North face borealis backpack review – Is this backpack good enough?

A sturdy backpack can make your outdoor trip a lot easier. The question is how to choose a sturdy one. If you simply compare all the options, it can be too time-consuming and confusing for you. That is why; it is better to go with the best one. Today I will speak about one such backpack which checks all the boxes. It is the north face Borealis backpack.

I will review this backpack today to help you understand why it is such a good option. Once you go through my north face Borealis backpack review, you can decide on this backpack.

North Face Borealis backpack review

The most noticeable feature of this backpack is that it consists of a padded laptop sleeve. Also, the 28 L capacity means that it is suitable for a variety of applications. When you combine them with the sturdy construction, it is not that difficult to understand why it is such a good option. Let’s look at some features of this backpack to understand more.

Features of the north face Borealis backpack

1. High capacity
2. Reflective design
3. Sturdy back panel
4. Excellent suspension system
5. Padded laptop sleeve on offer
6. Mesh pockets
7. Additional storage system
8. Comfortable straps and handles
9. Internal organization

• High capacity:

The capacity of this backpack is 27 L. It means that it is suitable for outdoor trips. Moreover, with the help of numerous storage pockets and the excellent suspension system, you can carry the load quite comfortably. The sleek and compact design means that the bag actually feels pretty light and small in spite of the capacity of 27 L. That is why it is an excellent option when you’re looking for backpacks that can help you carry a significant amount of gear.

• Reflective design:

One of the important features of this backpack is the 360° reflective loop. The tabs for the water bottles and the shoulder strap webbing are also reflective. This reflective material aims to ensure that even in complete darkness, your form factor and the form factor of the bag is clearly visible. It will help you gain attention in case of any emergency situation.

• Sturdy back panel:

The padded mesh back panel means that not only the bag can carry a significant amount of weight but also is highly comfortable. It consists of a breathable back panel as well. The breathable material ensures that you are at ease even when using this backpack for long hours. There will be no excessive sweating or your body heating up due to this backpack.

• Excellent suspension system:

The suspension system of this backpack consists of a flexible yoke. The material of the flexible yoke is injection molded, which means that it is entirely customized according to the shape of the backpack. This suspension system aims to absorb any shock. That is why; it can help you carry a significant amount of weight. Also, you will not feel fatigued even when you’re filling up the backpack up to the brim.

• Padded laptop sleeve on offer:

This backpack consists of a 15-inch laptop sleeve. The main compartment can protect your laptop from any bumps or even a fall. If you plan to carry your gadgets with you when you’re heading outdoors, this is one of the backpacks which you simply cannot ignore. It can accommodate up to 15-inch laptop and a padded compartment. It is one of the USP of the north face Borealis backpack.

• Mesh pockets:

The bag consists of extended mesh pockets on the outer side. They can comfortably hold water bottles. Also, they are multipurpose, which means that if required, you can use them for holding your cell phone as well. The external fleece-lined pockets are suitable to keep your sunglasses as well. That is why, if you have a specific piece of gear which you need to access frequently, these pockets are the perfect option for that gear.

• Additional storage system:


There is an elastic bungee storage system on offer in the front of the bag. It means that you can easily store additional gear in that bungee system. The external storage allows you to access the gear quite easily.

• Comfortable straps and handles:

The waist belt which comes along with it is removable. Moreover, there is a padded top handle to carry the bag with one hand. With the help of padded straps, you can comfortably wear and carry the backpack for longer hours. The waist belt and shoulder straps make it easy to carry. Both of them are padded. If you want to pick it up, the comfortable padded handle can certainly come in handy.

• Internal organization:


It is one of the very few backpacks which consist of internal organization. You will not have to put all your gear into a single compartment. The internal compartmentalization ensures that your equipment remains in place and is entirely secure. It consists of heavy-duty zip pockets as well, which allows you to bifurcate the gear as per your requirement. The zip does not require any maintenance, which means that you can use the backpack for a long time without any issues.

These features make the north face backpack Borealis one of the most convenient backpack to carry. With the capacity of 28 L, it is just about perfect for your outdoor trips. Before you make your decision, just go through the pros and cons to understand more.

Pros and Cons of North face Borealis backpack.


  • Comfortable to carry
  • 28 L capacity
  • Separate compartment for laptop
  • Internal compartmentalization
  • Reflective material on the outer side
  • Mesh pockets
  • Excellent suspension system
  • Breathable material


  • Does not consist of compression straps



So, if you are in two minds regarding the north face Borealis backpack, you should go for it. It is one of the best bags on offer in this capacity range. With the help of sturdy construction and numerous compartments to store your gear, it is easy to use this backpack, which is what makes it such a good option. When you combine that with the convenient straps and paddle handle on offer to carry it, it really is a no-brainer. Keeping these factors in mind, it is definitely a backpack which you can buy.

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