Osprey atmos 50 review – Can it help you on longer trips?

Are you looking for a larger backpack? Want one which is sturdy and easy to carry at the same time?

Your search ends here. Today, I will share with you a backpack that I personally use. It is the Osprey atmos 50. The Osprey atmos 50 ag not only has a large capacity but also the design is such that it incorporates quite a few features that you might look for in a backpack. That is why; when going with this backpack, there will be no problems at all.

You might ask, what makes this backpack so unique?

In my Osprey atmos ag 50 review below, I will highlight the features of this backpack, which will help you understand why it is such a good option.

Osprey atmos 50 review

The distinct feature which you will notice in this backpack is the striking color. It makes it much more aesthetically pleasing than other bags which you can go with. Apart from the aesthetic appearance, the large capacity is another advantage which you have. It also has a few other features as well, which I will highlight below.

Features of Osprey atmos 50

1. Large capacity
2. Adjustable harness
3. Floating lid
4. Hydration sleeve on offer
5. Trekking pole arrangement
6. Multiple pockets on offer
7. Compression straps
8. Anti-Gravity suspension system
9. Straps for a sleeping pad
10. Mesh pockets


• Large capacity:

The capacity of the backpack as the name suggests is pretty close to 50 L. Due to this very reason, the amount of gear which you can store in this backpack is on the higher side. As a result, you will not have to worry about carrying another small bag leaving behind the gear. You can virtually take everything which you need even when you’re going on longer trips.

• Adjustable harness:

The backpack comes with a full-fledged harness. The advantage of the harness is that it can distribute the weight with ease. Also, you can adjust the harness, which means that you can carry the bag according to your body type and size. With the help of a quick-release mechanism, you can wear the harness and remove it with ease. As a result, even when the bag is full, you will face no problem at all in carrying this backpack.

• Floating lid:

What if you want to store something which is bigger the height of the bag?

In such a case, you can keep the floating lid on top of the gear and adjust it accordingly. The advantage of a floating cover is that it is highly flexible. If the equipment which you are trying to store is larger by just a few inches, you can easily lock the floating lid. It will ensure that you can provide proper protection to the gear even if it is of a larger height. It is a feature which is present in very few of the other backpacks. That is what makes this one such a good option.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

When you’re heading outdoors, it is essential to know where you will get food and water. While you can carry food packets in your backpack but when it comes to water, this one offers a hydration sleeve which can accommodate 3 L of a hydration pack. As a result, it will be simple for you to have a water source.

In a single day, you consume up to 2.5 L to 3 L of water. That is why; you can carry with you a day’s water supply. You can remove the hydration pack and refill it and put it into the backpack once again. As a result, throughout the trip, you will have the daily water supply stored in your bag.

• Trekking pole arrangement:

Do you want to carry a trekking pole on your trip? If yes, this one has external fixtures for attaching two trekking poles. As a result, they will not occupy a significant amount of space in your backpack. You will not have to carry them in your hand as well. Due to this very reason, you will have a hands-free experience, and at the same time, you can take the trekking poles with ease. It will make your trip comfortable.

• Multiple pockets on offer:

Another reason why I like this backpack is that it consists of 3 interior slip pockets. Additionally, it includes an exterior pocket, as well. It means that when you want to organize the gear that you are carrying, you can do so with ease.

• Compression straps:

When stuffing your backpack with a high amount of gear, it can get out of shape. The form factor can deteriorate as well. If you face such a problem frequently, it is better to get the backpack which consists of compression straps.

This backpack consists of side compression straps and internal compression straps as well. Due to this very reason, it will become easy for you to maintain the form factor. The compression straps also secure the gear inside, which means that it will be entirely safe. The equipment will not move a lot. That is why; it can help you protect your gear.

• Anti-Gravity suspension system:

The suspension system of any backpack can play a crucial role in the comfort which it provides you. This backpack offers an anti-gravity suspension system. What this means is that it can spread the load quickly. As a result, the bag will feel much lighter.

Additionally, with lightweight mesh panels, you can carry the backpack with ease as well. The panels are breathable as well, which means that even if you are taking the bag for long hours, you will face no problem. It also provides you with unrestricted movement, which ensures that you can complete your trip comfortably. Thus, the anti-gravity suspension system makes this backpack highly comfortable.

• Straps for sleeping pad:

Want to carry a sleeping bag?

If yes, there is a separate zippered compartment at the bottom for that. It consists of a removable divider. It means that when you’re not storing the sleeping bag, you can remove the divider and it will be part of the main compartment. It will ensure that you can increase the space of the main compartment when the sleeping bag compartment is not in use. It is a unique feature which helps you in utilizing the space inside up to the maximum.

• Mesh pockets:

When you look at the mesh pockets, you will realize that the different mesh pockets can help you store gear. Similarly, the side mesh pockets are perfect for storing water bottles and other pieces of equipment. These are easy to access, which means that you can access this gear frequently.

Thus, one thing which you will notice about the Osprey atmos 50 backpack is that it not only offers great storage space but also organized one. That is why; you can carry different pieces of gear without having to put everything in a single compartment. I will now go into the pros and cons of this backpack to help you make a proper decision.

Pros & Cons of Osprey Atmos 50


  • High capacity
  • Adjustable harness
  • Hydration sleeve on offer
  • Multiple pockets on offer
  • Maintains form factor
  • Trekking pole and sleeping pad storage space
  • Easy to access pockets
  • A removable floating top lid


  • Bit heavy



So, if you are looking for a larger backpack, the Osprey atmos 50 is perfect for you. You can not only carry a lot of stuff but also keep it organized. The Osprey atmos 50 offers all the features which you might ever look for in a backpack. If you like your trip being comfortable and easy to manage, this is the backpack which you should definitely have.

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