Osprey kestrel 48 review – Does it offer proper storage?

Osprey backpacks have become quite popular in recent times. Also, there are quite a few such backpacks that are available these days. That is why, even when you’re going with osprey backpacks, it is essential to understand which one you should pick. Only when you’re clear on that, you can go ahead and choose the right backpack.

Today I will share with you one such backpack. It is the osprey kestrel 48. I will share with you my osprey kestrel 48 review to help you understand why it is such a good choice. I will also provide you with the pros and cons so that it becomes easy for you to make the decision.

Osprey kestrel 48 review

One of the very first things which you will notice about this backpack when you take a look at it is the compression straps. The compression straps are designed in such a way that they can help the bag maintain the form factor. It is the reason why you should go with this backpack. However, it is not the only reason. Some other features set it apart.

Features of osprey kestrel 48

1. 2 size variants & 3 color options
2. Separate sleeping bag compartment
3. Comfortable back panel
4. Side access mechanism
5. Multiple external pockets
6. Hydration sleeve on offer
7. Compression straps on offer
8. Integrated rain cover
9. Durable construction
10. Trekking pole attachment mechanism


• 2 size variants & 3 color options:

The backpack is available in 3 color options. Also, it is available in 2 different size variants. It means that when you’re looking for options, this one certainly provides it. The smaller variant has a capacity of 46 L. The bigger variant has a capacity of 48 L. It means that you can choose not just in terms of aesthetics but also according to the capacity.

• Separate sleeping bag compartment:

One of the distinct features of this backpack is that it consists of a zippered sleeping bag compartment. It means that when you want to store the sleeping bag, you will not use the space inside. There is a separate space available for it. It comes along with the floating divider as well. You can remove the floating divider if you’re not going to use that space.

In such a case, it will amalgamate with the main compartment. When that happens, the storage space or the size of the main compartment will increase. The separate area for the sleeping bag means that you can attach the sleeping bag. It is undoubtedly a great feature.

• Comfortable back panel:

When you look at the back panel, you will realize that it consists of a breathable back panel. The advantage of the breathable back panel is that you will sweat when carrying the backpack. Also, the adjustable harness means that you can carry the backpack quite easily as well. It comes with shoulder straps as well as the waist strap. Both of these are adjustable, which allows you to carry the backpack easily.

• Side access mechanism:

When you have such a large backpack, it is not always easy to access the main compartment from the top. If something is kept at the bottom, you will have to measure through a lot in order to access that stuff. However, this backpack consists of a main compartment with side zippered access. It means that if you want to access something, you can easily access it from the side. You will not have to go through top to bottom to find the stuff which you need. It is the primary reason why this backpack is so efficient.

• Multiple external pockets:

External pockets always come in handy when you’re going with such a backpack. They allow you to access the stuff quite quickly as well. It means that you can access your travel documents, gadgets as well as other things quite quickly. The backpack which I am highlighting now consists of hip belt pockets along with meshes side pockets. The mesh side pockets are stretchable as well.

When you look at the zippered hip belt pockets, these are entirely secure. You can easily keep your smartphone and other gadgets in this pocket. It means that you can store things more easily with the help of these external pockets.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

If you’re buying a backpack for adventure and outdoor excursions, it is always important to buy one which consists of a hydration sleeve as well. When you are able to store the hydration pack, you will not have to worry about potable water. You can easily carry potable water for a day using such a backpack.

This backpack consists of an external hydration sleeve also support it consistently.

• Compression straps on offer:

Another feature of this backpack, which makes it very convenient to use, is the straitjacket compression straps. These can help you in making the backpack more compact. Also, since they help you in maintaining the form factor as well, it will become effortless for you to carry around the backpack even when it is full.

The straitjacket side compression straps are for the upper part. When you look at the lower part, it consists of additional compression straps. It means that from top to bottom, the form factor of the backpack is always maintained.

• Integrated rain cover:

The backpack comes along with the integrated rain cover. It means that your stuff is completely protected. If you want to remove the rain cover, that is certainly a possibility.

• Durable construction:

It is essential to always look at the construction quality of the backpack. It will determine its load-carrying capacity. This backpack consists of 650 D Nylon Dobby material. Also, at the bottom, you will find 500D nylon material. The weight of the smaller variant is 3.44 LPS, and the larger variant is 3.59 LPS. The nylon clothing means that wear and tear are on the lower side. It is also water repellent due to the same reason.

The sturdy nylon construction ensures that it can carry up to 35 lbs of weight. The durable construction certainly ensures that you can go with this backpack without any worry.

• Trekking pole attachment mechanism:

The backpack consists of trekking pole attachments as well. It means that when going on a hike or mountain climbing, you will have a hands-free experience when not using the trekking poles.

These features certainly make it very easy for you to choose the osprey kestrel 48 backpack over others. I will now also highlight the pros and cons of this backpack to help you understand why you should go for it.

Pros & Cons of osprey kestrel 48


  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent capacity
  • Compression straps on offer
  • Hydration sleeve
  • Incorporates a rain cover
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Side access
  • Available in different variants


  • Packaging could have been better



The osprey kestrel 48 is a pretty good backpack when you’re looking for high capacity. Also, the sturdy construction means that once you buy this backpack, you will not have to look for any other option. When you combine this with the multiple storage pockets as well as the hydration sleeve on offer, you will have no complaints at all after choosing this backpack.

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