Jansport superbreak backpack review – Is it perfect for short trips?

Which backpack should you choose for your outdoor trip? What are the factors to consider? If you’re puzzled with all these questions, my today’s review will help you out. I will be reviewing one of the most popular backpacks today.

I will be reviewing the Jansport Superbreak backpack today. I will go into the features of this backpack to better understand why it is such a good option. Besides that, I will also take into account the construction quality of this backpack to help you understand why it should be the one to buy.

Jansport Superbreak backpack review

The distinct feature you will notice about this backpack is the compact size. In spite of size, it has multiple pockets which mean that it will become easy for you to carry most of your belongings. Let us now look at the additional features of this backpack to understand more.

Features of Jansport Superbreak backpack

1. Available in 12 color options
2. Padded back panel
3. Large main compartment
4. Easy to carry handle
5. High capacity
6. Polyester construction
7. Padded straps
8. Exterior pockets


• Available in 12 different color options:

The backpack which we are highlighting now is available in 2 color options. It means that if you are looking for a formal color option or a fancy one, you can easily find all of these options. The immense variety ensures that you can pick the right backpack with ease. Also, different color options ensure that you can use these backpacks for a variety of applications with ease. So, whichever way you look at it, you will benefit from the numerous options available when it comes to this backpack.

• Padded back panel:

If the back panel of the backpack is not good enough, there will be high pressure on your back. In such a case, you cannot carry it around. However, when you look at this backpack, you will realize that two-third of this bag is padded. Thus, you will be completely at ease when using this backpack. Additionally, the padded back panel reduces the pressure on your body as well. When that pressure is on the lower side, automatically it will become comfortable to carry the backpack.

• Large main compartment:

The main compartment of any bag plays a crucial role. Only when the main compartment is big enough, you will be able to carry most of the gear. That is why; you need to always take into account the main compartment of the bag while buying one. Fortunately, this one consists of a large top-loading main compartment. Due to this design, fitting in the right gear is quite easy.

• Easy to carry handle:

Not always, you can take the backpack on your back. Sometimes, you need to move it around without wearing it. For those applications, there is a heavy-duty handle on top. Using this handle, it will become easy for you to carry around this backpack.

• High capacity:

With the capacity of 25 L, you can be sure that this backpack is suitable for carrying all your gear and possessions. You won’t have to miss anything. When going for a short day trip or when for a one-day picnic, it is the backpack which can certainly house all your gear. That is why you will not have to miss your essentials.

• Polyester construction:

All that is good, but is the material of the bag durable enough?

When you look at the composition of this material, it consists of polyester and nylon. The advantage of polyester and nylon is that it makes the backpack sturdy. The backpack can handle wear and tear. Due to this very reason, it will become easy for you to use the backpack for a long time. You will not have to replace it soon.

Both these materials are water-resistant to a certain extent. That is why, when using this backpack, you can use it in any weather as well. It will protect the gear inside.

• Padded straps:

The quality of the straps will decide whether you will face pressure on a certain part of the body. The backpack which we are discussing now comes along with padded straps. Due to this very reason, it will become easy for you to carry the bag. Also, the padded straps mean that there will be no excessive pressure on your shoulders. Even when you’re carrying the backpack for long hours, you will not suffer from any problem.

• Exterior pockets:

On the outer side, it consists of 4 different pockets. These exterior pockets help you in carrying the positions which you need to access frequently. Therefore, to access your belongings or possessions, you don’t have to go through the bag all the time. You can simply keep them in the outer pockets, and you will be able to access them frequently. With the help of easy to glide zippers, you will be able to open and close these pockets quite quickly and easily.

The Jansport Superbreak backpack is perfect for a one-day trip. It can even accommodate gear for a couple of days. Due to this very reason, when using this backpack, it becomes easy for you to carry everything you want in a single bag. The multiple exterior compartments ensure that you can carry all the gear which you need with ease. I will now share with you the pros and cons of this backpack to help you understand more.

Pros and Cons of Jansport Superbreak backpack


  • Adequate capacity
  • Multiple color options
  • Padded back panel and straps
  • Sturdy construction
  • Large main compartment
  • Multiple exterior pockets


  • Packaging requires improvement



So, is the Jansport Superbreak backpack good enough? Yes, it definitely is. While most of the other bags are suitable for only the large trips, this one is perfect for the shorter ones as well. Due to this very reason, if you go on frequent excursions, it is the backpack which you should definitely consider. When you go through my Jansport Superbreak backpack review above, you will realize that it consists of a wide variety of features. These features ensure that there is almost nothing to dislike in this backpack. If you’re in two minds about this backpack, then you should definitely go for it.

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