How to start a car with a dead key fob?

Are you finding it difficult to start your car because of a dead key fob?

If so, there are various ways in which you can solve the problem. Rather than getting disappointed by waiting for a mechanic or a locksmith to fix the problem, you have to try out the methods, which I will highlight below.

How to start a car with a dead key fob?

I will highlight numerous methods below which will help you start your car quite quickly. Moreover, each of these methods needs different resources. Therefore, you will find at least a single way which suits your requirements.

• Method 1: Extract the last juice from the dead key fob:

Many times, some battery juice might be leftover even if you think that it is an entirely dead fob. In that case, you have to place the key fob as close to the ignition button as possible and press the ignition button.

From such a close range, even if the key fob has little battery, the car will start. While you might think it does not have any battery left over, it can still function from a close range.

If this method works, you will not have to worry about starting the car with any other method.

• Method 2: Use roadside assistance:

Another option which you have is to opt for roadside assistance. Most roadside assistance programs from car manufacturing company, have a mechanism to start your car. They will not use your own key fob. Rather, they have a universal key fob they can use.

If you have subscribed to the car manufacturer’s roadside assistance, they can help you start your car despite a dead key fob.

Even if you haven’t subscribed to the car manufacturer’s roadside assistance, you can pay for it. In case you’re stranded in a place where it is difficult to find any other help, you can end up paying for roadside assistance. Once you pay for it, someone comes from the company or the dealership to help you with the dead key fob within an hour. Since you will get help from the car manufacturer itself, it will help you fix the fob once and for all. After that, you need not separately visit the car manufacturer or the dealership once your car starts.

• Method 3: Use the hidden key:

Most cars that work with the key fob have a hidden key slot as well. It is especially true for models that are at least 5 to 7 years older. As for the mechanical key, it is often present inside the fob. You have to just open it up and use the key extraction button present on many key fobs. Once you do so, you can get the key to manually start the car.

Once you do so, you have to drive to the nearest place where you can replace the batteries of the key fob.

• Method 4: Press the ignition button with a key fob:

There are a handful of cars that have a backup system to tackle this problem.

The backup consist of pressing the ignition button with the key fob. Once you do so, the low-frequency signal of the key fob can signal the car to start. This works despite a low battery or no battery.

While this approach might not work for every car but it certainly does for some. You can refer to your car’s manual to find out whether it works for your car or not.

If you do not have the car manual handy, you can really try out this method. It will take a few seconds to try out the method and to find out whether it works with your car or not.

• Method 5: Use remote startup mechanism:

Some high-end models also offer you app-based control for your car. It is especially true for cars like Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

With the help of the app, you can not only open your car but start the ignition as well. However, this method is available in most of the latest cars. If you have an older model, this method will certainly not work.

On the other hand, if you have such an advanced car, you can contact the dealer as well. The dealer can also start the car remotely for you or provide you with the passcode to do the same using the app.

If you can control some of your car’s functions using an app, this method can certainly work for your car.

• Method 6: Access the hidden ignition lock:

Many cars even have an ignition lock as well. You have to use the manual of the car to discover this hidden ignition lock.

Once you determine that, you have to just remove the ignition cover. After removing the ignition cover, you will directly get the button, or you can simply place the key fob near it and try pressing it from a close range. Even if there is little battery leftover in the key fob, placing it near this ignition lock will help you start the car.

If you are facing a dead key fob, it does not mean that you won’t be able to start your car. With these six methods, it will undoubtedly become easier for you to start your car. You will no longer be stranded. You need to do is to start your car with any of these methods. Once you do so, you can drive to the nearest place where you can replace the batteries of your key fob.

In case, you want to protect your key fob till then; you can use a magnetic key holder for the car to do so. My post here can help you buy the best magnetic key holders for the car. These are hidden, and therefore protecting your key fob and car keys will be easy.

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