North face vault backpack review – Can it serve your needs for shorter trips?

Are you looking for a smaller backpack? Want to buy a backpack for a single day trip?

If yes, you are in luck. The vault backpack by North Face is the perfect option for you in such a case. It not only provides adequate capacity for shorter trips but also is very convenient to use. Moreover, when you look at its fabric, you will realize that it is sturdy and therefore, there is nothing to worry about any wear and tear.

I will today share with you my North face vault backpack review to help you make the buying decision.

North face vault backpack

The most noticeable feature of this backpack is the compact design. When you’re going on a single day trip, you will not need a backpack that is bulky or too large. The North Face vault backpack is designed precisely for such smaller trips. There are quite a few other features as well, which make it the right choice. I will go into the details of these features below.

Features of North face vault backpack

1. Available in 8 different color options:
2. Foam back panel
3. Large main compartment
4. Sturdy polyester construction
5. Adequate capacity
6. Reflective construction
7. Excellent suspension system
8. Laptop sleeve on offer
9. Side mesh pockets
10. Padded top handle


• Available in 8 different color options:

If you prefer to choose the backpack in your favorite color, you are definitely in luck. This backpack is available in 8 color options. It means that the chances of finding the backpack in your favorite color are quite high. It consists of vibrant color options which mean that if you’re looking for aesthetics, there are quite a few options.

• Foam back panel:

The back panel has a definite impact on the comfort which any backpack provides. That is why, whether choosing this backpack or choosing any other backpack, it is essential to look at the back panel on offer.

The one which I am highlighting now consist of a comfortable foam back panel. The foam padding ensures that the pressure from the stuff inside is significantly reduced. Also, the foam padding ensures that any jerk movement does not put excessive pressure on your back. It makes the entire back panel highly comfortable. That is why; the foam-padded back panel with sturdy stitching makes this backpack highly comfortable for you.

• Large main compartment:

What about the main compartment?

In such backpacks, if the main compartment is not large enough, you will not be able to carry most of your gear. Fortunately, in this backpack, you will not face any such problem.

The main compartment can carry books, binders, and other such stationery as well. It means that in terms of space, you will have no complaints from the main compartment.

• Sturdy polyester construction:

The fabric in use in this backpack is 600 D polyester and 1200 D polyester. Both these variants are not susceptible to wear and tear. That is why, even if you plan on using these backpacks regularly, life is pretty long.

Additionally, they are water repellent as well. It means that you can keep the gear inside secure. It is one of the main advantages of this backpack.

• Adequate capacity:

The capacity of 27 L is perfect for short trips. Even if you want to use it for office use, you can do so with ease. That is why; the capacity means that the applications of this backpack are virtually endless.

• Reflective construction:

There are various aspects of this backpack that are reflective. The prime example is the reflective bike-light loop. You can easily attach a bike light if you want.

Additionally, the water bottle tabs are reflective as well, and the shoulder straps are also reflective. Due to the strategic positioning of these reflective materials, it seems like the entire backpack is reflective. Due to this very reason, when you’re on your bike after dark or when you’re out in the wilderness, you can avoid accidents. If you need some help or want to attract some attention, you can do so with these backpacks. In any emergency as well, these reflective materials will help you.

• Excellent suspension system:

One thing which works in favor of this backpack is that it consists of the flex-vent suspension system. The compression-molded straps, along with the padded mesh back panel consisting of foam, ensure that you are at complete ease when using this backpack. The suspension system also facilitates proper ventilation through the back panel. It means that not only you get adequate support but also airflow as well. That is why carrying it is quite easy.

• Laptop sleeve on offer:

Do you plan on carrying a laptop in the backpack?

If yes, it has a laptop sleeve on offer as well. You can carry 15-inch laptops. Also, the sleeve is such that the padding can protect your laptop against any bumps as well. That is why; your laptop will remain entirely secure when using this backpack.

• Side-mesh pockets:

With the help of side mesh pockets, it will be easy to carry water bottles. The construction is perfect for carrying such bottles.

• Padded top handle:

If you don’t wish to use the shoulder straps to carry it around, there is a padded top handle as well. The advantage of this padded top handle is that it makes it easy to carry the bag around when you want to move it from one place to another. The weight of the bag in itself is only 1 lb which means that moving the bag around is quite easy.

It fulfills all the requirements of a single day backpack or a short trip backpack. That is the reason why I prefer it so much over many other options available.

Pros & Cons of North face vault backpack



  • Reflective materials are strategically placed
  • Adequate capacity
  • Polyester construction
  • Excellent suspension system
  • Offers a laptop sleeve
  • Available in 8 different color options
  • Large main compartment


  • Base could have been more stable



The vault backpack by North Face is the perfect option for you when going on short trips. The design allows you to use it daily for office applications as well. As a result, the versatility of this backpack makes it much better than many others. If you’re in 2 minds regarding this backpack, you have to look at the suspension system and the lightweight design of this backpack, and you will understand why you should go for it.

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