Lowepro protactic 450 aw review – What can it accommodate?

Are you specifically looking for a backpack that can help you carry your gadgets?

If yes, there are a handful of options available designed for various gadgets and their accessories. However, since gadgets are often more valuable than the stuff which you usually carry, it is essential to choose the right backpack. One backpack which claims that it can help you take a variety of different gadgets is the Lowepro protactic 450 aw.

Lowepro protactic 450 aw primarily aims to help you carry your DSLR. However, the construction is such that it can help you carry a variety of gadgets as well. Today, I will go into the details of this backpack to help you understand if it is actually good enough or not.

Lowepro protactic 450 aw review

One thing which you cannot ignore about this backpack is that it consists of numerous pockets. Not just on the exterior side but also on the interior side. It means that if you want to carry accessories or stuff that you need to access frequently, this backpack certainly makes that possible. I will go into the other details of this backpack below to help you understand whether it will be useful for you or not.

Features of Lowepro protactic 450 aw

1. Can accommodate 2 DSLRs
2. Enough space for accessories
3. Versatile
4. Multiple access points
5. Numerous accessories on offer
6. Comfortable to carry
7. Dividers on offer
8. Breathable construction
9. Includes a weather cover
10. Lightweight


• Can accommodate 2 DSLRs:

The Lowepro 450 has the primary purpose of carrying your DSLR. That is why it is essential to find out how many DSLRs it can actually carry. It can accommodate up to 2 pro DSLRs. Also, if you’re taking a DSLR with the lens attached, it can accommodate a single one.

It means that it is no problems at all in accommodating the DSLR on a stand-alone basis. If you’re carrying one with the lens, it can accommodate one.

• Enough space for accessories:

Are you wondering about the accessories which it can carry?

The good news is that it is plenty of space for accessories. It can carry things like eight lenses, 15-inch laptop, tripod, and other such accessories. It ensures that you need not have to worry about taking them separately or making any other arrangement for the accessories.

In case you do not want to carry a DSLR but want to use it for carrying a drone, that is certainly possible as well. The space is conducive to carry the drone as well.

• Versatile:

One of the reasons why this backpack has become so popular is because it allows you to carry anything. Due to the fact that it allows you to carry a laptop as well, you can use it for daily use for work as well. It is not necessary that you always use it to carry your DSLR.

• Multiple access points:

Storing gear into the backpack and extracting it needs to be done carefully. Especially when dealing with lenses or other such sensitive equipment, it is a good idea to be careful while taking out the accessories.

This backpack, however, makes this easier for you. There are four access points in total. These include turret loading top, quick-grab from the left or right-hand side, and back entry to extract the gear from the safest point. In addition to that, the four different access points also ensure that you can store and extract the gear in a jiffy. You will not have to spend a lot of time doing so.

Since the backpack is specifically for DSLR, it means that you will not miss out on any moments as well. You will be able to access your gear within seconds, which will help you capture all the special moments.

• Numerous accessories on offer:

Did you know the Lowepro protactic 450 comes with its own accessories?

It comes with multiple accessories. These include two cinch straps, water bottle pouch, tripod cup, accessories case. These accessories make it much more versatile than an ordinary backpack to carry a camera. Also, the slip lock compatibility ensures that you can carry it around without worrying about damage to the contents of the bag.

• Comfortable to carry:

All that is great, but is the backpack comfortable enough to carry?

Yes, this backpack is very comfortable to carry. It consists of ActivZone technology. The system aims to provide proper support to all parts of the body on which the weight is transferred. These include the waist, shoulder blades as well as the lumbar region. It distributes the weight of the entire backpack equally in these regions, which means that there will not be any excessive pressure on a particular part of the body. That is why; you can carry it with ease.

• Dividers on offer:

One of the prominent features of this backpack is the dividers on the inner side. The dividers are padded and are also adjustable. The dividers are the reason why you can carry so many different accessories and gadgets in this backpack. You can adjust them according to the dimensions of the accessories or gadgets.

• Breathable construction:

The ActivZone design also offers proper ventilation in the back. It means that even if you’re carrying the backpack for hours together, there will be no complaints. Moreover, if you want to remove the waist belt, you can do so easily as well. The waist belt in itself consists of 2 zippered pockets, which means that you can store the easy to access items in this waist belt. The breathable back ensures that you can use it around the year quite comfortably.

• Includes a weather cover:

The backpack comes with its own patented cover as well. It can protect the backpack and the contents from any weather. When carrying expensive gadgets in the backpack, it is a good idea to use a weather-resistant backpack. This one fulfills that requirement.

• Lightweight:

The Lowepro protactic 450 aw camera backpack is lightweight as well. The weight of the backpack is 5.72 lbs. With external dimensions of 13.7” x 10.63” x 19.21”, you can be sure that it is not overly bulky either. More importantly, the lightweight construction ensures that you can carry it throughout the day without any issues.

With such versatility and so many features on offer, it does not come as a surprise that it is one of the best backpacks for carrying gadgets. I will now highlight the pros and cons to help you understand more about this backpack.

Pros & Cons of Lowepro protactic 450 aw


  • Can carry up to 2 DSLRs
  • Space for various accessories
  • Inbuilt dividers on offer
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Easy to extract and store the gear
  • Comes with a weather cover
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with its accessories


  • Design of waist straps could have been better



The protactic 450 aw is as versatile as a DSLR backpack can get. In fact, the features are such that it seems like a multipurpose backpack that can securely carry all your gadgets as well. Due to this very fact, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

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