How to measure for a sliding barn door?

The door is an essential aspect of the barn. Most barn owners think about installing a sliding barn door. For the same, you need to take accurate measurements. Only then can you build a sliding barn door accurately.

The question is, how to measure for a sliding barn door?

If the measurements are wrong, the door will not fit in. You will have to build another door. That is why taking proper measures is a necessity.

I will highlight the procedure for the same below. Not only that, I will also share with you a few tips which will allow you to measure for the sliding barn door easily.

How to measure for a sliding barn door?
I will highlight this step-by-step procedure to measure for a sliding barn door below.

1. You have to use normal tape to measure for a sliding barn door. You have to begin at the left edge. The start of the tape should be at the opening. You have to measure straight up to the right edge.
2. Many times, the door might have molding. In that case, measure from the outer edge of the molding up to the other side’s outer edge. Only then can you get accurate measurements.
3. While measuring, you have to keep in mind that the door will overlap the molding by up to 3 inches on either side.
4. While measuring for the sliding barn door, it is crucial to measure the track size. The track size should be double the width.
5. Another measurement you need to take is to measure starting from the header up to the floor. Once again, you have to start at the top edge of the molding if it exists. The track will take up a few inches at the bottom. You have to reduce the height measurement of the sliding door by 0.5 inches for the same. When you do so, you can easily slide the door.

Once you follow this technique to measure the sliding door, it will undoubtedly become easier for you to get accurate measurements.

However, it is crucial to keep a few other tips in mind as well. I will highlight these steps below.

Once you act on these tips, measuring for the sliding door accurately is undoubtedly possible and easy.

Tips for measurement for a sliding barn door:
Merely following the procedure above is not good enough. There are a few additional tips that you need to take into account for accurate measurement.

I will highlight all these tips below.

1. Opt for 3 measurements:
While measuring for a sliding barn door, it is a good idea to take at least 3 measurements.

For example, when you’re taking the width measurement, it is a good idea to measure at the top, middle, and bottom.

Similarly, when you measure the height, you have to do so from the right, middle and left.

When you take 3 measurements, it is easy for you to get accurate measurements. In that case, there is no room for mistakes.

2. Stick to rounding down:
The general practice is to do a roundup when the measurement is in decimals. If you round up, you will end up measuring for the sliding barn door in the wrong way. When you try to install the door, it will not fit in.

Rather than making this mistake, it is a good idea to round down. The reason for the same is if the door is slightly small, you can still fit and install it.

However, when the door is large, you will not be able to fit in.

If you end up constructing or ordering a large door, you will have to order another one that fits in.

The best way is to round down rather than Roundup.

3. Use a diagram to note down the measurements:
How do you plan on noting down the measurements?

Most people take a pen and paper to note it down. However, after a couple of days, it will become very difficult for you to understand every measurement. You will not be able to remember which measurement is for which part of the sliding barn door.

Use a diagram to take down the measurements. You can directly note down the measurements in the diagram.

You can either get one printed, or you can draw one yourself as well. Even a hand-drawn diagram is good enough.

The only purpose of this diagram is to note the measurements at accurate places. Once you do so, there is no room for confusion.

Later on, even if you are ordering the sliding barn door, you can directly present the diagram to the showroom salesperson. He/she will be able to construct or provide you with a door of the exact measurement.

That way, you will not have to worry about taking measurements again and again.

That is why the most important tip you have to follow while taking measurements for the sliding barn door is to use a diagram.

4. Involve a professional:
Even with the best tips, it might not be possible for everyone to measure a sliding barn door. In that case, the probability of taking an erroneous measurement increases significantly.

Wrong measurements mean that you will have to construct the door once again. It can lead to wastage of time, effort as well as money.

If, even after your best efforts, you’re not able to take the measurement accurately, it is a good idea to hire a professional right from the start.

Most professionals will provide you with the 1st consultation for entirely free. That is why you can call the door showroom near you and ask them to send someone over for the measurements. If you end up ordering the door from them, they will not charge you anything extra.

Thus, instead of shying away from taking professional help to measure the space for sliding barn door, you have to go for it.

5. Double check everything:
Whether you take measurements yourself or hire a professional, you should always double-check everything.

When you double-check everything, it will become effortless for you to avoid erroneous measurements. That will save a lot of effort and time.

These are the 5 tips that you have to always keep in mind when taking measurements for a sliding barn door.

Instead of thinking that taking measurements for a sliding barn door is difficult, all you need to do is follow my guide above. Using this guide, it will become effortless for you to take accurate measurements.

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