Osprey aether 60 review – Is this backpack suitable for you?

Are you looking for a bigger Osprey backpack?

If yes, the osprey aether 60 will undoubtedly fulfill your requirement. As the name suggests, it has a capacity of 60 L. However, that is not all. There are quite a few other features of this backpack as well, which makes it the right choice. Today, I will share with you my osprey aether 60 ag review to help you understand why it is a good choice.

Osprey aether 60 review

Many people just look at the aesthetics of the backpack while choosing one. It can be a big mistake. Rather than looking at the aesthetics, you have to look at the features. Even if you judge this backpack by the aesthetics, you will not be disappointed. The tall vertical structure is easy to carry, and the design is pretty pleasing as well. I will go into the features below to help you understand why it stands out as compared to other options like Osprey porter 30 and Osprey atmos 50.

Features of osprey aether 60

1. 3 size variants
2. Daypack functionality
3. Trekking pole attachment
4. External pockets
5. Straightjacket compression
6. Side access to the main compartment
7. Anti-gravity suspension system
8. Separate sleeping bag compartment
9. Internal compression straps
10. Hydration sleeve on offer


• Three size variants:

Unlike Osprey kestrel 48, this backpack by osprey comes in 3 different size options. The smaller one is a capacity of 57L. The dimensions of that backpack are 30.71” x 15.35” x 12.2”. The medium one with 60L has dimensions of 32.68” x 15.35” x 12.2”. The largest one has a capacity of 63L with dimensions of 34.65” x 15.35” x 12.2”. It means that while you have the standard size of 60 L, if you’re looking for a bigger backpack, then too, this one is available. Three different size variants make it easy for you to choose one exactly as per your requirement.

• Daypack functionality:

Let’s face it. Not always, you would need such a large backpack. At times, you would need a daypack as well. Many people buy a large backpack and, after that, separately buy a daypack. However, when you go for osprey aether ag 60, you will not face this problem. It consists of a lid which can be separated and can work as a daypack. It means that when looking for a daypack, you need to detach the lid and use it as a daypack. That is why; this backpack is one of the most versatile options available.

• Trekking pole attachment:

Do you plan on taking this backpack with you for trekking?

If yes, this feature of this backpack can certainly make the entire trip more convenient for you. It consists of a trekking pole attachment. It means that you can attach the trekking poles on the outer side. Once you do so, you can have free space inside, and you can have a hands-free experience. That is why; it is certainly a convenient backpack to use.

• External pockets:

The backpack consists of hip belt pockets as well. These are zippered. Due to this reason, you can keep the stuff inside securely. In addition to that, it consists of a front panel pocket as well. Once again, these are easy to access. With the help of these external pockets, you can access your stuff easily and extract it whenever required. You will not be required to disturb the contents of the main compartment. Thus, the external pockets on offer are an advantage.

• Straightjacket compression:

Compression straps are a necessity when going with the bigger backpacks. Most of them have normal compression straps. While these are effective, but they are not highly efficient. This backpack consists of straightjacket compression. The advantage of this compression is that you will be able to secure the form factor of the backpack easily. When that happens, it will be easier than ever for you to carry the backpack. The straitjacket compression of this backpack is a reason to go with this one.

• Side access to the main compartment:

The backpack certainly has a lid on top. It means that the main compartment is accessible from the top. However, there is a side panel access as well. It means that if you want to access your stuff more comfortably, you can do so with the help of this side access. It also ensures that you can take the bigger gear in and out more easily.

• Anti-gravity suspension system:

When opting for a bigger backpack, it is essential to look at the suspension system. If the suspension system is sturdy in construction, you can carry this backpack easily. This one consists of an anti-gravity suspension system.

With the help of a light wireframe, it distributes the load as well. The anti-gravity suspension system reduces the pressure on your body when carrying this backpack for long hours. The integrated design is another reason to go for it. Keeping these factors in mind, it is not difficult to understand why this backpack offers more convenience as compared to others.

• Separate sleeping bag compartment:

If you prefer carrying the sleeping bag with you whenever you’re heading outdoors, this one consists of a separate sleeping bag compartment. You will be able to store the sleeping bag from the bottom easily and extract it whenever you want.

If you’re not carrying the sleeping bag with you, the backpack consists of a divider. Once you remove the divider, the sleeping bag compartment will amalgamate into the main compartment. It means that the storage space gets utilized efficiently.

• Internal compression straps:

An additional feature that makes this backpack much more efficient is the internal compression strap. With the help of the strap, stuffing more gear into the backpack is certainly possible. Also, at the same time, you will be able to maintain the form factor of the backpack as well, which is another reason why this strap is extremely useful.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

The backpack has a sleeve for the hydration pack. It means that when you want to carry the water with you, it is certainly possible. It will also allow you to continue with your trip uninterrupted since you will have potable drinking water with you.

The osprey aether 60 pack is a backpack which is suitable for any kind of trip. Also, the large capacity, along with the hybrid functionality, means that once you go for this backpack, you won’t need to think about buying another one. I will now list down the pros and cons to help you understand more about it.

Pros & Cons of osprey aether 60


  • Large capacity
  • Efficient utilization of space
  • Easy to carry
  • Numerous storage pockets
  • Side access available
  • Integrates a hydration sleeve
  • Three size variants
  • 2 in 1 functionality


  • Bit heavier on the top



The osprey aether 60 is a backpack that is difficult to find fault with. It consists of numerous features which can surely meet all your requirements. In addition to that, the versatility of this backpack means that you can take it on any trip. In a nutshell, if you’re in two minds regarding this backpack, you should go for it.

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