How to keep barn door from swinging?

The barn is often located away from home. That is why they suffer from more winds as compared to the usual home structure.

Whenever they experience windy conditions, the barn door might start swinging. Once it starts banging against the barn or the door frame, it can result in high wear and tear. Consequently, you might have to replace the barn door quite quickly.

To solve this problem, you have to figure out how to keep the barn door from swinging?

I will today provide you with multiple solutions.

How to keep barn door from swinging?
To keep the barn door from swinging, you can use bottom guides, door stoppers, magnets, or change the hardware.

I will go into the details of all these solutions below. Not only that, I will help you choose between these 4 options.

1. Bottom Guides:
The foolproof way is always to use bottom guides. When you use bottom guides, there will be borders around the door. That is why, even in windy conditions, the door will not start swinging.

Once the door starts swinging, it will remain in place with the help of the bottom guides.

Not only that, bottom guides are long-lasting. Once you install the bottom guides, you will not have to worry about replacing them.

Bottom guides are easily available at hardware stores. Buying one is not going to be an issue either.

It is a good way to keep the barn door from swinging.

2. Door Stoppers:
Do not want to install the bottom guides?

If so, you need to think about installing the door stoppers.

The door stoppers will ensure that the door remains in proper alignment.

Keep in mind that door stoppers are not as subtle as bottom guides. That is why they will certainly be visible. Only when you’re ready for that can you install the door stopper.

While the door stopper might do the trick, the bottom guides are certainly a good choice.

3. Use magnets:
The solution which I am highlighting now is suitable only when you do not experience fierce winds.

The solution is to install neodymium magnets. When you buy neodymium magnets, you will also get steel plates.

You can install steel plates on the door frame or the door. On the other reciprocating piece, you can install the magnet.

Once you do so, the steel plate and the magnet will be attracted to one another. That is why they will always remain in contact.

Due to the magnetism, the steel plate will not move away from the magnet.

Consequently, the door will always remain in place.

However, the magnetism of the magnet is limited. That is why, if you experience cyclonic or fierce winds, the magnet will not be able to keep the door in place.

You have to consider this aspect and after that go with magnets.

4. Change the hardware:
Generally speaking, the barn door should be kept in place with the help of the installation hardware and the door frame.

The problem is that people spend a lot on the barn door. However, they do not spend that much on the frame or the hardware. The quality of the frame and hardware isn’t up to the mark due to the same.

Over a period, the frame and the hardware can suffer from extensive wear and tear. When that happens, the frame and the hardware cannot keep the door in place.

The most obvious solution, in that case, is to change the hardware. You can change the door frame as well.

Once you do so, the barn door will stop swinging.

Thus, another solution which you have is to change the hardware.

Confused between these 4 solutions?

Worry not!

I will today help you understand how to choose between these 4 solutions.

Which solution can you go with?
While comparing these solutions, there are a handful of things that you have to keep in mind.

• Cost:
The most obvious thing is to look at the cost.

When you go with something like neodymium magnets, they are pretty expensive.

Similarly, when you’re going with bottom channels, then too they are pretty expensive.

You have to inquire about the cost of each solution.

Only once you do so will you know the most affordable solution.

In most cases, door stoppers are the most affordable solution.

Cost is not the only factor which you should consider while choosing between these solutions.

• Installation mechanism:
Most solutions that I have highlighted above can be installed on your own. You will not have to hire a professional to install them.

For example, you can easily install magnets, door stoppers, or bottom guides by yourself.

Changing the hardware might need professional help.

When you hire a professional, the time which you need to install the solution will be more. Not only that, the cost can increase. You will not only have to pay for the gear and the materials but also the professional. Consequently, it will become costly for you to go with that solution.

You have to look at the installation mechanism and, after that, take a call.

• Aesthetics:
Nobody likes to deteriorate the aesthetics of your barn door. The problem is that many of these solutions are not available in various shades and colors. They might not be available in the right design.

In that case, they will not look good enough on your door. They might keep the barn door from swinging, but they will not look good enough.

You have to take into account the aesthetics. After the installation, the barn door should still look good.

When comparing these 4 solutions on these 3 parameters, it will become easier for you to go with the right solution.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to keep the barn door from swinging. With the help of my guide above, you can easily choose between these 4 methods. Not only that, you can protect your barn as well as the door from windy conditions.

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