North face jester backpack review – Is this backpack durable?

While looking for a backpack, it is essential to look at the individual features of the backpack. You should not just choose the backpack based on the aesthetics. There are quite a few other factors which you have to keep in mind as well. Once you look at the overall features and the functionality of the backpack, it will become easier for you to choose one.

Today, I will share with you my North face jester backpack review. It will help you understand why this backpack is so popular among office goers, students as well as people who often go on outdoor excursions.

North face jester backpack review

One feature of this backpack that will catch your attention is that it is available in a wide variety of color and design options. That is why, when you’re looking for a unique backpack, this one is undoubtedly a perfect choice. Apart from this as well, there are a few factors that help this backpack stand out. I will go into the details below.

Features of North face jester backpack

1. Numerous color options
2. Efficient suspension system
3. Sturdy Polyester construction
4. Laptop Sleeve on offer
5. Organized secondary compartment
6. Bungee storage
7. Reflective design
8. Adequate capacity
9. Ventilated Back


• Numerous color options:

With over 22 different designs and color options, you have plenty of choices when going with this backpack. It is one of the prime reasons why you should think about buying this backpack over others. The number of options ensures that you will always find one or the other design aesthetically pleasing. It means that you will need not compromise on the design at all.

• Efficient suspension system:

When you’re filling the backpack up to the brim, it would be heavy. Therefore, if it does not consist of a highly efficient suspension system, it will be difficult for you to carry the backpack. This one includes a FlexVent suspension system. The advantage of this suspension system is that the weight will not fall on a single part of your body. It will be equally distributed. It means that even if you want to carry the backpack for long hours, you will not face any problem.

It consists of compression-molded shoulder straps as well, which reduce the pressure on your body. When that happens, automatically, it will be comfortable for you to carry the backpack for long hours.

• Sturdy Polyester construction:

It is essential to look at the material of the backpack as well. Once you look at the material, you will be able to decide about its durability as well. This backpack consists of 600 D polyester material. This material does not suffer from extensive wear and tear. Moreover, this material is water repellent. It means that the contents of the backpack will be highly secure. It is one of the primary reasons why you should go with this backpack rather than any other.

• Laptop Sleeve on offer:

The backpack consists of a laptop sleeve in the main compartment. The laptop sleeve is floating in design, which means that it can provide proper protection to the laptop from all sides. As a result, your laptop will be highly safe when you’re going with this backpack. In addition to that, you will be able to still carry the accessories and other stuff even after putting the laptop into the backpack. It means that when you’re using this backpack, you will not suffer from any dearth of space.

• Organized secondary compartment:

The backpack consists of a secondary compartment as well. The unique thing about this is that the secondary compartment comes with an internal organization. It has a zippered pocket, velcro pocket as well as pen pockets. It means that you can store the stationary and everything organized; you should definitely use the 2nd compartment. It will certainly make things easier for you. The secondary compartment is also easy to access. It means that your laptop and gear in the main compartment will be undisturbed.

• Bungee storage:

The unique feature of this backpack is that it consists of a bungee cord also. The job of the bungee cord is that it allows you to store things externally as well. You will not have to open any compartments to access this gear. It is one of the reasons why you should use this storage mechanism. Also, since it is outside the backpack, you can still use the entire space inside without compromising on anything which you want to carry.

• Reflective design:

The design of the backpack has a reflective look. In addition to that, reflective water bottle cap also ensures that the visibility is on the higher side. It consists of a reflective shoulder strap as well. With these features, you can be sure that the backpack is visible during nighttime as well. It can make it easy for you to use the backpack. Also, when riding your bike, it means that you will be visible on the road as well. Thus, from a safety point of view, this is a great feature to have.

• Adequate capacity:

When you’re choosing a backpack, it is always important to look at the capacity of the backpack. It will help you understand for which applications; you can use that backpack. The overall capacity of this backpack is 28 L. It means that you can use it not just on a day-to-day basis but for outdoor excursions as well. It is one of the advantages of this backpack.

• Ventilated back:

Only when the backpack is easy to carry, you can go ahead and use it consistently. You have to look at the structure of the back and then take a call. This one consists of a ventilated backpack. The ventilated back means that there will be no sweating at all. You can carry this backpack for long hours.

With all these features, you simply cannot go wrong with this backpack. I will now highlight some of the pros and cons to help you understand why this backpack is such a good option.

Pros & Cons of North face jester backpack


  • Adequate capacity
  • Laptop sleeve on offer
  • Multiple compartments
  • Highly durable
  • Organized secondary compartment
  • High visibility
  • Easy to carry


  • Bottom construction quality could have been better



The North face jester backpack is one of the most versatile backpacks which you will find. Also, it is highly durable as well due to the polyester construction. It means that once you buy this backpack, you can use it for months together. The multipurpose nature of this backpack certainly makes it worth buying.

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