Marmot tungsten 2p review – Is this tent upto the mark?

The camping experience is heavily reliant on the tent which you use. If the tent is not up to the mark, you will not get proper protection from the elements of weather. I always like a tent which can provide adequate protection. Apart from checking the material, it is also essential to look at the capacity of the tent.

Today, I will share the option which is suitable for two persons and is quite sturdy. I’m speaking about the Marmot tungsten 2p. I use it because of its high durability. I prefer to invest in equipment and gear, which can stand the test of time. That is why; I am using this tent for a long time. I will today share with my Marmot tungsten 2p review to help you understand why it is such a good option.

Marmot Tungsten 2p review

The distinct feature which you will notice about this tent is that it consists of 2 doors. Also, if you observe, you will realize that there is plenty of space inside for two people. There are a wide variety of features which make this tent such a good option. I will go into the details of these features to help you understand why I prefer it over others.

Features of Marmot Tungsten 2p

1. Available in 2 colors
2. Incorporated vents
3. Heavy-duty fabric
4. 2 doors
5. Includes footprint
6. Comes with accessories
7. Storage space available
8. Sturdy frame
9. Lampshade pocket on offer

• Available in 2 colors:

When you’re choosing a tent, the aesthetics of the tent also matters a lot. Ideally, you should select something aesthetically pleasing. The one I’m speaking about now comes in 2 different color options. You can either choose it in the steel color or green color. Both of these are unique and will help you stand out. That is why, if you’re looking for a different color, this is the one which you should consider.

• Incorporated vents:

When you’re resting inside the tent, it is essential to have proper ventilation. In the absence of adequate ventilation, you will feel suffocated. You will not be able to sleep or rest, either. That is why, when choosing a tent, it is always important to look at the number of vents on offer.

The tent consists of 2 vents. Hence; you can be sure that there will be proper cross ventilation. It means that you will be entirely comfortable and also the temperature will be on the lower side in the tent. As a result, if you want to sleep in a tent or spend long hours inside, that is certainly possible.

• Heavy-duty fabric:

The durability of the tent will always depend on the material in use. It is essential to look at the quality and then make your buying decision. The USP of this tent is that it uses the polyester fabric of different variants. It utilizes the 40D polyester and the 68D polyester for the canopy.

Similarly, it uses the 68D polyester taffeta for the floor. It uses similar fabric for the fly as well. The advantage of polyester is that it can handle wear and tear as well. It is water-resistant as well. Thus, when you are resting inside a tent which is made from polyester, you will experience complete isolation from the weather outside. That is why; you can use it in any weather with ease.

• Two doors:

Since the tent which I am highlighting now has two vents, it is essential to look at the number of doors available as well. It consists of 2 doors which mean that each person can enter from his/her side. As a result, you can rest in the tent without any disturbance from the other person. It might seem a small feature, but it is a great convenience to use the tent.

• Includes footprint:

Worried about the setup of this tent?

If yes, you need not worry at all. It comes along with the footprint. It means that you need not buy it separately. You can erect the tent in no time since it comes along with the footprint and also the accessories.

• Comes with accessories:

If you have installed a tent before, you will realize that it requires quite a few accessories. If you buy the accessories separately, they might or might not be compatible with your tent. Thus, it is essential to choose one which comes with accessories.

The marmot tungsten 2p includes clips, fly and poles. It means that all the hardware which you will need to use the tent comes with it. Since there is complete compatibility, the time which you will require for erecting the tent will be less.

• Storage space available:

Want to store some of your gear in the tent?

If yes, there is a provision for that as well. It consists of plenty of pockets. The advantage of interior pockets is that you can secure some small gear inside these pockets. Also, pockets ensure that you can keep your gear organized as well. Instead of damaging the tent to find your gear, you can reopen the respective pocket and access the equipment. Very few tents come with multiple storage pockets. That is why; this is a feature which is certainly a plus.

• Sturdy frame:

All that is great but, is the tent durable enough? One factor on which the durability of the tent it depends is the frame.

The one which I’m highlighting now comes with the aluminum poles. Aluminum poles can handle a great deal of pressure. They also do not suffer from extensive wear and tear. That is why, when choosing a tent with these poles, it is highly portable, long-lasting and also can handle a significant amount of pressure. That is why the frame can handle a lot of weight, and you can use it in any weather

• Lampshade pocket on offer:

If you want to insert a lamp into the tent, there is a proper pocket for the same as well. It will allow you to illuminate the tent without having to modify its structure or create a hole in the fabric. It incorporates all the features that can make the tent for convenient for you.

When you look at all of these features, it is not that difficult to understand why it is one of my favorite tents. I will now summarize the pros and cons to help you understand why you should choose it over others.

Pros & Cons of Marmot Tungsten 2p


  • Available in 2 different color options
  • Aluminum frame
  • Consist of vents
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Offers two doors
  • Comes with footprint and accessories
  • Includes storage pockets
  • Offers a lampshade pocket


  • Packaging could have been better



Thus, if you’re looking for a sturdy tent, you cannot go wrong with the Marmot Tungsten 2p. As stated in my Marmot Tungsten 2p review above, it incorporates many of the features that provide you with more convenience while using this tent. If you’re looking for an option which is versatile and convenient to use, you should not skip this one.

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