Nike free rn commuter review – Are these running shoes comfortable?

When you search for running shoes these days, you will realize that the number of options available is plenty. At times, it can be downright confusing to choose one. However, you need to take the effort to go through the options to find the right one.

Today, I will speak about the unique shoe. I am going to share my Nike free rn commuter review. Whether you go with this shoe or not, one thing which you will agree to is that it is pretty unique. It is one of the prime reasons why it has become so popular. I will go into the features of these shoes below and also its pros and cons to help you understand if it is worth buying or not.

Nike free rn commuter review

The USP of nike free cmtr is the unique lace system. Due to this system, the shoe is not only more comfortable but easy to wear and remove as well. Apart from this as well, there are a few features that help it stand out.

Features of Nike free rn commuter

1. Available in 4 colors
2. Rubber sole
3. Lightweight
4. Secure fit
5. Excellent support
6. Tuned Fit system
7. Unique design
8. Easy to wear and remove


• Available in 4 colors:

The shoe which I am highlighting now is available in 4 different color options. These are not your ordinary color options, and they are aesthetically pleasing. It means that you will be spoilt for choice when you look at the aesthetics of the shoes.

• Rubber sole:

You cannot buy a running shoe without looking at its sole. Only when you go through the specifications of the sole and its construction, you would get a clear idea whether that running sole is the perfect option for you or not. The sole in nike rn commuter is made from rubber. The rubber construction means that it is highly durable. Another advantage of rubber construction is that the traction which it provides is on the higher side as well. Due to this reason, while running, you can tackle any surface easily.

• Lightweight:

If the running shoe is bulky, it will be difficult for you to move around swiftly. That is why, when choosing a running shoe, choosing a lighter option is the only solution that you have.

When you look at the construction of this shoe, it consists of stretch knit material. The advantage of this stretch knit construction is that the weight of the shoe is on the lower side. At the same time, the comfort is on the higher side. It means that when you’re wearing this shoe for longer running sessions as well, you will not be uncomfortable. You will not feel the shoe in your feet at all. Also, it does not hamper your movement as well, which means that you can turn around swiftly if required. These features are possible due to the lightweight nature of the shoe.

• Secure fit:

The shoe takes a lot of effort to ensure that the fit is always perfect. It consists of adjustable elastic straps around the heel. It means that you will be able to secure the heel area precisely. With the help of the straps around the midfoot and heel, you can customize the fit of the shoe according to your requirement.

Moreover, the molded sock liner construction of the shoe means that it has a snug fit as well. The snug fit ensures that controlling your movement will be quite easy when you’re going with this shoe. Since the construction is such that it snugs to your feet, the fitting will not be a problem while using this shoe.

• Excellent support:

The adjustable elastic straps provide proper support to the heel and mid-foot. In addition to that, the snug fit means that your feet will get adequate support from all sides as well. When a running shoe can provide such efficient support, controlling your movement becomes easy. You can keep the injuries at bay as well. You can also increase your stamina since the support on offer is excellent. Thus, the advantages of excellent support are plenty when going with this shoe.

• Tuned Fit system:

The unique feature of the Nike free run commuter has the tuned fit system. The tuned fit system customizes the entire shoe according to the shape of your feet. It also allows you to quickly go from brisk walking to running to walking once again. All the time, the fit of the shoe adjusts accordingly. It means that you won’t have to position your feet according to the shoe, but the shoe will customize itself according to your momentum.

• Unique design:

One thing which you cannot take away from the show is the unique design. It looks almost futuristic. If you’re looking for running shoes that are efficient and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, you simply cannot ignore this option. It is quite eye-catching as well and is sure to get you some compliments.

• Easy to wear and remove:

The shoe consists of the toggle release mechanism. It means that the laces are easy to adjust as well. In addition to the releasing system, it has a slip-on design as well. You can remove and wear it with ease. It is one of the prime reasons why you should go with this shoe.

The Nike free rn cmtr is much more than any other running shoe. It incorporates the features of the best running shoes. In addition to that, the construction is such that it is suitable for day to day use as well. The versatility of this shoe is one of the prime reasons why it has caught the fancy of the consumers. I will now throw some light on some pros and cons to help you make a better decision about this.

Pros & Cons of Nike free rn commuter


  • Unique design
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Excellent fit
  • Available in 4 color options
  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent support


  • Cushioning could have been thicker in the heel area



The Nike free rn commuter is second to none when it comes to features of running shoes. In fact, the construction is such that you can use it for a variety of purposes as well. It means that rather than buying different shoes for different purposes, it is a good idea to buy this running shoe. Once you do so, you need not worry about getting any other type of shoe.

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