How to lock a sliding barn door?

Once you install a barn door, the next step you have to undertake is to find ways to lock the barn door.

Only when you can lock the sliding barn door can you protect the contents and the occupants inside. However, the traditional locking mechanisms do not work with sliding barn doors.

There are, however, a few specific ways in which you can lock a sliding barn door. I will highlight the specific ways below.

How to lock a sliding barn door?
There are essentially 4 ways to lock a sliding barn door, which includes teardrop lock, latch lock, hook and eye latch, and floor bolt.

I will highlight all 4 mechanisms below. Once you go through these 4 mechanisms, it will become easier for you to decide which one is the most convenient.

1. Teardrop lock:
The name of the teardrop lock is based on its distinct shape. This type of lock is installed inside the barn along its wall. You can install it on the door jamb as well. However, the second installation place is not frequently used.

The lock’s mechanism is such that it opens in the door’s direction, and since it is installed in the wall, it jams the door into place. There is a slot installed in the door that fits in the extension of the lock perfectly. Once it fixes the extension of the lock, the door cannot slide forward or backward.

Typically, this lock is used when you need to lock the barn from inside. While it can work for barn doors that are to be locked from outside, there are better alternatives for outdoor locks.

Despite it sounding like a complicated lock, you will get detailed instructions along with it when you buy one. The detailed instructions make it easy for you to install it. Either way, it is not that difficult to install this lock or use it.

2. Latch lock:
In case you’re looking for a more straightforward solution, the option you have is a latch lock.

The latch lock comes in 2 parts. One of the parts is installed on the sliding barn door, whereas another is installed on the wall. The part on the door can be connected with a chain’s help to the part on the wall.

Once you pass the chain through both parts, the door will remain locked.

Unless you remove the chain from the part on the door, you cannot slide it.

The advantage of this type of lock is that you need a few screws to install it. The locking and unlocking mechanism is also self-explanatory. Consequently, it becomes easy for you to lock a sliding barn door with this method’s help.

3. Hook and eye latch:
The hook and eye latch is similar to the lock, which I have discussed above. However, it is even more minimalistic.

One part of the lock is installed on the wall, another part on the sliding barn door.

The part on the sliding barn door has a semicircle through which you can pass the hook. Once the hook is in the semicircle, the hook will not allow you to slide the barn door.

On the wall side, the hook is fixed into the semicircle.

However, the good news is that removing the hook from the eye on the sliding barn door is easy. You can put it into the eye and remove it in an instant.

The minimalistic design of this sliding barn door lock means that it can go with any decor. You will not have to struggle with the installation or using it.
4. Floor bolt:
You might often need to lock the sliding barn door only when you do not have to use the barn for an extended period. In that case, going for the floor bolt is the perfect option.

This type of lock is installed at the bottom of the barn door, and the fixed apart is installed in the floor itself.

Once the barn door is moved into the locking position, you move the bolt downwards into the ground. The fact that the bolt is half into the barn door and half in the ground ensures that the barn door won’t slide open.

You need to, however, understand that this mechanism is inconvenient for frequent use. You will have to bend downwards.

The advantage of the floor bolt is that it is incredibly sturdy. The installation in the ground means that forced entry is undoubtedly difficult.

Thus, if you do not mind, bending down occasionally, opting for the floor bolt is undoubtedly a good idea.

Instead of thinking that it is not easy to lock a sliding barn door, it is good to go through my guide above. Once you go through my guide above, you will come across four different ways in which you can lock your sliding barn door.

Confused between the different lock options?

If so, I will share with you a few tips which will help you choose the best locks for sliding barn door.

Tips for choosing the right sliding barn door lock:
A few tips which you should follow include:

1. Choose according to the level of security you need:
If there is something precious in the barn or the room inside, you have to go with the most sturdy sliding barn door lock like the floor bolt. In that case, it will become easier for you to secure the barn.

2. Choose according to the design:
Many times, you need to choose a lock matching the decor of your barn door.

In that case, rather than going with any sliding barn door lock, it is a good idea to consider the decor and after that choose one.

Once you follow these couple of tips while choosing the sliding barn door lock, choosing from the 4 options above becomes easy.

After taking care of the sliding barn door lock, it is time to look at some other accessories to make your barn better.

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