How to maintain a mountain bike?

A mountain bike has to handle a lot. If you do not maintain the mountain bike properly, you will reduce its lifespan significantly. There is a proper procedure to maintain the mountain bike.

Today, I will share the steps and tips that will help you maintain the mountain bike. These tips make maintenance easy.

How to maintain a mountain bike?
To maintain a mountain bike, you need to wash it regularly, lubricate the chain, keep your bike dry and clean, inspect the bike, check tire pressure regularly, take care of bolts and joints, and check the fork.

I will go into the details of all these tips below.

1. Regularly wash your bike:
Regularly washing the bike will help you remove the dust and contaminants. However, you have to ensure that you’re not using the high-pressure washer. A high-pressure washer will wash away the lubricants. Lubricants are the blood of the mountain bike. Eliminating them will increase the friction and reduce the lifespan of the mountain bike.

You have to use the regular pipe to wash your bike.

It is the very 1st tip which you have to follow.

2. Lubricate the chain:
The chain is an integral part of the drivetrain of the mountain bike. If there is a lack of lubricants on the chain, switching between gears requires more effort. Not only that, the friction will increase. The effort which you will need to move the bike will also be high.

To avoid all these problems, it is a great idea to apply lubricants to the drivetrain chain. While doing so, use latex gloves. It will ensure that you do not get hurt.

You have to lubricate the chain of the mountain bike frequently.

Once you do so, you can prevent the chain’s wear and tear and ensure that the friction is low.

3. Keep your bike dry and clean:
Apart from washing your bike intermittently, you have to keep it dry and clean.

Once you cover a trail, you have to take a soft microfibre cloth and dry your bike. You have to dust it off.

If the bike remains wet or remains infested with dirt, the frame of the bike will deteriorate. In that case, the life span of your mountain bike will reduce.

That is why keeping the bike dry and clean is very important.

4. Inspect your bike:
Another vital step to maintain your bike is to inspect the bike from time to time. When you do so, you will notice the cracks and the wear and tear in time.

You can fix the problems quickly. Fixing the issues quickly will help you avoid a mountain bike breakdown. Getting stuck in the mountains is no fun. It can be hours before you get help. Following this tip instead can help you avoid all that.

While this might seem like a simple tip but it is incredibly effective.

5. Check tire pressure regularly:
Only when the tires of a mountain bike are inflated properly can you ride it through any terrain. You have to inspect the tire pressure regularly.

You can verify the readings from the manual of the mountain bike. As long as the tire pressure is proper, you can take it on a ride. Otherwise, the tires will suffer from extensive wear and tear, and you cannot get the same kind of control.

That is why monitoring the tire pressure every month is a necessity.

6. Do not ignore the bolts and joints:
The screws, as well as the bolts, can become loose over a period. If they come off, the structural integrity of the bike is impacted. It can result in an accident as well.

To avoid all this, it is a good idea to inspect the bolts and joints regularly. If nuts/bolts are loose, you have to tighten them. This is a step to undertake before going on any trail. Loose bolts can compromise safety. The bolts falling off midway can make you lose control over the bike.

Make sure you follow this tip anyhow before going on a trip.

7. Check the fork:
The fork of the mountain bike will determine the right quality of the mountain bike. You have to check the fork from time to time. Typically the fork of such bikes are of high quality. You don’t need to inspect them every month. However, checking them every three months is a good idea.

To do so, you have to press the fork downwards. The rebounding of the bike should be seamless once you release the pressure. If it is not seamless, it indicates that the fork and the suspension system are improper. Structural faults need professional intervention.

There are special lubricants for forks if the problem is friction. You have to apply them to ensure that you can reduce any friction.

Also, the signs of fork damage are pretty clear. Once you notice them, you have to undertake the steps to fix the fork.

The fork and suspension system directly determines the comfort, control, and safety in the mountains.

With the help of these 7 steps, it will become easy for you to maintain your mountain bike.

However, another question that arises is, when should you hire a professional for maintaining or repairing a mountain bike?

I will answer that below.

Should you hire a professional to look after your mountain bike?
If the bike has already suffered from extensive damage, it is a good idea to hire a professional for the same. Another reason to hire a professional is when you do not have enough time to repair the bike or to look after it.

In both these cases, hiring a professional is much better than ignoring the bike.

So, maintaining a mountain bike is not a difficult task. With the help of my guide above, you can certainly do so. In case if you aren’t able to follow the guide above, you can hire a professional.

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