Landscape light stake – Top 3 best landscape light stake reviews, buying Guide & FAQ

Landscape light stakes serve dual purposes. They provide proper illumination and enhance the look of the landscape. Moreover, when they have stakes at the bottom, it becomes easier to install them.

If you are searching for such lights, go with the top 3 landscape light stakes below, curated from hundreds of such lights. Whether you are looking for lights powered by conventional electricity sources or solar power, the list below consists of both such lights.

1. Hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path

The main advantage of these lights is that they can handle cold weather ranging from -13F to 110F. It means irrespective of the season, these lights work well. Apart from that, these lights need no maintenance. LED lights ensure that electricity consumption is low and illumination is high.

The versatility of these lights makes them suitable for gardens, steps, and pathways. The diffusal pattern of these stakes means that the overall area of illumination is higher than other such lights.

Stakes come with a wire connector, which makes it easy to power. Song with wires, you get transformers as well ??. The outer frame of Aluminum PC and acrylic material adds to the lifespan.

The height from the tip of the stake to the top is 24.7”. 3000k warm white light offers proper illumination. If you are wondering how much illumination each stake offers, it is 155 lumens. Set of 6 ensures that you can cover a fairly large area when you go with this set.

This set of light stakes is reliable, provides proper illumination, and is easy to install.


  • Set of 6
  • Excellent illumination
  • Proper light diffusal
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with accessories


  • Packaging can be better

2. BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights

Do you prefer stakes powered by solar energy?

If yes, this set of 8 stakes is an excellent choice. Height of 16.54” makes them compact and easy to install. In terms of construction, they are made from stainless steel. The light shade has a diamond glass finish, which increases its durability.

Installation doesn’t require any additional tools. Apart from that, the stakes come with a sensor that can turn on the light at dusk and turn it off at dawn. Manual operation is not needed. The solar panel charges the battery inside, which in turn powers the lights.

With a light output of 10 lumens, it is easy to get proper illumination. Battery capacity is such that it powers the light for 12 hours purely based on solar energy.

IP65 rating is another testament to the quality of these lights. Due to this waterproof rating, you can keep it installed throughout the year. While the above option offers warm white light, this one offers cool white light.

If you look at the illumination, you will realize that the light offers attractive patterns, further enhancing the landscape’s aesthetics.

With so many unique features, these stakes certainly don’t disappoint.


  • Set of 8
  • Waterproof
  • Solar powered
  • Cool white light on offer
  • Lasts for 12 hours on a single charge


  • Lumen rating can be higher.

3. ROSHWEY Solar Garden Lights

These lights tick many boxes like they are powered by solar energy. Apart from that they offer illumination in 7 different colors. Whether you want to use them regularly or only for festivals like Halloween, the choice is yours. Different colors mean that if you want to enhance the landscape according to the flowers and plants, just change the color accordingly.

With 9 different lighting modes on offer, including the auto-changing mode, this light is as best as it gets. Apart from that, it has a button to easily switch between these modes.

No point in buying a fancy light if it isn’t durable. However, with this light, you won’t face that problem either because it uses ABS and PC material. The solar panel is constructed using monocrystalline silicon. Apart from that, the stakes can be assembled with either 17” pole or 25.9” pole. Both are included with the light.

The quality of the construction is clear from the fact that the light has an IP 55 rating, making the lights entirely waterproof.

Every light consists of 12 LED beads. The illumination of 150 lumens ensures that you won’t have to worry about low clarity on the pathway. Also, the built-in sensor means that you won’t have to turn it on and off manually. With 8 hours of charging, the light has a run time of 12 hours, which is more than enough from dusk to dawn.

Stake-based design means that you need to simply press it into the ground, and you would be able to install it. Besides the waterproof nature, the operating temperature range of these lights is much higher. Range varies from 14 F to 122 F. It means that the light will function in every season.

With so many features, these are as versatile as landscape stake lights can get.


  • Set of 6
  • IP55 waterproof rating
  • Durable construction
  • 9 different modes


  • Dimmer isn’t present

Landscape light stake buying guide

Things to consider while buying landscape light stake

When buying these lights, consider things like:

  1. Illumination color matters a lot. It will decide whether the landscape is accentuated or not by the illumination.
  2. Durability is another important one. Choose one which can handle seasons, wide temperature and of course water.
  3. Don’t forget to check the power source of these lights. They can be powered through solar panels or electricity. So, decide as per your preference.
  4. Lastly, the level of illumination is important as well. While no set illumination level is good enough, you need to decide whether you want the area to be dimly lit or if you need bright lights.

Compare the lights on these parameters and choosing the right one shouldn’t be a problem.


How do I keep my landscape lights from falling over?

Use light fixers and dig the stakes appropriately to make them stand erect and not fall over.

Should I leave my landscape lights on all night?

Use them only during the evening. If you use sensor-based light, stick to dusk to dawn duration.


When searching for Landscape light stakes, stick to these 3 options. Use the buying guide to choose from these 3 options.

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