North face recon backpack review – Is it good enough for your trips?

A larger backpack is not always feasible. Sometimes, you might opt for a smaller one as well. It all depends on the type of trip which you undertake. If you’re going for a one-day excursion or a short trip like of 3 days, it is a good idea to choose a smaller backpack.

The question is, how to find a suitable smaller backpack?

If you go by the capacity and choose one, you might end up choosing a substandard backpack. That is why a good idea is to go through my review below to understand why North face recon backpack is a good option in these circumstances. I will also go into the pros and cons of this backpack to provide you with a holistic view.

North face recon review

One of the main features of this backpack is that it comes in a variety of different color options. The advantage of these color options is that it is easy to find an aesthetically pleasing variant. You will never be short of options. I will now go into some of the other features of this backpack to help you understand what makes it such a good choice.

Features of North face recon backpack

1. Available in 39 colors
2. Vast main compartment
3. Comfortable shoulder straps
4. Breathable back panel
5. Reflective material
6. Adequate capacity
7. Dedicated compartment for 15″ laptop
8. Side mesh bottle pockets
9. Consist of the top handle


• Available in 39 colors:

When you’re looking to choose a backpack, you would expect that it will have a handful of color options. The one which I am highlighting now is available in 39 different color options. The main advantage of so many different color options is that you are more likely to find at least a few pleasing options. Whether you’re looking for a casual color, formal color, or a semiformal color, there will be no shortage of choices. You can exactly get the design and the color which you want.

• Large main compartment:

The compartment of the backpack, which is used the most is the main compartment. When you’re choosing the backpack, you have to pay special attention to it. Only when it can help you load and unload your gear with ease, you can go ahead and choose that backpack. With this backpack, you get a large main compartment. It means that you will not have to worry about stuffing the gear with great effort. You can quickly put it in and remove it as per your requirement. It helps you in carrying a large amount of gear which makes this backpack a very convenient option.


• Comfortable shoulder straps:

Ultimately, it is the quality of the shoulder straps which decide the comfort. The shoulder straps are injection molded straps. They also consist of foam. It means that the shoulder straps are padded in nature. The advantage of padding is that they will not put excessive pressure on your shoulders. As a result, even when the backpack is filled up to the brim, you can carry it with ease. Also if you’re using the backpack for longer hours, you will feel no pressure at all.


• Breathable back panel:

If you have used a backpack before, you will realize how vital breathability is. If the back panel is breathable, there will be no excessive sweating. You can carry around the backpack with ease. The north face recon backpack comes with a breathable back panel. It means that irrespective of the number of hours since you are using the backpack, you will be entirely comfortable.


• Reflective material:

If there is any reflective material on your backpack, it is easy to attract attention. Owing to this reflective material, you can avoid accidents as well. In this backpack, there is a reflective bike-light loop. Additionally, the water bottle tabs and shoulder straps are somewhat reflective as well. It means you can gain attention to get some help. You need not worry about accidents when you’re moving around after the dark or when you’re on your bike after dark. It is a feature which can help you be safe while using this backpack.

• Adequate capacity:

The capacity of this backpack is 30 L. Such a capacity is more than enough for day to day use. You can also use it for shorter excursions.

• Dedicated compartment for 15″ laptop:

Are you looking to carry a laptop in this backpack?

Worry not, it consists of a protective compartment for the laptop. It is compatible with a 15-inch laptop. Thus, carrying the laptop along with the documents and other gear is quite easy.


• Side mesh bottle pockets:

Planning on carrying a couple of water bottles with you?

The two extended side water bottle pockets can undoubtedly help in this regard. These are highly versatile pockets. You can easily use them to store your smartphone as well. Thus, according to the type of your trip, you can use these pockets for multiple purposes.


• Consist of top handle:

Do not want to use the shoulder straps?

No problem. In that case, you can use the top handle. The top handle is padded. The padding means that you can move around the backpack with ease.

When you look at the features of this backpack, you will realize that it consists of all the essential features. In case you are searching for a backpack for shorter trips, there is no better option than this backpack. The north face backpack recon makes it easy for you to carry all the gear. Additionally, it can help you carry your laptop or tablet as well, which is another advantage. Before you make your buying decision, you can go through the pros and cons below to get a clear idea.

Pros & Cons of North face recon


  • Dedicated compartment for 15-inch laptops
  • Side mesh pockets
  • 30 L capacity
  • Comfortable top handle
  • Reflective material
  • Breathable back panel
  • Large main compartment


  • Is a bit top-heavy



The north face recon will leave no room for complaints. When you go with this backpack, you can easily use it for years together with little to no maintenance. Additionally, it can help you carry your day-to-day documents and gear as well. That is why it is a backpack which you cannot ignore.

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