper:

Many times, the frame of the pole barn is sturdy. However, only because of the gap underneath the door, the cold air comes into the pole barn.

What should you do in that case?

The best solution is to use a door sweeper. The door sweeper is easy to attach with the help of glue.

Once you install one, you can close the gap underneath the door.

After the closure of the gap, the cold air will not come within.

Moreover, the door sweeper is extremely affordable. You can install it within few minutes.

That is why, if the problem is due to the gap underneath the barn door, you can use this method.

3. Foam Strips:

Is there a gap in the frame of the doors as well as Windows?

If so, you can use foam strips. The foam strips work very similar to the door sweepers.

The advantage of foam strips is that they are extremely affordable. Even if you are closing every gap with these foam strips, you can still save a lot of money.

Once again, the glue can help you stick the foam strips.

The foam strips will close the gap in the frame, which will prevent cold air.

Thus, foam strips are another great way to insulate an existing pole barn.

4. Use hay:

Want to insulate the floor?

If so, rather than going with any expensive solution, it is a good idea to lay down the hay on the ground.

The hay will ensure that your feet do not come in contact with the cold ground. Hay will also ensure that the cold ground’s temperature does not propagate to the air inside the pole barn. Due to the same, maintaining the temperature inside the pole barn becomes easy.

Another advantage of hay is that it eliminates the moisture inside the ball barn. Consequently, even during the monsoons, the pole barn will be insulated excellently.

Thus, when you’re looking to insulate an existing pole barn, these are the four ways to do so.

Confused, which method should you go with?

If so, I will share with you a guide below to help you out.

How to choose between these insulation types?

There are four things to consider when you’re trying to choose an insulation method. I will go into the details of these four things below.

  • Budget:

The 1st thing, of course, is the budget. While every solution might seem inexpensive, when you consider the area of the pole barn, you will realize that things can add up quite quickly.

It is important to look at the budget which you have and the cost of the materials required.

The most affordable options are hay as well as foam strips.

  • Time:

Many times, the budget might not be an issue. However, the time you need to execute the insulation method effectively is different.

For example, when you want to cover the ground with hay, the time required is limited.

On the other hand, when you use a foam spray, the time you need it will be high. That is because you have to cover the entire frame of the pole barn.

Thus, time is another consideration when you’re choosing the insulation method.

  • Outside temperature:

If you need minimal insulation from the temperature outside, it is a good idea to use something like foam strips or door sweepers.

If the temperature outside is not that low, you might not need to insulate the ground as well.

In that case, the above two methods are more than enough.

You have to look at the minimum temperature during the winters. After taking that into account, choosing an insulation method is easy.

  • Purpose of pole barn:

A lot also depends on the purpose for which you are using the pole barn. For example, if you are using it for breeding or keeping horses, it is necessary to cover the ground with hay. That will ensure that the horses are insulated from the cold ground.

On the other hand, when you’re using the pole barn as a man cave, it is a good idea to use a foam spray. It will insulate the pole barn from all the surroundings.

As you can see, depending on the application of the pole barn, the insulation method changes.

Once you take into account these 4 parameters, choosing the right insulation method becomes easy.

It is not that difficult to insulate an existing pole barn. With my guide above, you can choose from the 4 methods which I have highlighted.

Once you have taken care of insulation, now is the time to buy accessories for pole barn. You can read my post on solar barn light here or remote control outdoor floodlights post here to buy such accessories.

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