How to keep car cover from blowing off?

The car cover can protect your car pretty well. However, this can happen only when the car cover remains in place.

While the car cover can handle most weather elements but in windy conditions, there is always a risk of blowing away.

If you have experienced windy conditions before now, you will know that the car cover blowing away is pretty common.

The question which then arises is, how to keep car cover from blowing off?

Today, I will share numerous ways in which you can keep the car cover in place despite the windy conditions.

How to keep car cover from blowing off?

The ways in which you can keep the car cover in place include:
• Buying the cover of the right size.
• Ordering a custom car cover.
• Using gust straps.
• Using binder clips.
• Using fabric grommets.
• Buying cover with straps.
• Buying a cover with high resistance.

If you act on any of these tips, you can be sure that during the windy conditions as well, the car cover will remain in place.

I will go into the details of all these tips below.

1. Buy the cover of the right size:

Whether you’re buying a Porsche 911 car cover (here) or mini Cooper car covers (covered here), it is a good idea to buy it in the right size.

When the cover is of the right size, it will not be loose. It will fit onto the body of the car. When the cover fits onto the body of the car, you won’t have to worry about it blowing away.

Not only that, most of these covers come with elastic hems as well. That is why; they will stick to the body of the car pretty well.

The very first tip to follow to keep the car cover in place is to buy the car cover of the right size.

2. Order a custom car cover:

Another option which you have is to order a customized car cover. The customized one can be built according to your requirement. You can order a car cover with more layers as well. When you do so, it can handle any weather, including windy conditions.

Not only that, the custom car cover will fit the antenna, spoiler, mirrors as well as other parts of your vehicle. When it fits into all of these parts, you can be sure that it will remain in place despite the windy conditions as well.

Numerous websites can make custom car covers for you.

3. Use gust strap:

You can certainly buy a gust strap if you have already bought the car cover. You can attach these straps over any kind of cover. Once you do so, it will prevent the car cover from blowing away.

Gust straps are very flexible. That is why you can attach it to any part of your car. Once you do so, these will undoubtedly keep the cover is in place. Not only that, they are easy to install.

When you search for gust straps online, you will find quite a few options. That is why; buying gust straps is not going to be an issue. You can buy multiple such straps to keep the car cover in place.

4. Use binder clips:

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the gust straps, another option you have is to get the binder clips. With the help of binder clips, you will be able to bind the cover to the front bumper and the rear bumper. You can use the binder clip on the underside of the car as well. Once you do so, you will be able to keep the cover in place quite easily.

You can buy binder clips in large sets, which ensures that you can have quite a few to spare as well.

5. Fabric grommets to the rescue:

Normally, when you’re buying the fabric snap cord grommets, they are 2 protect the car cover from the UV rays. However, they have a dual purpose as well. While they might not be specifically designed for that purpose but they can certainly prevent the car cover from blowing off. Once you start using the fabric snap grommets, you will realize that the cover will remain in place as well.

6. Buy cover with straps:

A much better option is to directly buy the car cover, which comes along with the straps. That way, you will not have to worry about any makeshift solution.

You can easily tie the straps together or tie the straps to the vicinity of the car.

Either way, even in the most windy conditions, you will be able to keep the cover in place. It means that irrespective of the weather, your vehicle will always be protected.

7. Go with cover with high wind resistance:

Do you know that the wind resistance of different covers can be different?

Most people just look at the waterproof index of the car cover. However, wind resistance is another factor that you need to look at.

Covers with higher wind resistance are designed so that they will be able to withstand the wind. The design is generally such that they stick to the surface of the car. That is why; they do not pose a lot of resistance to the wind. When that is the case, the probability of the cover blowing away decreases as well.

Of course, the covers with high wind resistance are more expensive as well. However, when you buy such a cover, you will not have to go with any makeshift solution to keep them in place during windy conditions. It means that in the longer run, you will save money.

Not only that, they can handle wind very well, which means that the wear and tear will be on the lower side as well. The low wear and tear will certainly increase the life span of the car cover.

Thus, another tip you can follow is getting the car cover, which is high wind resistance.

As you can see, keeping the car cover in place is not that difficult. Earlier, you might not know how to do so. However, now you know how to keep the car cover from blowing off with my guide above. You can use any of these steps to ensure that the car cover remains in place. Now, the protection of your car in windy conditions is not going to be a problem.

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