Kelty tn2 review – Is kelty trailogic tn2 tent up to the mark?

When you’re heading outdoors, opting for the right shelter is a must. Most people choose tents. However, when you’re searching for a tent, there are numerous options available. It is not always possible to compare these options. It is better to be selective. Once you compare only a handful of options, picking the best one is quite easy.

I will help you narrow down your search. I will share with you one of the most famous tents which you can go with. It goes by the name of Kelty tn2. The Kelty trailogic tn2 tent can provide you not only with proper shelter space out there in the wilderness but also incorporates a lot of other features. I will share with you my Kelty tn2 tent review, which will help you understand why it is the right choice.

Kelty tn2 review

One of the first features which you will notice about this tent is that it is large enough for two people. Besides that, the structure is such that it can handle winds as well. The mesh walls below the rain fly ensure that you get proper ventilation as well. Besides this as well, there are quite a few other features that help it stand out.

Features of Kelty tn2

1. Lightweight design
2. Aluminum poles
3. Easy to setup
4. Suitable for three seasons
5. Offers Storage pockets
6. Noiseless zippers
7. Sturdy construction
8. Rainfly on offer
9. Ample space for two individuals


• Lightweight design:

Before I go into the details of any features, I would like to highlight the weight of the stand. It is around 4 lbs. It means that moving it around is not a problem. When going for a backpacking trip or a camping trip, you would, of course, carry it with you. That is why the tent needs to be of low weight.

With the weight of just 4 lbs, you can be sure that moving around the stand will not be a problem.

• Aluminum poles:

The poles of the tent have a significant impact on the durability of the tent. That is why it is essential to look at the quality of the poles.

The tent which I’m speaking about now consists of the aluminum poles. The aluminum poles ensure that the sturdiness is on the higher side. At the same time, they do not add to the weight either. Also, the aluminum poles are 14 inches. The advantage of the small design is that you can pack the tent quickly. In spite of that, the sturdiness which they provide is unparalleled. That is why aluminum poles are one of the main advantages of the stand.

• Easy to setup:

Have you ever spend hours just trying to set up a tent?

If yes, it is a thing of the past. With the stand, you can set it up quickly. It consists of the shorter poles and the innovative hug-clip design. Both features ensure that you can set up a tent in no time. Besides, it also includes a rollup fly, as well. The fly can help you stargaze at night. That is why; you will be able to enjoy your surroundings and the vicinity with ease.

With the help of freestanding design, you can be sure that installing it is not a problem. The zippers are sturdy, which ensures that when you’re trying to set it up, you will not face any problem.

All these features make it easy to setup. That is why, if you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort in setting up the tent, this is the one which you should go with.

• Suitable for three seasons:

Of course, when you’re buying a tent, one of the questions which would be plaguing your mind is, in which seasons can I use it?

The advantage of this particular tent is that you can use it across three seasons. With the help of a rain fly, using it in the monsoon is not a problem either. All these features mean that kelty tn 2 tent is one of the most versatile tents which you can buy.

• Offers Storage pockets:

The features of this tent do not end here. It offers multiple storage pockets. If you have used a tent before, you will realize how difficult it is to create proper storage space for your gear as well as your gadgets. Fortunately, the stand provides multiple storage pockets. As a result, storing your gadgets will not be a problem.

With the help of dedicated storage pockets, you can secure all of those gadgets as well. This added convenience certainly provides it with an edge.

• Noiseless zippers:

The tent consists of 2 doors. It also offers two vestibules. The doors consist of the zippers. However, the zippers are entirely noiseless in operation. It means that when getting in and out of the tent, your partner will not get disturbed.

• Sturdy construction:

Up until now, I have just spoken about the material of the poles. However, what about the fabric in use?

The fabric in use has an impact on the durability of the tent. Apart from the aluminum poles, it consists of 70 D nylon which makes up the floor material. Similarly, it consists of 40 D nylon which makes up the fly material. Such sturdy fabrics ensure that it can last for a long time with ease.

• Rainfly on offer:

The stargazing fly can also double up as a rain fly. So, if you need protection from the rain, that is certainly possible as well. You can keep it in half on and a half off position. So, stargazing is possible as well. You can move it from one side of the tent to the other side as well. As a result, changing the position of the fly is quite easy. You can cover your tent precisely as per your requirements.

• Ample space for two individuals:

As the name itself suggests, the Kelty tn2 tent is suitable for two people. The vestibule area is 20 ft² or 0.74 m². The center space where you are most likely to place the sleeping bags has a width of 4’2” and a height of 6’11”. Also, there is an extra space of 2’10” on either side. It means that inside the tent, you will have plenty of space. As a result, the tent can accommodate two individuals with ease.

When looking for a tent which is suitable for two individuals, you can consider this option. The stargazing fly, which can double up as a rain fly as well makes this tent a pretty good option. When you look at the construction, you will realize that it is as durable as a tent can get. Considering these options, it is the right choice. I will now go into the pros and cons to provide you with a clear picture of this tent.

Pros & Cons of Kelty tn2


  • Ample space for two individuals
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Sturdy construction
  • Noiseless zippers
  • Offers storage pockets
  • Suitable for use in 3 seasons
  • Comes with a rain fly


  • One door is a bit smaller



The Kelty tn2 offers many features that are missing out in many of its competitors. That is why, when you compare kelty trailogic tn2 tent with the other tent options, it has an advantage. Keeping this in mind, when looking for a two-person tent, you should buy this one.

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