Osprey porter 30 review – Is it one of the most comfortable backpacks?

Osprey is famous for its backpacks. That is why, when you’re looking for a reliable one, it is an option which you cannot ignore. However, once you go through the various backpacks on offer by the company, you will realize that it is not possible to compare every one of them. That is why you have to be highly selective when you’re trying to buy one such backpack.

Today, I will help you out by sharing with you one of the best backpacks by Osprey. I’m speaking of the osprey porter 30 backpack. In my osprey porter 30 pack review, I will help you understand what makes this backpack perfect for you.

Osprey porter 30 review

The USP of this backpack is that it is in the sweet spot. It is neither too big and neither it is too small. With a capacity of 30 L, it is just about perfect for shorter trips as well as day to day use. There are a few additional features which make it even more suitable for use. I will go into these features below.

Features of Osprey porter 30

1. 3 color options
2. Highly secure
3. Laptop/Tablet sleeve on offer
4. Heavy Duty Nylon construction
5. Sturdy Zippers
6. Organized front panels
7. Dual internal pockets
8. Stowaway harness


• Three color options:

There are three color options when you’re looking to choose this backpack. These are black, grey, and teal. All of them are visually appealing, and therefore, you will have no problem at all in choosing this backpack in any color options available.

• Highly secure:

The design is such that it uses straight jacket compression. The advantage of straitjacket compression is that it can secure the gear with ease. It also comes along with padded wings. As a result, you can maintain the form factor of the backpack quite easily. The padded wings also make it easy for you to secure the content is inside. The padded wings act as an extra layer of protection when you’re carrying your backpack. The advantages of such padded wings are plenty. Moreover, with the help of compression straps which come out from the padded sides, securing the backpack is not a problem.

• Laptop/Tablet sleeve on offer:

There is a protected rear panel which results in proper protection for the laptop/tablet sleeve. With the help of lockable zip, you can be sure that your tablet or laptop will be completely secure.

It is just not enough to pick any backpack, which is a laptop or tablet sleeve. You have to make sure that it can protect the laptop as well. With this backpack, you will have no such problem at all. With the help of protected rear panel, even when you’re carrying it for longer hours or on uneven terrain, your laptop or tablet will be safe.

• Heavy Duty Nylon construction:

When you look at the structure of this backpack, you will realize that it consists of 420D nylon ripstop fabric. As the name itself suggests, it can handle wear and tear. Moreover, it is water repellent to a certain extent which means that if you plan on using this backpack during the monsoons, you will not have to worry about water getting inside the backpack. As a result, irrespective of whether you’re carrying documents or gear inside the backpack, it will remain entirely safe.

• Sturdy Zippers:

If the zippers of any backpack are not up to the mark, it will require frequent maintenance. You might have to change the zippers from time to time. However, with this backpack, there is no such problem. It consists of zippers for the main compartment, rear panel for the laptop and also the side zippered pockets. However, all the zippers are such that they do not require any maintenance. You can use the backpack along with the same zippers for a pretty long period. It will ensure that you need not worry about any breakdowns or any maintenance.

• Organized front panels:

Usually, the front panel of any backpack is utilized for keeping your smaller possessions. The front panel pocket of this backpack comes along with proper organization. It means that whether you want to put your headphones, pen, documents, or passport, all of that can be secured in separate compartments. Whenever you’re looking for something in different pockets of your backpack, you will not have to rummage around. You can easily open the front pocket and access it as per your requirement.

• Dual internal pockets:

The backpack also features side pockets on the inner side. These are zippered, which means that you will be able to secure the contents with ease. This compartmentalization ensures that whenever you want to access the gear or your possessions in the backpack, you can do so without wasting time.

• Stowaway harness:

The backpack provides you with the proper harness as well to carry it. However, when you are not using it, you can move it away. When you require it once again, you can quickly deploy it. Deployment does not require a lot of time. The deployment is quick, and the stowing away is equally fast as well. It means that the backpack will look aesthetically pleasing when you’re not wearing it as the harness and the hip belt will be in the back panel. It also increases the life of the harness and the hip belt, which is another advantage.

When you couple these features with a capacity of 30 L, nothing is missing in this backpack. The 30 L capacity means that it is not that bulky to carry either. The weight of the backpack is just 2.8 LBS.

Do you find any feature missing?

I do not. It is the perfect option for short trips. For a long time, there will be no need for replacement or any repair work. It is another reason why you should go for it. I will now go into the pros and cons to help you know more about this backpack.

Pros & Cons of Osprey porter 30


  • Color options available
  • Proper compression
  • Sleeve to carry a laptop
  • Sturdy construction
  • Organized pockets
  • Stowaway harness
  • Nylon Construction
  • Lightweight


  • Strap quality requires improvement



The osprey porter 30 backpack offers the right capacity and sturdy construction. With properly organized pockets, it can make your life easier. Considering that it is made from nylon, you need not worry about wear and tear either. All these factors make it a good backpack which you can buy.

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