How to sell a mountain bike?

Are you planning to sell your mountain bike?

If so, you will be entirely confused regarding how to go about selling your mountain bike.

Today, I will share a few tips that will undoubtedly help you sell your mountain bike.

Before you go ahead with the entire process, it is good to look at my guide below. Once you do so, selling your mountain bike will be easy.

How to sell a mountain bike?

To sell a mountain bike, you have to keep the bike functional, clean the bike before selling, take appropriate pictures, including all the details in the ad, know the fair price of the bike, and post ads on multiple platforms.

Once you follow these few tips, it will become easy for you to sell the mountain bike. I will go into the details of all these tips below. Once you follow that guide, it will become effortless for you to sell the mountain bike.

1. Keep the bike functional:

The very 1st thing you need to understand is that the value of the functional bike is much higher than a non-functional mountain bike.

That is why, if you haven’t used your mountain bike for a long time, you have to make 1st it functional. That might involve lubricating the bike or getting it repaired.

Only when it is functional will it be easy to sell. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to sell the mountain bike.

Thus, the 1st step you have to always follow is to keep the bike functional.

2. Clean your bike before selling:

For selling the bike, you will have to post an ad online. For the ad, you will have to capture the videos or the images.

Only when the mountain bike looks good enough in these images and videos will you be able to sell the bike.

That is why it is necessary to clean the bike before selling it.

You need to opt for professional cleaning. You can take a microfiber cloth and clean the bike yourself.

Only when you do so, the prospective buyer will be able to see the bike’s condition and decide whether it is worth it or not.

3. Take appropriate pictures:

After you have cleaned the bike, you have to capture the photos of the bike.

There are a few tips that you have to follow while capturing the photos of the bike. These include:

• You have to ensure that while capturing the photos of the bike, the light conditions are appropriate.
• You have to capture the photos of the bike from various angles. Once you do so, every detail of the bike will be on display.
• You have to ensure that the background is minimalistic white. That way, the entire focus will be on the bike.

When capturing the photos, keeping these three tips in mind will make it easy for you to take the appropriate pictures of the bike.
Another tip that you can follow is that instead of just capturing the photos, capturing the video is a much better idea.

When capturing the video as well, you should follow the same three tips.

Only when the video is from all the directions of the bike will it become easy for you to sell the bike.

The more photos and videos of the bike you upload, the better it is.

Only when you follow this tip will you be able to post an ad online.

4. Include all details in the ad:

The text which accompanies the bike will also determine whether you can sell the bike or not.

Are you wondering what you should including the text?

I will share with you a few pointers for the same as well.

• Firstly, you have to highlight the year of manufacturing the bike and the brand. You have to write a few lines about the brand as well. That is a huge selling point.
• You have to describe how you have used the bike up until now. You have to describe whether you used it sparingly or whether you used it regularly.
• You have to include as many specifications of the bike as you can do. Especially the tire size, tire type, and so on. Only when there are detailed specifications of the bike, the prospective buyer can determine whether the bike is suitable for them or not.
• You have to also include the reason you are selling the bike. This is to assure the prospective buyer that there is nothing wrong with the bike.

Once you include these details in the ad, it will become easier for the prospective buyer to decide.

5. Know the fair price:

We all like to sell our used mountain bikes for as much price as we can. However, instead of just quoting a high price, it is good to know the fair price.

To know the fair price, you have to go to various platforms to search for a similar bike. Only when you do so will you know about the fair price.

After you get to know about the fair price, you can list it at the right price.

Mountain bikes listed at the right price sell much sooner than those listed at the inflated price.

6. Post ads on multiple platforms:

Finally, when you have all the information, it is time to decide which platforms you’re going to list the bike. Ideally, you should list the bike on multiple platforms, which include:

• Facebook:

There are many Facebook groups and communities in which you can post the ad for your bike. You can do so on your local city Pages as well. That is why; you shouldn’t ignore Facebook when trying to sell a mountain bike.

• Classified sites:

There are numerous classified websites popular all over the world. You have to post the ad for the bike on these websites as well.

Most of these classified websites will allow you to sell your merchandise, bikes, and so on.

You have to try and post the ad on as many popular classified websites as possible.

• Local online marketplace:

You should not ignore local online marketplaces either. These have much more geographically targeted buyers. That is why; the probability that you can sell your bike with the help of these marketplaces is also high.

• eBay:

Another option which you have is eBay. On eBay as well, you will be able to sell your used mountain bike quite easily.

Thus, while posting ads for your mountain bike, make sure that you post across all of these platforms.

With the tips that I have highlighted above, it will become really easy for you to sell your mountain bike.

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