Osprey atmos 65 review – Should you buy it?

The right backpack can help you pack your belongings wherever you go. It can do so in an efficient and compressed manner. However, you can avail these benefits only when you choose a reliable and heavy-duty. Among so many options available, at times, it can be a difficult task. That is why; today I will help you out by reviewing one of the most popular backpacks that is the osprey atmos 65 ag/osprey atmos 65.

In my osprey atmos 65 review, I will highlight the benefits of this backpack and also help you understand what sets it apart from the numerous other options available.

Osprey atmos 65 review

The feature which you will notice about this backpack is its large size. Additionally, it is available in three color options as well, which means that choosing the right bag is not a problem. Since osprey offers it, you can be sure that it has sturdy construction.

Features of osprey atmos ag 65

Let us first look at the features of this backpack before i go any further.

1. Available in three color options
2. Three size options available
3. Heavy-Duty construction
4. High Load carrying capacity
5. Antigravity system
6. Attachment for trekking poles
7. Hydration sleeve on offer
8. Dual zippered pockets
9. Mesh pocket on the front
10. Sleeping pad straps on offer
11. Includes a safety whistle

• Available in 3 different color options:

The backpack is available in grey, red, and blue color options. All these are aesthetically pleasing. That is why, when looking to choose an elegant bag, you have plenty of choice with this one.

• Three different size options available

The backpack is available in 3 size options which are small, medium, and large respectively. The capacity of these backpacks is 62 L, 65 L, and 68 L. The weight of these backpacks is 4.48 lbs, 4.56 lbs, and 4.64 lbs. That is why they are lightweight as well, which means that you can carry them around easily.

• Heavy-duty construction:

When you look at the main fabric, it is the 630D nylon fabric. It can handle any weather and is water repellent. Hence; you can use this backpack in any weather. When you look at the bottom, it consists of 420 HD nylon cloth that can handle the load as well. In the other parts of the backpack, the 210Dhigh-density nylon is in use. Whichever way you look at it, the fabric which it utilizes is one of the best on offer. This is the reason; it can carry your gear comfortably.

• High load-carrying capacity:

The backpack offers you a load-carrying capacity of up to 50 lbs. It means that you can store a significant amount of gear. Considering the fact that the weight of the backpack in itself is around 4 lbs, such a load-bearing capacity is quite a good option. It means that you can accommodate most of your gear whether you’re going camping or whether you’re going for a hiking trip. That is why; it is versatile as well.

• Antigravity system:

It consists of the antigravity suspension system. Due to the suspension system, the load is distributed evenly. As a result, carrying the bag is easy. It will feel lighter than it actually is. This feature especially comes handy when going on a trekking trip or on a hiking trip. It is one of the main USPs of this backpack.

• Attachment for trekking pole:

If you want to carry the trekking poles along with you, you can easily attach it to the backpack. It means that your hands will be completely free. It can help you when negotiating difficult terrain. When you do not plan on using the poles, then also you can store them by attaching them to the backpack which will help you in moving around quite quickly.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

When you’re there in the wilderness, it is a good idea to carry an ample quantity of water with you. The bag which i am discussing now has a hydration sleeve. The advantage of the hydration sleeve is that you can easily fit in a hydration pack of up to 3 L. The capacity is such that it will last throughout the day. Hence; it is one of the best backpacks which you can go with. It helps you carry your gear and also the drinking water which you will require throughout the day.

• Dual zippered pockets:

The lid on top is removable. Underneath, you will find dual zippered pockets. With the help of double zip, you can be sure that the contents insider it will be entirely secure. Moreover, the zippers can protect the contents from any weather as well. It means that once you place your gear in the backpack, they will be completely safe, which is a significant advantage.

• Mesh pocket in front:

When going on any trip, there will be certain belongings which you will need frequently. If you keep them in the main compartment, you will have to open the bag again and again. It can be quite cumbersome. When using the osprey atmos 65 ag pack, you will not have to worry about this problem. It consists of a large mesh pocket on the front. It means that the gear and the belongings which you need to access frequently can be kept in the mesh pocket. That is why you will not have an open compartment again and again.

• Sleeping pads straps on offer:

The straps which come along with it are padded. Another advantage of these straps is that they are removable. When your sleeping pad is not in use, you can attach it to the bag using these bags to carry the sleeping pad. The availability of the strap certainly makes this backpack a superior option.

• Includes a safety whistle:

For emergencies, there is also whistle included. It is loud and easy to use. You can attract attention in case of any emergency.

With numerous features on offer and aesthetically pleasing design, you cannot go wrong with the osprey atmos ag 65. This backpack’s design and construction quality are well thought out, and that is what makes it superior to other options.

Pros and Cons of Osprey atmos 65 ag


  • Highly durable
  • Hydration sleeve on offer
  • Available in 3 different color options
  • Three size options available
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Incorporates a safety whistle
  • Antigravity suspension system


  • The hydration pack is not included


So, when looking for a reliable backpack, the osprey atmos 65 is one of the best options you can go with. As you would have read in my osprey atmos 65 review above, it consists of quite a few unique features which can make your life easier when going outdoors. That is why; it is a backpack which you should not ignore as it is one of the best options available.

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