Osprey farpoint 70 review – Is it a good backpack?

Many times it is a good idea to go with the large backpack. When you do so, you will be able to use it for overnight trips as well as camping trips and any type of outdoor excursion. Also, it is suitable for accommodating a variety of gear as well.

The only bit of issue which you will face is when you’re looking for such a backpack, there are numerous options available. You cannot just compare the specifications of every backpack. A good alternative would be to go through only the best backpacks available. Today I will share with you a review of one such backpack. I will go into the details of osprey farpoint 70 reviews. I will also share with you the pros and cons of this backpack to provide you with a detailed review of the same.

Osprey farpoint 70 review

The osprey farpoint 70 has powerful compression straps, and that is what you will first notice when using this backpack. Also, this backpack is available in 2 different color options, which means that you have some choice as well. However, based on these two features alone, you cannot choose a backpack. That is why; I will go into the details of the other features as well to help you make the right decision.

Features of osprey farpoint 70

1. 2 different size options
2. Stowaway harness design
3. 2-in-1 functionality
4. Easily accessible main compartment
5. Lockable main compartment
6. Includes internal and external compression straps
7. Multiple carrying mechanisms
8. Laptop and Tablet sleeve on offer
9. Light wire frame
10. Breathable construction
11. Multiple storage pockets


• Two different size options:

The osprey 70 backpack is available in 2 different size variants. The first one has a capacity of 67 L. The second one has a capacity of 70 L. It means that you have some choice when going with this backpack. The weight of the first one is 3.75 lbs, and the weight of the second one is 3.92 lbs. Both the versions of the backpack are pretty lightweight and, therefore, effortless to carry.

• Stowaway harness design:

A distinct feature of this backpack is the stowaway design. Whether you look at the back panel or the harness or the hip belt, all of these are stowaway. It means that if you want to reduce the size profile of the backpack, you can use the stowaway design to your advantage. It is one of the reasons why you should go for this backpack.

• 2-in-1 functionality:

Do you think this backpack is only usable for longer trips?

If yes, you’re wrong. It comes with a detachable daypack. If you’re going for a short day trip, you can easily detach the daypack and use it on a stand-alone basis. You can amalgamate it with the main backpack once again when going for longer trips. This 2 in 1 functionality of the backpack makes it an excellent option.

• Easily accessible main compartment:

The most used compartment in any backpack is the main compartment. However, it should be easy to access. Only when it is easy to use, you can use this backpack consistently. This one consists of a large zip to access the main compartment. It means that extracting the gear and storing the gear will not be a problem. The larger zipper also means that it is suitable for the bulkier gear as well. It is a convenient feature to have when looking for a backpack for multi-day trips.

• Lockable main compartment:

The main compartment consists of lockable sliders. It means that if you’re carrying expensive gear, you can secure it quickly by using these lockable sliders.

• Includes internal and external compression straps:

An essential feature in any backpack is the compression straps. The compression straps can help you in carrying the backpack easily by changing the external profile of the backpack. The backpack which I’m speaking about now consists of 2 external compression straps.

That’s not all. The backpack consists of internal compression straps as well to help you store the gear easily as well. It ensures that the storage space inside is perfect utilised. Thus, the backpack is designed keeping efficiency in mind, which is what makes it an ideal choice.

• Multiple carrying mechanisms:

You can conventionally carry the backpack. It consists of a harness and a proper hip belt. It means that the load gets distributed all over. That is why, even if you’re filling it fully, carrying it will be easy.

However, if you’re looking for a different carrying mechanism, it comes with padded carry handles as well. These ensure that you can carry it vertically as well as horizontally. Thus, it supports multiple carrying mechanisms.

• Laptop and Tablet sleeve on offer:

Another feature of this osprey backpack is that it consists of a separate laptop and tablet sleeve. It means that if you want to carry your gadgets along with you, you will not have to go with any alternative solution. You can use the sleeves to your advantage.

• Light wire frame:

Did you know that this backpack consists of a frame as well?

It consists of a 3.5 MM light wire frame. The job of the frame is to ensure that the load gets equally distributed among the harness and hip belt. It means that when you’re filling the backpack up to the brim, it will be easy to carry. Due to this reason, this backpack is undoubtedly a better option than many others without a frame.

• Breathable construction:

Of course, to make it easier for you to carry the backpack, it consists of a breathable back panel as well. Also, with the help of foam padding, it is pretty comfortable as well. While on shorter trips, this feature might not benefit you much, but when you look at the advantage of this feature for the longer trips, it can keep you comfortable throughout.

• Multiple storage pockets:

Any backpack is only useful if it consists of multiple storage compartments. The multiple storage compartments ensure that you can keep your things organized easily. This one consists of dual mesh pockets at the front as well. It means that if you want to store things which you can access quickly, these are the pockets that can come in pretty handy. It also consists of a zippered slash pocket. Due to these multiple pockets along with the main compartment with the sleeves, it is pretty versatile. It can keep different gear completely safe.

Thus, when looking at this backpack, all these features help it stand out. I will now progress towards the pros and cons of osprey farpoint 70.

Pros & Cons of osprey farpoint 70


  • Large capacity
  • Multiple pockets
  • Consist of wireframe
  • Lockable main compartment
  • Incorporates tablet and laptop sleeve
  • Breathable construction
  • Versatile
  • Variants available


  • Packaging could have been better



The osprey farpoint 70 is one of the best backpacks available when looking for the large backpacks. Since it incorporates a separate daypack in itself as well, it is also one of the most versatile options. It means that by buying a single backpack, you are fulfilling two requirements. In addition to that, the sturdy construction and various other features help it stand out. That is why; you simply cannot ignore this backpack.

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