Jansport big student backpack review – Can it cater to student needs?

Are you looking for a big student backpack? Confused between different options available?

I will today help you out. I will share with you a backpack which has impressed the students globally. I’m speaking about the Jansport big student backpack. Ever since its launch, it has received only praises from students as well as other users. I will today share with you my review of Jansport big student backpack.

Jansport big student backpack review

The feature which you will notice about this backpack is the numerous color options. Also, these are not just solid colors, but actual designs and textures, and that is why this backpack is such a great option. It also provides you with plenty of storage space, which means that you can carry your books and other possessions with ease. I will now go further into details of some features of this backpack, which help it stand out.

Features of Jansport big student backpack

1. Numerous color options
2. 100% polyester construction
3. Adequate capacity
4. Padded back panel
5. 2 large main compartments
6. Dedicated compartment for laptop
7. Ergonomic shoulder straps
8. Plenty of storage space

• Numerous color options:

The backpack comes in over 20 color options. That is why; it is easy to find the most aesthetically pleasing one. Moreover, these are not solid designs. You can get these backpacks in proper design, texture, and color. The variations are plenty. Due to this very reason, it is easy for you to pick the right backpack, which looks good as well.

• 100% polyester construction:

The material used in the backpack is polyester. One of the main advantages of polyester is that it can handle a lot of heat. Moreover, the wear and tear is also on the lower side. It means that you can easily use the back for years together. It can also repel water. As a result, the contents of the bag will be completely secure. If you’re looking for a backpack which can stand the test of time, you should consider this option.

• Adequate capacity:

The capacity of any backpack is pretty essential. If it is short on size, you might not be able to carry all your books. Also, if it is a larger one, it will be bulky and oversized. You have to always look at the capacity to understand if it is adequate or not. The one which I’m speaking about now has a capacity of 34 L. Due to this very reason; it can help you carry books, laptops and are a few other possessions. It means that you will never be short on space when using this backpack. It is one of the main reasons why you should think about using this backpack over others.

• Padded back panel:

Only when the backpack is comfortable, you can use it for a long time. Otherwise, most of the students abandon it. The one which I am highlighting now consists of a padded back panel. It means that irrespective of the weight of the books or the laptop which you are caring inside, you will feel no pressure on your back. With the help of proper padding, you will be at complete ease when using this backpack. It does not matter whether you want to use this backpack for just an hour or 5 to 6 hours. You will be at complete ease, and there will be no fatigue when wearing this bag.

• Two large main compartments:

Most of the backpacks consist of one main compartment. This design is not suitable for students. Students need to carry a lot of books and other stationery. It is not possible to accommodate all of that in a single compartment. The smaller compartments might not be suitable for the books.

When you’re looking at this backpack, you will realize that it solves this problem. It consists of 2 large main compartments. The advantage of these compartments is that they are equal in size and therefore, you can store your books and other stationery in these compartments. You will not have to look for a temporary solution in the smaller compartments. That is why; it is one of the perfect options for students.

• Dedicated compartment for laptop:

These days, laptops and tablets have become synonymous with studying. That is why, when you’re looking for a student backpack, it is important to choose one which can carry a laptop as well. The backpack which I am highlighting now consists of a dedicated 15-inch laptop compartment. The compartment is padded. Hence; your laptop will be entirely secure. It means that when using this backpack, you can carry books and laptop with ease. The maximum laptop dimensions can be 15″ x 10.2″ x 1″. The convenience of a dedicated laptop compartment makes it a great option.

• Ergonomic shoulder straps:

Now that I’ve already highlighted the design of the back panel, it is time to speak about the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps carry the maximum burden of the contents. When the shoulder straps are not up to the mark, you will experience pain in the shoulders.

The backpack which I am highlighting now has shoulder straps with S-curve. This design makes the shoulder straps ergonomic. It means that irrespective of the weight of the bag, there will be no added pressure on your shoulders. That is why; it is perfect when you want to wear it throughout the day.

• Plenty of storage space:

What’s a backpack without proper storage and compartments?

However, with this backpack, you will face no such problems at all. As I have highlighted above, this backpack consists of 2 large compartments and a dedicated laptop compartment. Additionally, it includes a stash pocket and side water bottle pocket. There is also a utility pocket with a proper organizer.

If you’re looking for more space, it consists of zippered stash pocket as well. The sheer number of pockets available means that you can store not just the books and the laptop but also the stationary. That is why; not only you can carry a lot of possessions in the backpack but also keep them organized by using the different compartments. Seldom do other bags come with so many compartments.

The beauty of this backpack is that it can help you carry a lot of your books and other materials. While it might be a student backpack but you can easily carry laptops, office documents and a variety of other stuff. That is why it is so popular. I will now highlight the pros and cons to help you understand more about it.

Pros and Cons of Jansport big student backpack


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Multiple color options available
  • Offers two main compartments
  • Comfortable back panel
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Dedicated compartment for laptop


  • Internal compartment walls could have been thicker



If you are on the fence about Jansport big student backpack, you can surely go ahead and opt for it. It fulfills all the requirements a student can have from the bag. Also, with the help of multiple compartments, it is actually easy to use the bag. All these features make it the right choice when looking for a heavy-duty backpack.

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