Osprey aether 70 review – Whats so special about it?

Normally, the capacity of the backpack varies from 50 L to 60 L. However, these days larger bags are available as well. The bag which we are speaking about now is osprey aether 70 ag. It has a capacity of up to 76 L depending on the exact size variant which you choose. Apart from the large size, it has a variety of features as well, which makes it such a right choice.

Today, we will share with you these features in our osprey aether 70 review and also help you understand why it is one of the most versatile backpacks you can buy.

Osprey aether 70 review

The first feature which you will notice in the osprey aether ag 70 apart from its size is the aesthetic design. On the first look, while it looks larger than the other backpacks but it will not look as large as 76 liters. It can be a bit deceiving. This bag is available in capacity of 76 L. The list of features does not end here. We will go into the details of the features.

Features of osprey aether 70

Let us now look at the features of this backpack to understand what makes it such a good option.

1. 4 different size variants
2. 3 color variants
3. Antigravity suspension system
4. Separate compartment for the sleeping bag
5. Adjustable straps
6. Hipbelt pockets on offer
7. Compression straps
8. Convertible backpack
9. Hydrogen sleep and ice tool loop on offer
10. Durable nylon fabric


• Four different size variants:

Most of the other backpacks come in 3 different sizes., This one is available in 4 different size variants. Depending on the size which you choose, you will get a capacity of 67 L, 70 L, 73 L and 76 L. The largest one can provide you with 76 L of capacity which means that it is much bigger than your ordinary backpack. Due to the way in which it has been designed, it is easy to carry. The weight of the bags is 5.162 lbs, 5.214 lbs, 5.266 lbs, 5.319 lbs. As you can see for a backpack of this size, the weight is on the lower side. That is why; the pack is easy to carry irrespective of the size variant which you choose.

• Three different color variants:

The backpack is available in 3 color variants which are orange, green, blue. All of these are aesthetically pleasing, which means that irrespective of the color which you choose, it will look good enough.

• Antigravity suspension system:

One of the advantages of the osprey aether ag 70 is the superior suspension system. First of all, it consists of a light wireframe. The advantage of this frame is that it can help the backpack keep its form factor. That is why, irrespective of the gear which you are carrying, you can carry it comfortably. With the help of a proper back panel, it is easy for you to carry the backpack as the load distributes across your body. You will not feel the excessive pressure on a particular part of your body when using this backpack.

The antigravity suspension system means that the feel which you get is of carrying a smaller load as compared to what you have filled the backpack with. It can come in pretty handy when going on a long car trip or for hiking or trekking. All of these features make it much more comfortable than any other backpack.

• Separate compartment for sleeping bag:

Many other backpacks provide you with the option to attach the sleeping bag externally. However, this provides you with a separate compartment for the sleeping bag. When you are not using it to store the sleeping bag, you can remove the divider, and it will amalgamate itself with the large storage pocket. As a result, space is efficiently utilized. That is why; this backpack can help you carry the sleeping bag in a much secure fashion.

• Adjustable straps:

The adjustable hip belt and the straps make it easy to carry the heavy loads as well. Since you can easily adjust the straps, you can customize the fit of the backpack according to your body type. It means that load carrying is much easy with the help of this backpack.

• Hip belt pockets on offer:

The hip belt comes along two zippered pockets. This can help you quickly access the contents. If you plan on using certain gear frequently, you can use these hip pockets to store it. Without opening the main compartment of the back, you can easily access those belongings.

• Compression straps:

With the help of heavy-duty compression straps, it is easy to maintain the form factor of the bag. Using the compression straps will help you in carrying the backpack easily. The compression straps also come in handy when partially filling the pack. The side compression straps of this backpack are a definite advantage.

• Convertible backpack:

You can convert this backpack into a daylid if going on a short trip. You have to the top lid and replace it with the daylid which is present in the bag itself. After that, you have to put the hydration pack into the sleeve, and you’re good to go. The convertible bag means that you can only use it for longer trips but also the shorter ones. The versatility of this backpack is what makes osprey aether 70 pack such a right choice.

• Hydration sleeve and ice tool loop on offer:

There are a few additional features of this backpack due to which it is highly versatile. It consists of hydration sleeve on offer. You can comfortably accommodate a hydration pack inside the sleeve. It will mean that during your trip, you do not have to wander for drinking water. You can do so with the help of the hydration pack quite easily.

Additionally, it also has fixtures for ice axe in place. You can hold two such axe with the help of this backpack. When you’re going for trekking, these fixtures can come in pretty handy as they will allow you to carry the gear quickly. These two fixtures provide it with an edge as compared to the other backpacks.

• Durable nylon fabric:

The fabric in use in this backpack is 210 D nylon fabric for the main section of the bag and 500 D nylon fabric for the bottom section of the backpack. Both of these are heavy duty in nature and water repellent. It means that you can secure your contents quite quickly.

The versatility of this backpack and the large size make it is second to none. If looking for a large bag which is highly versatile and can be used for shorter trips as well, you should not ignore this option.

Pros and Cons of osprey aether 70


  • Large backpack
  • Adjustable straps
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Four different size variants available
  • Three color variants available
  • Convertible bag
  • Adjustable straps on offer
  • Antigravity suspension system


  • The opening of the backpack on top could have been bigger



So, Due to the large size and convertible nature the osprey aether 70, it is one of the best backpacks you can go with. As seen in our osprey aether 70 review above, it has quite a few unique features which help you in carrying gear as well as things like a sleeping bag without taking up space in the main compartments. This versatility and the heavy-duty suspension system are the reasons why you should choose this backpack.

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