How to park a motorcycle in a parking lot?

Riding a motorcycle is a fun experience. Not only that, it allows you to enjoy the ride in a much better way than going in a car.

The only problem arises when you want to park a motorcycle in a parking lot.

Do you know what the etiquette is for the same?

Today, I will highlight the same. Once you go through this article, you will know right away how to park the motorcycle in the parking lot.

How to park a motorcycle in a parking lot?

Generally speaking, the rules for parting remark motorcycle are same is parking any other motorized vehicle. You shouldn’t park on the striped area, or on the sidewalk. When you’re parking it in the metered lots, the rules are the same as any other motorized vehicle.

I will go into the details of all the scenarios below. Once you go through the article, you will know right away how to park a motorcycle in each of these cases.

  • Sidewalk parking:

Normally, when you are riding a motorcycle, it is important to understand that you cannot park on the sidewalk. You might have noticed that many motorcycle owners might have done it in the past. However, that is not allowed or not the right way to park a motorcycle.

You might get away with that in some cases, but that is certainly illegal.

Whether your vehicle a smaller or your vehicle is bigger, you cannot park it on the sidewalk. The sidewalk is for walking in for pedestrians. That is why; if the cops noticed that you will get a ticket.

Another problem is that parking the motorcycle on the sidewalk risk of scratches as well as other kind of damage to the motorcycle. That is because pedestrians are too close to it or might have shopping carts that might collide with the motorcycle as well.

In a nutshell, parking a motorcycle on the sidewalk is not a good idea.

  • Curb parking:

Many a times, it is very difficult to find a parking spot for the motorcycle. That is why people often park it next to the curb. You need to, however understand that parking next to the curb is actually allowed.

Before you do so, you have to just look out for the no parking sign. If there is no parking sign, then you cannot park next to the curb. Otherwise, by default, you can park next to the curb.

You need to, however understand that you should avoid parking the motorcycle next to the curbs with busy streets. That might be legal to do, but it will certainly be an inconvenience to the pedestrians.

When you’re parking your motorcycle next to the above, it is a good idea to not park it in parallel. You should park it at a 45° angle. The backpack and touch the curb. You need to, however understand that the bike should not go beyond the call.

As long as you’re following this etiquette, it will become easier for you to park a motorcycle next to the curb.

  • Metered parking:

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to parking a motorcycle in the metered slot. There are many misconceptions surrounding the same as well.

The general mistake which motorcycle riders do is they parking between the 2 cars. It means that they are parking in between 2 different slots. You need to understand that that is not the right way to park a motorcycle in a metered slot.

In fact, it is illegal to park between 2 cars. In that case, the authorities can take action against you. Not only that, you run the risk of scratching both the cars as well. That is why, the car owners can take a objection as well.

Also, when you’re parking the motorcycle in metered parking slot, you need to pay for it. For the same, you need to occupy the slot.

It means that you will have to park in a similar way as a car.

  • Striped area parking:

Many a times, you might notice motorcycles in the striped area of the parking lot. You might have parked the motorcycle there yourself ones are twice as well.

You need to understand that parking a motorcycle in the striped area is not legal. You can get a ticket for the same.

Also, you need to understand that the striped areas are for handicapped individuals. That is why you cannot park it around that as well.

In case you park the bike in that area, some individuals might not be able to access the property at all.

Another problem which you might face is that someone might drive the car to the striped area to alight from it. In that case, it might collide with your bike as well.

In a nutshell, there are numerous problems that can arise if you’re parking a motorcycle in the striped area.

  • Normal parking spots:

You can certainly park your bike in the normal parking spots. In fact, that is how it should be.

The general perception is that parking a bike in the parking spot can make the car owners agree. However, that is not true.

As long as you’re paying for the parking spot, you can certainly park it.

However, there is a tip which you need to follow.

The back tire of the motorcycle should be so far out that the car owners can easily see it. That way, they will not try to park their car in the same slot.

  • Parking with another motorcycle:

Contrary to the popular opinion, you might share a parking slot with another motorcycle. In most of the cases, the other motorcycle owner as well as the public will appreciate the same.

Regarding the cost of the motorcycle parking slot, you can share it with the other motorcycle as well.

Now that you are aware of how to park your motorcycle, the next time around you’re riding a motorcycle, you will know right away how you can park it.

I will now answer some FAQs regarding motorcycle parking.


Can you share parking slot with another parking spot?

There are no legal rules about sharing a parking slot with another motorcycle. Unless and until, it is extremely necessary, you shouldn’t do so. However, if the other motorcycle owner asks you to do so, you can certainly go ahead with it.

Thus, if you’re wondering how to park a motorcycle in a parking spot, my article above will solve all your queries for you.

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