Osprey talon 22 review – Is it Any good?

A reliable backpack can help you in more ways than one when you are out in the wilderness. You need to choose one which is highly versatile as well. It will ensure that for different trips, you can carry the same backpack without any issues. However, if you have searched for a good backpack earlier, you will realize that there are hundreds of options. You do not just look at the individual backpacks but also the brands from which you buy one. That is why; there can be a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing a backpack.

Instead of making the mistake of choosing a sub-par backpack, it is a good idea to go with a popular and reliable option like Osprey Talon 22. The advantage of going with the well-known brand is that you can be sure about the construction quality. Moreover, you can research about the backpack in advance as well. Today, we will share with you our Osprey Talon 22 to help you understand why it is such a good option.

Osprey Talon 22 review

The unique feature which you will instantly notice about this hiking backpack is that vertical form factor provides you with a lot of space to store your gear. The design of the backpack is such that it is aesthetically pleasing. In addition to the elegant design, there are quite a few other features on offer which help it stand out.

Features of Osprey Talon 22

1. 2 different size options
2. four color options
3. Dual zippered compartment
3. Helmet attachment mechanism
5. Hydration sleeve on offer
6. Trekking pole attachment fixtures
7. Hip belt zippered pockets
8. Compression straps on offer
9. Breathable structure
10. Aluminum peripheral frame

• Available in 2 different size options:

You can choose between the medium size and the large size. The medium size has the capacity of 20 liters, and the large size has the capacity of 22 L. The design of both the backpacks is almost the same. As a result, you can choose the backpack as per your requirement.

• Four different color options available:

It is always better to choose the backpack in an aesthetically pleasing color. The one which we are speaking about now is available in 4 color options. You can easily pick the one which you like the most.

• Dual zippered compartment:

When you look at the main compartment, it consists of a dual zip. The advantage of dual zip is that the contents will remain secure inside. Moreover, due to the added security, you can be sure that you can use a backpack during any physical activity without any worry. That is why; the dual zip design is certainly an advantage.

• Helmet attachment mechanism

When you’re out there in the wilderness, chances are you might have a bike along with you. While locking of the bike is easy, but it is not always a good idea to put the helmet in the backpack. In the backpack, it can occupy a significant amount of space. As a result, you can carry extra gear. However, in this backpack, you will not face this problem. It consists of a helmet attachment mechanism on the outer side. It means that not only you can carry the helmet easily, but it will not occupy space on the inside, which is a definite advantage.

• Hydration sleeve on offer:

It is always advisable to use a backpack which has fixtures for the hydration pack. If it does not, it is difficult to install a hydration pack separately. The osprey talon 22 pack comes with the hydration sleeve. The advantage of the hydration sleeve is that it is compatible with most of the hydration packs, including even the 3L one. Hence; you can be sure that carrying water for the entire day will not be a problem. It can specifically come in handy when undertaking activities like hiking, cycling, camping. You will not have to worry about your water supply.

• Trekking pole attachment fixtures:

The osprey talon 22 pack is highly suitable for trekking and hiking. It consists of a trekking pole attachment fixture. It means that when not using the poles, you can easily attach it to the exterior of the backpack. You will not have to keep your hands engaged while carrying these poles. It will free up your hands and ensure that you can carry the poles in an entirely safe manner.

• Hipbelt zippered pockets:

The advantage of the belt zippered pockets is that you can easily keep snacks and other belongings in the pockets which you need to access frequently. You will not have to disturb the contents of the bag. Since a zip is provided, it is easy to protect the contents. As a result, the storage space of the backpack is enhanced. It will ensure that you don’t need to worry about accessibility.

• Compression straps on offer:

It is always better to choose a backpack which has compression straps. The advantage of compression straps is that when the backpack is not full, it can quickly reduce the size of the backpack. As a result, it will not feel bulky at all. Especially comes in handy when indulging in an activity like trekking or hiking. Also, the compression straps can help you secure the gear inside as well. The movement in the interiors will be minimal, which will ensure that your gear is entirely safe. That is why, whichever way you look at it, the advantages of the compression straps are plenty.

• Breathable structure:

With the help of mesh foam, you can be sure that the bag is breathable. It means that even when wearing it for longer hours, it will be very comfortable for you. In spite of the foam structure, the durability is on the higher side, which means that you can use this backpack for a long time.

• Aluminum peripheral frame:

One of the unique features of this backpack is that it consists of an aluminum peripheral frame. The advantage of the frame is that it can maintain the form factor of the backpack. Additionally, it provides more support to the backpack as well when it is filled up to the brim. It ensures that there is proper load distribution as well. Also, it significantly increases the durability of the backpack. One of the main reasons why this backpack is more suitable than many others is because of this aluminum peripheral frame.

Hence; the number of features in this backpack is plenty. That is why it has become so popular. Consumers love it due to its durability as well as the aluminum peripheral frame on offer. Before you make your buying decision, however, take a look at the pros and cons of this backpack.

Pros and Cons of Osprey Talon 22


  • Aluminum frame
  • Two different size variants
  • Four different color options
  • Hydration sleeve on offer
  • The mechanism to attach the helmet and the trekking poles
  • Dual zippered main compartment
  • Breathable structure
  • Compression straps on offer


  • Fabric is not stretchable



So, the osprey talon 22 certainly provides you with quite a few features which are missing on the other backpacks. The durability, as well as the attachment mechanisms which it has, is a second to none. Moreover, with the help of breathable structure and hydration sleeve on offer, you can use this backpack for a variety of applications. That is why; it is a perfect option to go with when looking for a versatile backpack.

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