How to keep a car seat cool in the summer?

Maintaining proper temperature in your car is essential. Otherwise, your ride will become uncomfortable. Primary among them is to keep the car seat at the right temperature. Only when the car seat is at a low temperature can you sit in it easily for long hours.

Throughout the year, you might not face this problem. It is only in the summer that you struggle to keep your car seat cool. The heat intensity is immense during the summer months.

Today, I will share numerous ways in which you can keep the car seat cool in summer. These are easy to execute.

How to keep a car seat cool?
There are multiple ways like using sunshade, covering the dashboard, using the steering wheel cover, parking in the shade, opening the window slightly, choosing solar fans, increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner, and opting for cooling towels.

Once you opt for any of these ways or multiple of them, it will become easy for you to keep the car seat cooler.

I will share with you the details of these methods below.

1. Use a sunshade:
Use a sunshade to keep the car seats cool. It will help you cut down on sun exposure. With the help of sun shades, you can block the heat and sun’s rays. Attaching them to the windows is easy.

It is the most affordable way to keep the car seats cool.

Even in the harshest summer months, you can keep the car seats cool using sunshades.

2. Cover the dashboard:
Another option is to use the dashboard cover. The reason for the same is because the dashboard experiences maximum sun’s rays during the summer. Whether you park the car or drive, the dashboard experiences maximum sun’s rays.

When the dashboard heats, the temperature inside increases. Consequently, the car seats will become warm.

Not only that, the dashboard reflects light onto the seats.

It means that if you do not take care of the dashboard during the summer, the car seats will heat up.

That is why it is necessary to use a dashboard cover.

The dashboard cover adds to the aesthetics of your car and keeps the car seats cool.

3. Use a steering wheel cover:
Ideally, you have to eliminate every source of heat in the car interiors. Like the dashboard, if the steering wheel also heats up, it will increase temperature, heating the seats.

That is why using the steering wheel cover will help you lower the car interior temperatures. Once that happens, you can keep the car seats cooler.

4. Always park in the shade:
Another tip that you can follow to keep the car seat cool is to park in the shade.

When you park in the shade, the seats will not be exposed to UV rays and the sun. It means that they will not heat up in the first place.

The execution of this tip is pretty simple. Move around a bit to park your car in the shade.

However, by spending such a couple of minutes every time you park, it is easier for you to keep the car seats cool.

5. Open the window slightly:
Another way you can keep the car seats cool during the summer is to keep the windows open slightly. It is especially true when you’re parking your car.

When you’re parking your car, the air inside will become warmer. That will also heat the air inside.

Hot air is lighter. That is why, once the temperature of the air increases, it will rise upwards. However, since it will not have anywhere to escape, it will constantly increase the temperature inside the car.

When you keep the windows open, the hot air will rise upwards and escape from the car.

Once the hot air escapes from the car, the temperature inside the car will come down. It will also help you in keeping the car seats cool.

It is one of the easiest ways to keep the car seats cool in summer without buying anything extra.

6. Opt for solar fans:
If you’re trying to keep the car seats cool throughout the night, you can opt for solar fans. You can install them on the windows of your car.

These get charged by solar energy and constantly cool the interiors of your car. That is why they can help you in cooling the car seats.

7. Increase the efficiency of your air-conditioner:
Cars have an inbuilt mechanism to keep the interiors cool. The air-conditioner in the car can help you in doing so.

However, when was the last time you got the servicing of the air conditioner done?

The lack of servicing decreases the efficiency and the cooling power of the air-conditioner. In that case, the car seats and the entire interior of the car can get heated up.

The best way to keep the car seats cool is to get the air-conditioner of the car serviced. Once you do so, it will keep the interiors of your car cool.

8. Opt for cooling towels:
There are a few products that are specifically made for cooling the car seats. One such product is the cooling towel.

With the help of the cooling tower, you can easily regulate the temperature of your car seats.

You can easily install them in the safety belt of your car seats or the harness straps.

Once you use such cooling towels regularly, it will become easier for you to keep the car seats cool.

These are the 8 ways in which you can keep the car seat cool. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use one of the solutions or whether you want to use them all. These are time-tested solutions that can certainly help you keep the car seats cool during the summer months.

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