Osprey exos 58 review – Why is it so popular?

At times, it can be challenging to choose the right backpack. With many different options and features available in each backpack, it can be confusing for an average consumer to choose the right one. While you might know right away to prefer a brand like Osprey because of its quality but even when searching for Osprey backpacks, you will realize that there are numerous options available. Instead of just picking any option, it is better to go through the review of these options.

Today, we will share with you our osprey exos 58 review. Osprey exos 58 is one of the most popular backpacks. That is why, before choosing any backpack, it is a good idea to look at its features to determine why it is such a good option.

Osprey exos 58 review

As the name suggests, the capacity of this backpack is 58 L. However, apart from that as well, there are quite a few features that you need to look at.

Features of Osprey exos 58

The features which help it stand out are:

1. Available in 2 different color options
2. Available in 3 size options
3. Durable fabric
4. Mesh side pockets
5. Sturdy suspension system
6. Attachment mechanism for pole
7. Includes a hydration sleeve
8. Attachment mechanism for a sleeping pad
9. High load-carrying capacity
10. Extra jacket protection
11. Comes with compression straps

• Available in 2 different color options.

Osprey is famous for offering backpacks in striking color options. The same goes for this particular backpack. It is available in the black and green color options. Both the color options are aesthetically pleasing as well. Due to this reason, it is the most versatile backpacks you can go with. Moreover, when looking for aesthetically pleasing backpacks, it does not get any better than this.

• Available in 3 size options:

Apart from the Osprey brand, there are very few backpack providers which provide you with different size options. However, when going with the osprey exos 58 pack, it comes in 3 size options. The size varies from 55 L, 58 L in 61 L. The weight of the respective variants is 2.60 LBS, 2.65 LBS, and 2.68 LBS. It means that you can pick the backpack according to the amount of gear which you want to carry.

• Durable fabric:

The fabric of any backpack has a significant impact on its durability. The main part of the backpack is made from 100D high tenacity nylon. The bottom is made from 210D high tenacity nylon. Both of these fabrics are water repellent and highly durable. Due to this very reason, it is easy to use this fabric for a long time with minimal wear and tear.

• Mesh pockets:

The USP of this bag is that it consists of a mesh pocket. You can store the gear which you want to access frequently. Similarly, it has side mesh pockets. As a result, it is easy to store water bottles and other such gear. When looking for the exterior compartments as well, there are plenty of storage options. Hence; it is so easy to use.

• Sturdy suspension system:

The suspension system decides how easily you can carry the bag. It consists of 4 MM alloy frame as well, which means that the shape of the backpack does not gets deformed irrespective of that gear that you put in it. That is why; not only it is easy to carry but is highly durable as well. So; it is one of the best backpacks on offer.

• The attachment mechanism for poles:

When going for trekking and hiking, you are likely to carry the poles with you. The backpack has a special arrangement for attaching the poles. It means that when they are not in use, you can attach it to your bag and make your hands entirely free. That is why; this backpack can help you immensely if you frequently go on trekking and hiking.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

Out there in the wilderness, it is always challenging to get fresh drinking water on demand. You have to carry a hydration pack along with you. The conventional backpacks often do not have the fixtures for the hydration backpack. The osprey EXOS 58, however, comes along with the sleeve that can accommodate 3 L hydration pack. It means that you will not have to worry about buying a hydration sleeve separately. You can integrate it into the backpack.

• Easy to attach the sleeping pad:

The design of this backpack is such that it can help you carry all the essential gear. It has adjustable and removable straps using which you can carry the sleeping pad easily. It means that the sleeping pad will not occupy space on the inside of the backpack. You can attach it on the outside which provides you with ample space for your usual gear on the inside.

• High load-carrying capacity:

The pack can carry up to 40 lbs of gear. For most of the regular trips, this weight carrying capacity is more than enough. Since it uses the air suspension mechanism, it is not that difficult for you to take such a large amount of gear. There will be no extra pressure on your body due to the design of the backpack.

• Extra jacket protection:

The flap jacket which comes along with this backpack can help you protect the contents of the bag when you remove the top lid. As a result, irrespective of the way in which you are using the backpack, it can keep your gear entirely safe. You need not worry about the security or protection of your gear when going with this backpack. That is one of the main USPs of this backpack.

• Compression straps:

With the help of the compression straps, it is easy for you to secure the gear. Irrespective of the amount of gear which you are carrying, the compression straps will help you secure the bag comfortably. It reduces the form factor of the bag as well, which makes it easy to carry. That is why the compression straps will come in handy.

When you take into account these features of the osprey EXOS 58 backpack, it is not difficult to understand why it has become so popular. Seldom will you find such a lot of features in a single backpack.

Pros and Cons of Osprey exos 58


  • Three size variants available
  • Includes a hydration sleeve
  • Easy to attach plenty of accessories
  • Lightweight
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Heavy-duty suspension system
  • Durable fabric


  • Storage should have been spread across more pockets



So, when looking at the osprey EXOS 58, you will find that the features make it a highly convenient and functional backpack. If you’re looking for the backpack which has plenty of external fixtures for attachments, you should go with this option. It will help you utilize the inner storage space for your other gear. This versatility of the backpack makes the osprey EXOS 58 a good choice.

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