Osprey exos 48 review – What helps it stand out?

Many people look at the capacity of the backpack before buying one. The capacity is important. However, there are some factors which you need to keep in mind as well. It should be durable and also be agile so that you can pack your gear into the backpack quite easily. Other features like the suspension and the weight of the backpack matter as well.

Instead of comparing all of these factors manually, it is a good idea to go with one of the best backpacks on offer. A brand like Osprey has become quite famous for providing such heavy-duty backpacks which are comfortable as well as have high capacity. However, Osprey also offers quite a few backpacks. Today, I will speak about the osprey exos 48. In my osprey exos 48 review, I will highlight what makes this backpack so unique.

Osprey exos 48 review

The first feature which you will observe about this backpack is the aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally, it also incorporates quite a few features which help you in carrying your gear. That is why; today I will go into the features of this backpack to help you understand more about it.

Features of Osprey exos 48

The features of this backpack are:

1. Lightweight design
2. Available in 2 different color options
3. Available in 3 sizes
4. Airspeed suspension
5. Flap jacket
6. Attachment mechanism for additional gear
7. Hydration sleeve on offer
8. Mesh side pockets
9. Compression straps
10. Nylon fabric construction

• Lightweight design:

Depending on the exact size variant of this backpack which you choose, the size of the backpack is 2.5 lbs, 2.57 lbs, and 2.6 lbs. Even if you take the maximum weight into account, it is quite lightweight in design. It means that you can easily carry a significant amount of gear without having to worry about the weight of the backpack itself. Even when carrying it partially filled, it is entirely comfortable which the main benefit of this backpack.

• Available in 2 different color options:

The backpack is available in black and green color options. Both of them are aesthetically pleasing. When looking for a unique bag with striking colors, you can go with this option.

• Available in 3 different sizes:

The three size options have a capacity of 45 L, 48 L, 51 L. The three size variants ensure that you can choose the backpack according to your requirement. As a result, it is convenient to carry this backpack as per the size variant you prefer rather than always having to carry the bulky bags wherever you go.

• Airspeed suspension:

Airspeed suspension is built on the 4 MM lightweight alloy frame. The advantage of the frame and the backpack is that it will not get deformed. Irrespective of the type of gear which you carry, it will maintain its form factor. When it retains the form factor, it is easy for you to carry it.

Moreover, with the help of airspeed suspension system, the load distribution is even. It means that there will be no excessive pressure on certain parts of your body. Additionally, the backpack is ventilated, which means that your body will be at a comfortable temperature even when carrying the bag for a long time. The suspension system and the lightweight alloy frame enable you to carry this backpack easily.

• Flapjacket:

While the flap jacket might not seem like a great feature, but that is that it can even protect your gear when you remove the top lid. That is why; it is such an important feature. With the help of this redundant protection mechanism, your equipment will always be safe irrespective of the weather.

• The attachment mechanism for additional gear:

If you keep every piece of gear into the backpack, soon you will run out of space. That is why; the Osprey exos 48 provides a separate attachment mechanism for additional gear. You can easily attach the trekking pole on the outer side. Similarly, there are removable straps to attach the sleeping pad as well. Both these pieces of gear don’t need storage inside. It means that you can save this space inside and accommodate other the gear at the same time. It will make it easy for you to move around when you’re using this backpack.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

One of the essential features of any backpack is the hydration sleeve. If you have a hydration sleeve in the bag, you can carry portable drinking water with you. The bag which I am speaking about now has a hydration sleeve which can accommodate 3 L of a hydration pack. As a result, you can carry your water supply with you. It also means that when you want to consume water, there is no need to take a break. You can drink water without occupying your hands. As a result, you can carry on with your journey and remain hydrated at the same time.

• Mesh pockets:

The backpack has mesh pockets. There is a front mesh pocket on offer, which is easy to access. It means that you will not have to worry about opening the bag again and again.

Similarly, there are the mesh side pockets on offer as well in which you can store water bottles as well as other gear. The dual side pockets mean that you can access the gear with one hand. With these mesh pockets, it is easy for you to store the gear which you require to access frequently.

• Compression straps on offer:

The external compression straps can help you maintain the form factor of the bag. They can secure the contents which are in the mesh side pockets. Also, when partially filling the bag, you can reduce the size of the backpack to a certain extent and secure the contents inside. With the help of these compression straps, it is easy to carry the bag.

• Nylon Fabric construction:

The backpack utilizes 100 D high-density nylon fabric for the main compartment and the structure. For the bottom structure, it uses the 210 D high-density nylon. Also, due to this heavy-duty nylon fabric, it can carry gear up to 40 lbs, which is a definite advantage. The nylon fabric is wear and tear-resistant. It can repel water to a certain extent that can help you keep the contents secure. The nylon fabric in use is one of the main advantages of this backpack.

So, when looking to buy the Osprey EXOS 48 backpack, these are the features which help it stand out. I will go into the pros and cons below and conclusion to help you understand why it is such a right choice.

Pros and Cons of Osprey exos 48

Let us now have a glance at the pros and cons to understand more.


  • Three different size variants
  • Two color variants
  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric
  • Mesh pockets on offer
  • Attachments for getting gear externally
  • Airspeed suspension system
  • Lightweight design


  • Quality of the hipbelt could have been better



All in all, the osprey exos 48 is one of the most lightweight backpacks available. With increased durability and sturdy design, it is a backpack which you cannot ignore. As explained in my Osprey exos 48 review above, it is easy to carry backpack with a proper suspension system. It can make your life easy when heading out there in the wilderness.

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