How to open car door without key?

Numerous situations may arise in which you might not have your car keys, or you might have left the car key inside the car. In that case, you need to figure out a way to open the car door without a key. Being stuck outside the car is never a pleasant situation to be in.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to open the car door without a key. I will today share with you 8 different methods that you can use for the same.

How to open car door without key?
You can use a tennis ball or shoelace or a screwdriver or a plastic strip to open the car door without the key. These everyday items can undoubtedly come to your rescue when you’re trying to open the car door without a key.

1. Open car door with a tennis ball:
The way to use a tennis ball to open the car door is pretty simple. You have to punch a hole into the tennis ball. After that, you have to place the hole over the keyhole and press the ball. When you press the tennis ball, it will send high-pressure air into the keyhole. Due to the high-pressure air, the door will unlock.

2. Open car door with shoelace:
You have to, first and foremost, tie the shoelace in a small loop. After that, you have to push that loop into the door. You have to place it so that it is around the lock, and after that, you have to pull it up. Doing so ensures that the door will get unlocked.

While this might not be an easy method, it certainly works if you’re willing to put in the effort.

3. Open car door with rod and screwdriver:
This method is a bit risky. If you do not properly use the screwdriver, you might damage the exterior of your car.

The method is similar as compared to the above one. You have to insert the screwdriver into the door gap and push the lock with the help of a rod. It is a pretty crude method, and therefore, you need to think twice before using it.

4. Open car door with the plastic strip:
To use a plastic strip to open the car door, you have to bend it. After doing so, you have to try and insert it through the door gap. Once you do so, you have to lift to the lock-up. After you lift the lock, the door will be unlocked.

5. Open car door with a spatula:
In case you are at home and are still not able to find the key, this method can certainly help you out. Before I share this method, make sure that you buy a magnetic key holder for cars to not misplace your key ever. You can read my post here to know which is the best magnetic key holder for the car you should buy.

You have to take a spatula and insert the lever in the door, and wedge it open. Doing so will ensure that you can lift the lock. Once you lift the lock, the door will unlock itself.

6. Open car door with a coat hanger:
If your car has a horizontal lock, you should go with this method.

Firstly, you have to modify the coat hanger. You have to untwist it. You have to deform to make a hook. Once you do so, you have to insert it into the door and place it around the lock and pull it up.

For the same, you will need a bit of a flexible hanger. If you have a sturdy hanger that cannot be deformed, you cannot work with this method.

7. Open car door with an inflatable wedge:
Using a screwdriver to unlock the door is not desirable. In that case, you can replace the screwdriver with an inflatable wedge. You have to insert the inflatable wedge similarly to pull up the lock.

The advantage of using an inflatable wedge is that you will not have to worry about any damage to your car’s exterior. That is why it is an excellent alternative to using a screwdriver.

The only best of disadvantage is that inflatable wedge can be costly. If you do not have one lying around, you will have to 1st procure it before using this technique.

8. Open car door with professional lock picking set:
Did you know that you can buy a professional lock picking set?

There are quite a few of them available online. Once you get such a set, you can find tutorials to open the car door as well. Most of these tools consist of metal. That is why, if you’re not careful, you might once again damage the exterior of your car.

However, if you follow the tutorial carefully, you can open the car door in an instant.

The only problem is that if you do not have a professional lock picking set with you, you might have to order it online or buy it from the local hardware store. Both these require more time than some of the other methods, which I have highlighted above. However, a professional lock picking set will serve you well in the future as well. Whenever you accidentally lock the home door, car door, or any other door, you can easily use the professional lock picking set to unlock it once again.

If you have the time to procure one, you should use this method as long as you’re confident that you will not damage the exterior of your car.

So, if you’re wondering how to open the car door without a key, you can try any of these 8 methods. Indeed, you can procure the resources to try at least a couple of these methods. Once you do so, you will no longer be stuck with the locked car door. Once you unlock it, you will have to take every step to procure the lost key or get a new one made. However, for now, these methods will certainly enable you to unlock your car door.

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