Patagonia nano puff womens review – Can it provide enough protection outdoors?

Are you looking for a women’s jacket? Looking for a jacket which can protect you from the cold?

If yes, the Patagonia nano puff womens jacket can undoubtedly help you. The main advantage of this jacket is that the insulation is up to the mark. Due to this very reason, you can get proper protection in the harsh winter as well. Besides that, it is aesthetically appealing as well, which makes it perfect for women. I will today share with you Patagonia womens nano puff jacket review to help you understand why it is an option worth opting for.

Patagonia nano puff womens review

The Patagonia nano puff jacket womens has become quite popular due to the insulation on offer and also since it is water-resistant and windproof. As a result, wearing it in inclement weather is not a problem at all. Moreover, it consists of recycled polyester material, and that is why it is much more eco-friendly than other such jackets. I will go into the details of the features of this jacket below.

Features of Patagonia nano puff womens

1. Water-resistant & Windproof
2. Lightweight
3. Stabilized insulation
4. High Abrasion resistance
5. Zippered pockets
6. Adjustable drawcords
7. Primaloft Gold Insulation
8. DWR finish
9. Available in 5 size options
10. 4 different color options


• Water-resistant & Windproof:

one of the primary questions is which you might be asking while buying insulation jacket is, what kind of weather can you use it?

When you’re going with this jacket, it is not only warm but also windproof and water-resistant. It means that virtually, there is no limitation on the use. You can use it in any weather which makes it highly versatile. It is not a jacket which you can use during the winters. Due to this very reason, applications are endless.

• Lightweight:

The weight of the jacket is just 284 g. It means that even when wearing it throughout the day, there will be no problem at all. Instead of opting for bulky jackets which become a burden, it is better to go with a lightweight one. However, it does not compromise on the insulation in spite of its light weight.

• Stabilized insulation:

Ever experienced the insulation material moving downwards after consistent use of the jacket?

If yes, you will not suffer from this problem in this jacket. It consists of a quilting pattern which is visible in the images as well. The horizontal quilting lines ensure that the insulation is stabilized. That is why, irrespective of the frequency of use, the insulation will remain as it is. It means that the thickness of the jacket will be the same when wearing it for the 1st time and also when you’re wearing it for the 10th time. As a result, the protection which it can provide you from the weather is equally strong irrespective of your use.

• High Abrasion resistance:

Is it durable enough?

You bet. It has high abrasion resistance. The high abrasion resistance means that it can handle the wear and tear with ease. It will not only handle wear and tear but also maintain its aesthetic appearance as well. That is why, when using it consistently as well, you can use it for a long time without any issue.

• Zippered pockets:

What about your wrists and palms? Can it protect you there as well?

Yes, it consists of 2 zippered hand warming pockets. You can simply put your hands into those pockets. Since they also have insulation on the outer side, they can keep the weather at bay. It means that if you’re feeling too cold, you can simply insert your hands in these pockets. When you’re not doing so, you can use them for carrying your smartphone and other essentials. Since they are zippered, it will be easy to secure the contents.
Additionally, there is also a zippered internal chest pocket which can work as a stuff sack as well. Due to this very reason, it can provide you with additional storage space and also an extra insulating layer if you need one. The pockets of the jacket are designed in such a way that they are multipurpose.

• Adjustable drawcords:

The adjustable draw cord ensures that you can adjust the jacket according to your comfort. Another advantage of this drawcord is that it can retain the warmth inside. Therefore, irrespective of the harsh weather outside, you will be able to keep yourself warm easily.

• Primaloft Gold Insulation:

When you’re buying such a jacket, the quality of the insulation matters a lot. If the insulation is not proper, the rest of the features will not matter. That is why; I will now highlight the insulation and help you understand the quality of the insulation so that you can make your buying decision easier.

The jacket uses the Primaloft Gold Insulation, which consists of 55% recycled polyester content. The weight of the insulation is just 60 g. That is why; it does not add to the weight of the jacket. Besides, it has a 98% warming capacity even when it is wet. Due to this very reason, it can work in any weather.

The insulation consists of pockets in between which can trap your body heat. Since the heat gets trapped, it can provide you with insulation from cold weather outside. When you look at the warmth to weight ratio of this insulation, it is pretty high. The ultrafine fibers of the insulation are water-resistant, and therefore, they can keep it dry even during the monsoons.

Another feature is that it is highly compressed, which means that it is present in ample quantities throughout the jacket, and you will not even feel it. That is what makes this jacket lightweight and easy to use.

Thus, when you look at the insulation, it is not only of excellent quality but can provide warmth in any weather.

• DWR finish:

DWR finish stands for durable water repellent finish. It means that even when you’re using it in the monsoons, the aesthetics will be maintained. The jacket will retain its look even when using it with high frequency. Due to this very reason, you will not need to replace the jacket any time soon.

• Available in 5 size options:

You might be wondering, are there any size options available?

Yes, the jacket comes in 5 size options. As a result, you can easily buy the size which is most comfortable for you.

• Four different color options:

Also, it comes in 4 different color options which include black, white, grey, and navy blue. That is why; you can easily choose the one which is most aesthetically pleasing for you.

Due to its insulation quality, the Patagonia womens nano puff jacket is one of the best ways to protect yourself in any harsh weather. When you look at the aesthetics as well, you will realize that it is much better than many other options. I will now summarize the pros and cons to help you get a holistic picture.

Pros & Cons of Patagonia nano puff womens


  • Excellent insulation
  • Consist of 2 hand warming pockets
  • Consist of a chest pocket
  • Available in 4 different color options
  • Available in 5 different size options
  • Stabilized insulation
  • Uses recycled polyester
  • Water repellent and windproof
  • Suitable for any weather
  • Highly durable


  • Need to get a size bigger



The Patagonia nano puff womens provides you with an insulation like no other jacket. That is why, if you’re in 2 minds regarding this jacket, it is an option which you should definitely choose. With great aesthetics and stabilized and durable insulation, you could not ask for more.

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